DFKQuester Co-Marketing Application

DFKQuester provides an alternative UI for Defi Kingdoms which allows users to be more efficient at performing mundane tasks. Below are the features that are currently live:

  • Quester is the main part of the application. It allows you to create groups of heroes for any type of quests and start or finish them in few clicks. The application saves those groups in a backend database so you only have to create these groups once. Currently 12,000+ heroes are being quested with this tool.

  • Tavern page allows the users to quickly and easily filter the heroes they want by choosing from over 70 different columns as well as purchasing the heroes directly from both chains.

  • Profile page enables the user to connect their wallet and view all of their heroes in an easy-to-sort table where the user can easily add or remove any columns. Furthermore, the user can save the preferred Table as a Preset, which can then be accessed via the Preset View at any time. The user can also add additional wallets to their Profile to view all of their heroes in a single customizable table.

  • Lookup Tool is designed to allow users to search for any user’s wallet (including their own) and instantly see all of their Tokens/Inventories/Gardens & Heroes on both chains. The Lookup Tool also allows the user to see live prices for all of their inventory items. The Lookup Tool has been highly optimized to display all of the information as quickly as possible.

  • Hero Viewer Tool allows users to search up any hero using their Hero ID(s) and see all of their stats, visual recessive genes, and sales history. The Hero Viewer page also enables the user to enter many Heroes at once and extend the view to compare the stats of all the Heroes they select. The user may also share the url links, which will automatically populate the Hero cards in the user’s current view (Default or Expanded). We’ve also included a privacy option that allows you to easily share screenshots of your heroes and stats while feeling safe knowing your personal information won’t be visible to anyone.

  • Hero Viewer Bookmarklet is an essential tool for viewing the stats for all the Heroes. While in DFK clicking on the bookmarklet icon results in a separate page with the view of all the Heroes currently visible on your screen along with all their Stats, Recessive Genes, and Sale History. While NOT in DFK clicking on the bookmarklet icon will allow you to input multiple Hero ID(s) separated by commas to view those particular Heroes’ Stats, Recessive Genes and Sales History.

  • Bulk Hero Bridging Tool allows users to bridge their heroes between both chains.

  • Bulk Hero Transfer Tool allows users to transfer their heroes between wallets.

We are hard at work developing a variety of different quality-of-life solutions for users to enjoy.

Team Information
My name is Born2Die007 and I have been programming for over 10 years. I have been in blockchain development for the past 1 year and work full time as a Software Developer for an ecommerce company based in Texas. I have been building automated tools while at work and really enjoy creating tools that increase efficiency for users in tasks which are otherwise mundane. I am very excited to share DFK Quester with the community and hope to continue to build more quality of life features that we can all benefit from and enjoy together.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
DFKQuester retrieves Hero data using the GraphQL API and uses the official contracts from the dev docs for Tools For Bridging Heroes, Transferring Heroes, Questing, and Buying Heroes off the Tavern.

DFKQuester helps users to save a significant amount of time by executing numerous activities effectively.

How and Where
Including a link to the Archivist would be a great place to start. I would like to see links to DFK Questers specific tools throughout the website. As an example, you could point to the “Bulk Hero Transfer Tool” from the docks or the “Questing Tool” from the professions page.

Smart Contracts
DFKQuester only uses official contracts that can be found in the Offical DFK Dev website. https://devs.defikingdoms.com/ (edited)

Discord: DFKQuester

Project links and uploads https://dfkquester.app/


Love the concept behind this design.
Instead of using a bot that I have to give my seed to use, I can use the contracts that DFK has distributed in a more streamlined UI through this site.

The ability to assign heroes to groups and send the same heroes on the same assignments takes out ALL of the clicking to add heroes to their respective groups.

Using the questing feature, I’ve been able to cut down my questing time by about 80%!
That’s even compared to using multi-quest feature in DFK.


Been using this app for a while now and it is amazing. The ability to manage and streamline questing across an array of heroes has made me more willing to have a larger stable of heroes. I was questing 40-50 but wanted to cap it there before this app. I now have 142 and looking to grow more.


Flawless app with a hardworking and talented developer.


Great app to reduce questing time and manage your DFK portfolio. 5🌟s

Nice way to group your hero’s to quest and see the items they’ve found. 100% necessary if you regularly have busy periods in your day to day life. Inventory also has a $ value you can toggle on to see if your hero’s are actually working for you.

The tavern lets you quickly deep dive into a hero’s stats before purchasing. Hands down has saved me from making poor purchases.

Born2Die007 is quick to update the app with any new DFK features so kudos to him!!


This week the crypto community has had another reminder of not your keys not your coins. Born2Die007 has taken this approach to develop tools for community members so that they can play dfk more efficiently from their hardware wallets as well as the other amazing features he has packed in to the quester app site. Can not say enough about how much time he has saved me personally. Fully endorse him and what he’s done!


This developers work is amazing! Its increased my involvement in dfk by orders of magnitude.

Quester: I use a cold wallet. Botting is not an option as I will not give out my keys. The quester has made the mundane parts of dfk super efficient. Claim all which also quests all, then just approve a few transactions on my cold wallet. I dont have to make any choices once I’ve already chosen my hero groups.

Tavern: Amazing! I can choose preset searches, sorted by USD value, looking at filtered list showing genes withought wasting space on graphical images. Easily viewing hero prices in USD improves the decision process.

Lookup: this has been useful also to look at my account on my phone. Seeing USD value is awesome too.

This site uses the official contracts which makes it way above the competition. How has the DFK team not hired this developer to replace the UI designer?

Edit: BORN2DIE007 is super quick to reply to any suggestions or comments recieved about user experience and recommended capabilities


very clean UI and easy to use. Very helpful in determining the “quality of heroes” e.g. S, A-F tiers. Thank you!

Have not tried the questing features. It sounds amazing!


Been using this app for some time now. All the different tools are amazing! and the quester is quick and easy to setup your groups and come in a few times a day and run your quests with just a few confirmations. All the contracts are straight from DFK, including that you can buy heros straight from the tavern contract in the tavern section. The hero viewer shows a great breakdown of all your genes and stats and even displays what stone was used (if any) when the hero was summoned.
The dev (Born2die007) is amazing and responsive aswell.


Absolutely love DFKQuester! It’s the best Dapp for the DFK Community! Great job by Born2Die!


This is an absolute phenomenal project for the whole ecosystem! I think this is an absolute no-brainer to be added! :fire::fire::fire::pray::pray::pray::muscle::facepunch::muscle::facepunch::muscle: Born2die007 is one of the most phenomenal developers I have ever seen!


This application is just Amazing! Quester has saved me so much time. I actually enjoy DFK now. I have been focusing on other aspects of the game now and couldn’t be happier. :clap:


This is an amazing tool. I use it several times a day, everyday and it saves me a great deal of time questing. The ease-of-use questing tools the DFK team have implemented recently are great, but DFK Quester makes question 100 hero’s with only a few clicks. Thank you so much Born2die007!


CaptainCrystal. Everyday use! Brilliant! Wish, started using sooner! Regular updates and 24/7 support. Born2die007 genius!


An excellent and critical app. I use it every day.


Use it for the last two weeks to quest my 120 heroes. A lot of time saved. Excelent tavern viewer. Excelent profile viewer. You even have Notes and you can start to label your heroes. And the new hero viewer bookmarklet is perfect to see market heroes at a glance. Thank you Born2Die!


Great work can’t say much more :raised_hands: