Game mechanic, burn hero system,

hey devs,

first, i love the game, u have a dope team, doing a very good work, like the art, like possebilities, and what will come,

my pruposal would to implement an hero perminent death?

bc, in my oppinion, at one point would be to much heros and that would decrease their value, so the price would sink (demand and supply), the result would be that every value in game will also decrease, bc every would have then so many heros for a penny, and quest them all the time, get also more and more items and then again decreasing there value bc of supply and so on.
That would develop like an dropping downwards spirale, =no value =no money =no P2E anymore (=loosing the P2E playerbase and Investors) =free to play or even worse what could be the end of that game, an example is Axie Infinity (with some other reasons)

Your token economics is very good, not like in axie, like an never ending slp making system.
it needs to be a specific amound, and never exceed that number or linked to player numbers, bc it works the same way like with the heros.
Best example is BTC for that, if u get my point (never gonna be more after all digged out coins then that amount, that´s why the value will always grow, it´scaped)

So my point is that heros need to special and hard to get (at one point u need to develope more gen0 heros, but that´s is for another proposal), that even a shit less value hero like a wrong skilled warrior fisher will have kind of an use and here is how i would suggest.

i would love to see, a mechanic like harcore quests with higher but rewards or even better a possibility to send ur heros away (journey to retirement) at one point for example if a hero has no summons left or even with summons and lvled hero, as more summons and higher lvl as higher rewards, and as a reward, could be the most valuable item like a stone which help to summon (a higher chance) to get a paladin ninja, darknight and so on, actually it´s not my Idea but the best ecosystem i saw was in the game Atlantica online back then.

I hope u i havn´t any offended with that, i just want that the game succeed even more then now and be forever.

p.s. Thanks for the true hero role.

King Regards


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I like the idea of an in game hero burn. I was thinking a few weeks ago about using summoning as a hero burn mechanic. Sacrifice a hero to summon a new one, negating the summoning fee. Maybe negating only a portion based on the cost of summons.


Inspired by your idea, we can also sacrifice multiple heroes to summon a new one. The more you sacrifice, the better rarity or the higher stat you get from the new hero. However, the cost also increase (not in linear way) if you sacrifice more heroes. Also, there should be a cap on how good the new hero can be.

One new way of summoning which helps slowing down the hero summon rate is: players can stake 2 heroes somewhere for certain times. During this time, these 2 heroes can do nothing, and players need to feed them enough stuff. Once the time ends, player will get chance to get a hero (better than normal summoning) or nothing.


That reminds me of something like dbz where piccolo merges with nail. I think that would be great where you could sacrifice a hero which will give a boost on a new summon or something

We can have a high level duel like a dead match, loser dies.

Agree on duel mode that burns heros! Would have some pretty unexpected positive effects from the degens who are dueling hard imo.

It would be interesting to have a monthly Perilous Journey lite type of event. Something that provides less rewards (perhaps +2 to 3 stats choices) but still has chance for burned heroes (probably a higher success rate than the PJ event).

Dears, a simple way to burn heroes we could see is the following, similar to the fusion of 2 pets to reroll for another egg, there are 2 ideas :

  • same idea : take 2 to fuse to reroll another heroe
  • fuse 2,3, or 4 heroes to upgrade the rarity of your hero / or upgrade the class

I think a hard mode PVE/dungeon mode with chance for hero death would be great. The rewards should be good of course like greater crystals and stones, gold chests, eggs etc.

The dungeons would be hard to complete, so you are incentivized to use your best heroes. People do not want to risk the chance of permadeath to their best heroes so to incentivize people to use their best heroes there will be an option to make resurrection potions. These potions can be made by sacrificing heroes for “hero blood” and combining that with other materials, gold and maybe jewels. These are purposely expensive to craft, so you still get a risk/reward choice when sending your heroes on a “hard mode” dungeon run.

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I agree with halfgood, here. The deaths should yield great reward.

Im generally not a believer that hero burning is necessary. Given that NFTs in this game are valued most on rarity, stats and levelling etc. More cheap lower tier heroes on the market can give new players, who maybe have little money, a chance to actually play the game… More players the better right!

That been said. A bit of degen hero burning would do no harm! But I would like to see this built into the game in the form of questing… I.e High level dungeons where your hero may die.

Sacrificing heroes for summons seems a bit drastic!

However, maybe if a hero does die on a quest maybe his/her bones can be collected and used in the summoning process some how :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts and opinions.