Hero Roster - Co-Marketing Application

Hero Roster is a web application for DFK players. The user can enter one or more wallet addresses and browse all the heroes there.

The first feature is to help finding good hero matches for possible summoning mutations (main class, sub class, genes).

Secondly each Hero can be “appraised” to help find a good selling price for them. This involves finding past auctions of similar characteristic as well as displaying current Tavern floor for similar heroes.

Hero Roster can also try to calculate the best Duel teams from the entered wallets for each class groups.

Team Information
Lyro - Web developer with more than 20 years of experience in agencies, international companies and more recently their own startup.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Hero Roster uses the GraphQL API to pull data based on filters entered by the user. Wallet addresses are saved in localStorage and no interaction with any smart contract or signature is happening.

The goal of Hero Roster is to provide an easy way for players to manage their ever growing team of heroes. The first aim was to help democratise summoning and specially help new players understand hero mutations. In the future I am looking at adding PVP related functionalities like skill trees and such.

How and Where
I would love to see Hero Roster included in-game as an app in the Archivist section as well as being able to officially mention the app in Discord.

Smart Contracts
No smart contract used. No plans on using any in the mid-term.

Project links and uploads

This sounds phenomenal and would be a great help to the DFK community in my humble opinion. Good luck!