Hiring and Compensating the Developers of DFK Tracker!

I think many of us in the community turn to DFK Tracker as our go-to place to track our profits and IL in the gardens, as well as the history and profits of our hero’s proffensions (just to name a few things).

However recetly it has been clear that the developer has lacked motivation to build, most likely due to the fact that there is no way for him to really monetise the site at this point. This has been visible through things such as the site being down for a month or so, as well as him not being able to access and implement the new questing API into the site.

It would be great if the team could either hire this guy or at least find a way to compensate him. There is so much potential for this to become the go to external site for DFK players, all it needs is for the DFK team to help incentivise the devs to continue to grow and support the site.


Absolutely agree. Having this project developed and fleshed out even more would be a fantastic tool to have


Agree with @Blizzard. it is also a risk to look for other options when DFK Tracker was offline. it was a constant fear to be scammed

It should be integrated to DFK or DFK Should make their own solution


@Blizzard great feedback and observations!

you’re right about the site being down for a few weeks in March - happy to say we’ve been back up for almost 4 weeks as of today and we don’t plan on EVER going down again!

We also want to say/announce we’re part of a new team committed to improving the site going forward! We’re a team of DFK users ourselves and we’re huge DFK fans!

We have some bugs/issues we’re going to prioritize - training quest support needs to happen too! We’re trying to get it all done this month…Oh yeah, and there’s Crystalvale support coming soon :tm:

stay tuned!

dfktracker.app team :heart_hands:


I truely believe that this should be used as the primay tracking solution people use in order to avoid scams though. Not sure though if it should be integrated or not. I prefer having it seperate, just think the DFK team should help fund and support it for the sake of their users.

I think it could easily be the go to tool for DFK players!

Appreciate the response team. Great to hear you are full steam ahead when it comes to development. Would love to see the integration of training quests! Really hope the DFK team can help out in the future either through support or through funding as I think the final form of this website could be great for DFK players!

DFK tracker is great. Something more of an officially recognized tracker (DFK tracker or otherwise) that can further integrate with the site would really help imo

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This we just need the DFK team and DFK Tracker team to work together to help build this tool up to reach it’s biggest potential

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@dfktracker Are you all even interested in additional compensation? It may sound like a silly question to ask, but I do ask only for clarification.

First off, it is completely your private business and you have no obligation to share responses to any of my clarifying questions. I sill love your work and sing your praises over the campfire.

I believe the presumption is that the site has seen developmental challenges due to a lack of monetary compensation for your efforts. Is that indeed the case? Do you or your team feel frustrated/disappointed by a lack of appreciation or recognition?

Have you considered putting a tip wallet address on the site? I am certain there are plenty of end users who would be willing to contribute if there was a visible way to do so. I am also confident that people would be willing to offer other methods of support if there was a published avenue to contribute/contact.


Even if they don’t NEED the comppensartion in order to move forward, I still personaly believe that they more than deserve it!

They used to have a tip address linked on their website but has been removed.

You guys have been fantastic btw just wanna say! Keep up the amazing work! :heart_eyes:

Honestly, your interface is AMAZING. Would love to contribute in anyway possible, just let me know!