Next DFK Hero = Summoning Tool, DFK Media, Wiki

Our DFK Community,

We thank you for your consideration of this grant proposal for our platform, as we believe it has valuable resources, and will further propagate the expansion and onboarding of many new members.


Our team has been working to create a unique project for Defi Kingdoms focused on achieving three specific goals: having an easy-to-use summoning tool, an appealing media platform, and an aesthetic and simple Wikipedia for all entry level players.

Summoning interface:

We believe this tool will help eager summoners who are seeking to receive certain traits by quickly displaying all the necessary data along with the odds of achieving their goals.

The main functionality of this tool is to be used as a data source that pulls heroes from both the tavern and those listed for hire, who have the best summoning match with the hero ID inputted by the user. Certain sites have resources that pull from the tavern, while others have resources that outline the chances of summoning specific traits. Others have the ability to search through the tavern, but do not report on probabilities. Combining these two into one will expedite the process of finding the right hero for summoning.

The layout will be simple, focusing on the class summoning traits along with other on-chain information, such as profession, rarity etc and have a DFK themed UI. We believe this tool will change how everyone experiences summoning for the better.

Media Platform:

As great as the social media platforms are, it is difficult to navigate through them all and find some of the amazing posts presented by community members. While the developers have done an excellent job of relaying their own media to the public through, the only way to view the communities’ efforts is through Discord. Discord is perfect for quickly sending and finding information, but is not as usable or customizable for a media platform.

This is why we’ve compiled an exhaustive array of works done by community members through the various side quests. As of right now there are four main categories under “Media.” They are: artwork, music, videos, and analytics. All of the Discord member’s names are attached to each work, giving credit where credit is due. We’ve decided to add giveaways as well and perhaps riddles etc. to continue engagement with the website and allow for artists to continue working on creating the beautiful word of DFK in their own unique ways


There is a plethora of information in the world of DFK that can seem overwhelming to new players, so we decided our site should compile a comprehensive list of important topics that can be explained in layman’s terms. This is why we’ve come up with Kingdompedia, an all-in-one resource for everything DFK. I’m currently in the works of streamlining a menu that will cover these topics: Summoning, Heroes, Items/Pets, Kingdoms/Blockchains, Tokenomics, The Perilous Journey, Locations (Professions/Quests, The Gardens/LP, The Tavern, The Marketplace/DEX, Docks), Social Media etc. so the community can quickly understand the basics of the game in catchy infographics.

Infographics seem to be the best way to accomplish this. Not only is the information available, but the aesthetics add to the over UX.

In conclusion, our goal is to be a hub for community members to engage with Defi Kingdoms as they use the provided tools to find heroes to summon with, view the gallery of works the community has submitted, and learn more about the world of Defi Kingdoms. We thank you for your consideration in this grant proposal.

Grant Rationale

There are many costs involved with this project including: website management (speed and SEO, professional features like photoshop and After Effects), giveaways, time, and professional resources. There are many more advanced features we’d like to add to our tooling and don’t have the funds to support those kinds of efforts ie. We’ve collectively totaled over 500 hours building this site from scratch. This grant will not only reimburse us for the time, professional resources, and effort we’ve devoted to our project and allow us to pay for services and tooling which will speed up our development process, but also enable us to develop new and more technical features. We have no plans to monetize anything site related.

Milestone 1: 20k

  • Piece together via various resources, essential information for new members to understand about DFK
  • Purchase a site and additional tooling to host a professional product (PS, AE, Elementor)
  • Create an attractive video for the home page, aesthetic graphical design, and clear navigational markers
  • Compile the templates for the infographics (editing/recreating backgrounds, heroes, places, etc.)
  • Complete the Media area for all DFK works
  • Download all Discord hero artwork and verify artwork owners
  • Reach out with a request to all who have submitted media
  • Caption the original owners information upon implementation
  • Sort by heroes with anchor links to each hero class (Exalted – Basic heroes)
  • Rollout a generic preview of the summoning tool with basic components
  • Expound upon summoning tool
    o Filtering
    o Graphical card layout
    o SD &CV Support
    o % formula
    o Swift look up speeds of 1 second or less
  • Complete infographics for:
    o Heroes: Class Tiers, Classes, Elements, Leveling Stats, Levels, Professions, Rarity, Stamina, Combat Stats, Stat Boosts, & Summons
    o Items: Attunement Crystals, Enhancement Stones, Potions, Professions (Frg, Grdn, Fsh, Mng)
    o Level up Guide
    o Gardens: Mechanics, Locked Jewel, Jewel Issuance, & Overview
    o Tavern: Buying Heroes, Listing for Hire, Selling Heroes, & Overview
    o Jeweler: Staking & Overview
    o Gardening: Overview
    o Mining: Gold, Jewel, Jewel Formula, Calculations, & Overview
    o Fishing & Foraging: Overview

Milestone 2: 10k

  • Additional enhancements of current summoning tool
    o Dual wallet support
    o Graphical overhaul hero cards to look more like DFK’s
    o additional hero card pages to display more relevant data
    o add new sorting/filtering options
    o sorting/filtering ui enhancements
    o Reformat flip cards to display all probabilities in % format
  • Complete infographics for: Marketplace, Kingdoms, Land, PJ, Lore, Eternal Story, Pets, Tokenomics, DEX, Docks, Castle, Portal, AVAX and ONE transfers
  • Make site mobile friendly

Grant Amount:

We are looking to receive 30k USD for the reimbursement of the up-front work, professional resources we’ve purchased to build, and continued development of the site and tooling.

List and describe the team you have assembled. Include roles, experience, and expertise related to the project. The more you are willing to share about your team, their abilities, and their past work, the more trust the community will likely have in your project.

Right now we are a two-man shop. I, Coolio, have experience in a number of multimedia programs including Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Elementor, and WordPress. I’ve worked on a number of freelance projects over a span of 10 years and enjoy working with graphics and layouts. Cicles is a certified Microsoft Professional and passionate full stack developer with over 20 years consulting mid to large corporations, developing custom web, windows, and mobile applications using .NET, C#, JavaScript and HTML.

We collaborated together because we not only believe in the project, but saw how our unique talents could complement each other and provide needs in the DFK community.

RecentlyAvgJoe40 who has created, and GoldenSun have joined forces with us and will be applying for future grants built with us. AvgJoe40 has been a backend web developer for 9 years mainly working with Java, has some front end experience building dfk-professions for Gene mixing in the early stages of DFK, and helped to update Crystalvale on GoldenSun is also an experienced developer with a unique training set focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence. We hope to use there valuable insight and resources in the near future.

What specific requests from the DFK team do you have that you will need in order to be successful (e.g., API access, consultations with devs, access to game data)? Please be detailed and specific here so we can assess our ability to support you.

Most of the data necessary has been easily accessible through whitepapers and basic tools to extract information from the site. The things we would find helpful are promotion for community interaction and feedback of user experience along with requests to help streamline what the community likes and doesn’t like.

How are you hoping to have your product interact with the DFK game, its NFTs, its tokens, and the blockchain? It is important for us to consider how this possible usage and collaboration will affect the DFK game, the blockchain, and the economy.

On our summoning platform, users can filter through and see on screen recessive genes and the probability of summoning a specific class of hero and profession. Our future plans will integrate wallets to compare heroes with others you would buy from and relay all stat % on the card, as well as additional filtering options.

The media is driven to continue interaction with the thrill of immersing a user into the world of DFK. It is a museum of the amazing works and creations players have contributed to the community. The enjoyment of DFK will be enhanced if the community has a place they can view and interact with the great ideas and submissions members have created (for example there is an entire page dedicated to all of the analytical data given in the Discord side-quest.) There is also giveaways that will take place on the site’s Discord for prizes such as eggs and other items/heroes etc.

Kingdompedia will allow for clear and easy to read documentation in bullet form that is also enjoyable to look at. This will be especially important with DFK onboarding many new users as the market sentiment shifts.

List and define your deliverables. These are the important steps in the development of your product or project. Please also indicate the current status of each deliverable (e.g., completed, in process, anticipated start and completions dates, etc.).

Home Page


  • After Effects video for the site (80 hours)
  • Create a site icon and menu
  • Graphical links to site areas

Summoning Tool


  • supports Serendale & Crystalvale
  • simple initial search capabilities
  • advanced filtering and sorting
  • easy to view hero cards to quickly find relevant data
  • summoning costs per match
  • probabilities of finding the best match
  • progressive search results to quickly show data from the tavern

In Progress:

  • wallet support
  • overhaul hero cards to look more like DFK’s
  • additional hero card pages to display more relevant data
  • add new sorting/filtering options
  • sorting/filtering ui enhancements
  • integrate AI/ML

Media Platform


  • Implemented all media submissions from Discord and reached out via Discord to all applicants about our project.
  • Add original owners info in caption to music, artwork, videos, & analytics
  • Artwork sorted by heroes with links to each hero class sorted by Exalted – Basic heroes
  • Additive GIFs and PNGs displayed on each site to give a unique flavor
  • Surprise visitors (look at the titles of different pages) when found will give away a prize (sometimes an egg) to keep community engagement and interaction

In Progress

  • Continue to add different submissions as they come up in sidequests and other DFK produced videos
  • Lore: fan submitted lore section to add to the existing DFK lore and DFK lore itself
  • DFK YouTube related page of AMA’s updates etc.



  • Scoured the internet for sources, verified alpha, and collected all information in OneNote to begin creation of infographics
  • Manually cut out images from DFK to compile visual layouts
  • Completed infographics for: Heroes, Gardens, Tavern, Jeweler, Marketplace, Game Items, Level up Guide, Gardening, Mining, Fishing, and Foraging

In Progress:

  • Infographics for: Marketplace, Kingdoms, Land, Strategy Guides, PJ, Lore, Eternal Story, Pets, Tokenomics, DEX, Docks, Castle, Portal, Wishing Well, AVAX and ONE transfers

Cool stuff. Your video and designs are definitely quality. The Media page also looks very well put together, though I wonder considering how many people we have, if that will be viewed all that much (I didn’t realize all the different music in DFK). The infographics are helpful too, I just downloaded some. I think what you have going for you most of all though is the summoning. All around it’s awesome, please keep building on the summoning tool is all I ask.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we have plenty of plans for the summoning tool, it’s all in the works.

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Well put together, please continue to make this an all-in-one site. You definitely have the aesthetics on your side. The summoning tool is also favorited. When I want simple EV I use Faulty’s and when I want to find the perfect summons for my heroes, I use your summoner. Thanks!