Hero inflation and game alignment

Hey DFK team and community,

I have pondered a bit about the future on DFK and believe I have found an area where I think the game needs a strategy change.
Right now, I do not think the inflation hero numbers and the game design are in alignment. If we are to continue with the current hero inflation, we need more automatization, both a “native” AQ, 24h + quests, auto pet and gear equips etc. Otherwise, it will become too tedious for a normal player with 100+ heroes to micromanage them all.
I do think a lower hero inflation is preferable though and are more aligned with the future content of DFK.
I believe the game experience are better if you have a “connection” to most of your hero teams, and to level up, gear up and find the perfect pets for your favorite hero rooster.
I therefore suggest we make several actions to accomplish that.
First, we need to increase CD on hero summoning – at least on gen0 heroes. The perfect CD need to be calculated with regards to all the other actions and hero inflation target, but something like a doubling of the existing cd is a good starting point in my opinion. (I voted no to gen0 cd increase in the earlier poll, since I felt the suggestion by itself would not be enough to shift the hero numbers enough, and target gen0 holders specifically)
Secondly, we need to give options and incentives to burn some of the current hero supply. I have several suggestions on how to do this.
• Give the option to burn heros for rare materials.
• Dark summons events with incentives to burn heroes.
• (Future implantation) Hard PVE content where heroes can be fatally wounded and have to drink an expensive potion within 24 hours to escape permanent death. This potion has “hero blood” as an ingredient, that you can only obtain by sacrificing heroes (burn them) - “Hero Blood” might also be used to craft some rare/special gear in the future thereby helping to keep hero inflation in check.
• Burn heroes for special raffle tickets, that can be used in a raffle bonanza with good prizes – this event can maybe last 1 week to 1 month.
• Maybe give the option to use several summons from heroes at once, to increase rarity odds – kind of the same as with dark summoning.

I’m sure the community can come up with more good use cases for hero burning, but this is a good starting point.

I do believe we are on the right track regarding PVP/PVE content, tokenomics, as well as the Bazaar.
The hero inflation and micromanagement are also important though and should also be revamped in my opinion.