Training low LVL heroes with high LVL heroes

Hi there,

Absolutely love the game, it’s just brilliantly designed . Came in from the AVAX ecosystem, so you may consider me a newbee.

The idea
My idea is to deploy training quests wherein high level heroes train low level heroes. Players can put their heroes ‘up for hire’ in a marketplace, much like the marketplace for summoning. Players with low level heroes can hire these heroes for training sessions, so that they may level up quicker. The higher the difference of a stat (or combination of stats) between the trainee and the trainer, the higher the XP the trainee shall receive after completing a quest. Ideally, the smart contract is designed such that the trainer hero will passively gain XP, which is based on the performance of the trainee (trainee XP gain).

What is a high or a low level?
I imagine a high level hero to be LVL 8 or higher. These heroes currently comprise about 5% of the hero population. Low level heroes will be those LVL 7 and lower. These are the heroes fighting to become trainers once themselves. Off course, these can be tunable parameters. As the game progresses, more heroes will achieve LVL 8 status, so it would perhaps be better to only grant trainer degrees to a LVL 9 or lVL 10 hero at some point.

I have a LVL 4 hero which I want to level up quickly. It’s a gardener, so I am going to the gardening trainers in the marketplace. I see a gardener LVL 10, with WIS 32, offered for hire for 2 JEWEL. Nice! I train my hero and recieve 250 XP. The community/development fund recieves 0.75 JEWEL. The owner of the trainer hero recieves 1.25 JEWEL and has gained 50 XP passively. The trainer still has 18 STAMINA left to train another two trainees.
Advantages: I level up my heroes quicker , the LVL 10 hero owner has some passive leveling and can earn JEWEL passively and the game as a whole benefits from increased utility for JEWEL and the in-game NFT’s.

But wait? Won’t players just go training there own low LVL heroes?
Sure, let them! Every smart contract transaction for these training quests requires at least some minimum amount of JEWEL/DFKGOLD (probably ~1/5000) of which some portion will go to the community chest and development fund. In that way, players who transact between their own wallets will fund community activity and development as well.

I thought it would be a great addition to the current quests. I also think it would stimulate players to carefully orchestrate leveling strategies, adding another strategy element to the game. This feature would also provide valuable data as to how much JEWEL/DFKGOLD players assign to hero leveling and certain high level stats.

Please let me know what you think! If people are interested, I will try and further develop the idea. If there are flaws in the idea or possible execution difficulties, I am also interested to know!

GM, GL, HF and bullish,

Professor Sjaeks


Interesting concept :eyes:

Might be useful as game progresses on when community members are more focused on the PVP aspects therefore they prioritize leveling over loots and such.

This reminds me of the power levelling days of FFXI. which was in huge demand. People used to earn gil this way.

I like this idea. Especially being able to hire them out!