DFK Eggspert Resubmission


There is an absolute abundance of information about DFK spread out all over the internet. The community for DFK have proven to be resourceful, insightful and genuinely willing to share what they’ve learned with others. The only difficulty users have is that it can be hard to find the information, relate it to other game aspects, and build up a complete understanding of DFK and how best to utilize it and play.

DFK Eggspert - seen here at https://www.dfkeggspert.com - will be in part a wiki for DFK that covers everything ingame, whilst also collating all the best guides and information from around the web. In addition to offering a central resource for learning about DFK, DFK Eggspert will also provide unique content, custom guides, news and infographics so that everything about DFK - post, present and future - can be documented effectively.

The website will be broken down into the following areas: Guides and information about content currently found ingame (including community-generated and custom Infographics), news pertaining to upcoming releases (including links to AMAs and Developer Updates), external resources - the best third party tools, information sites, articles and YouTube channels - and an FAQ section where questions are answered with links to further reading for detailed information.

The unique selling point of DFK Eggspert is the depth of information, and that all the information will tie in together, so that anyone can undertake further reading on a subject without having to go back to Google. This will especially help newer members of the community, both to DFK and to DeFi gaming in general, who otherwise might not know what information to look for.

Grant Rationale

The grant will allow the team to commit the time required to sufficiently document everything needed and continue to provide unique content such as in-depth guides and insight. Having already spent well over 100 hours on this, there’s a constant pressure to keep up with the game and commit the time needed to match the output of the team.

Since we started working on the site we have seen Training Quests released, Gen0 rerolls and the Stone Carver, as well as the Easter Egg event then Pets, as well as other smaller developments. It’s a challenge to both catch up with eight months of development, whilst also trying to keep up with a big team of full time developers producing new content all the time.

So far I’ve invested what, for me, are significant resources to allow me stay on top of current developments - most notably is a laptop that enables me to work on the website during the week when I’m working away from home. Other costs so far have included hosting of the website, several premium plugins and a vast amount of time. I am determined to provide a quality resource for the community, even if I wasn’t fully aware of the scale of the project I’d undertaken until after I created the website.

The grant will allow me to focus on what I’m doing with the website and continue to prioritize this project over other endeavours. In order for the information I’m presenting to be current and relevant, it has to be a long-term commitment to constantly track and evaluate changes and updates to DFK and present this in such a way that it allows players or investors of all levels and abilities to make the most of, and the best decisions regarding, DeFi Kingdoms.

Grant Amount


Team Information

Project Lead: Stronghold

Why I’m a good fit for this project:

Before my time spent serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (working in Communication), I was working full time as a content writer, social media manager and online reputation management consultant.

Having spent several years in that position, and having invested significant time already in both sourcing information and sharing information with the DFK community, I feel that creating this website was the next natural step in my development within the community.

Web Support: Katar

Why he’s a good fit for this project:

Outside of this project he is a business analyst where he mostly deals with numbers and metric and builds fancy tableau dashboards for his department. He studied computer science and continues to learn as much programming as he can.

He has spent time learning and developing various types of websites and is particularly fond of coding. He has also dabbled in various other programming languages such C++, VB, and Python to name a few.

Additionally he enjoys helping the DFK community where he can and has been marked as a True Hero for almost 2 months. He enjoys speaking with the community and providing resources to assist with newer individuals.

Also wanted:

A Graphics Designer to provide unique or bespoke headers and graphics for pages to make the content more visually appealing.

All team members are willing to provide KYC info to DFK Team in support of this grant proposal.

Katar also wanted me to mention something about our ‘team dynamic’, so uhh… he’s alright, I guess. As far as teammates go, he’s a solid Level 3 “Uncommon” developer with at least partially aligned stats. Would give serious consideration to sending him a Christmas card, but would probably wait to buy it in the Boxing Day clearance sales.

Requests from DFK Team

A Content Creator’s Resource Library. All released content - lore, graphics etc, to be made available to content creators in a central library - maybe a public dropbox folder, for instance - that is updated as and when the game is updated. This would allow people to create supporting content quicker, without having to spend a ridiculous amount of man-hours sourcing the information themselves.

Have a point of contact whose job it is to make sure all resources from each team are collated.

Access to the test net to try out new features ahead of (or subsequent to) launch would allow me to fully investigate and explore all game content that I’d be covering on my website, without having to spend a load of my own assets in order to do so.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

This project would not directly interact with the game at all, but simply be dependent on its evolution in order to continue to provide quality content to people to enable maximum uptake of new and existing features.


Website-related Deliverables

  1. The website as it is with the library of content already created. This includes a full breakdown of each type of quest launched so far, each available token (along with a complete utility breakdown and use case for each), all current crafting options, the entire pet library from the first two eggs, external links to useful resources and third-party guides that cover content (such as heroes) that I’ve not yet created unique content for.

  2. In order to move the project forward, I will have to transfer the website from wordpress.com where it is currently hosted (the premium version), to a privately hosted wordpress install. This would allow me FTP access and full creative control over the website, enabling me to increase functionality as well as presentation.

NB. This would also be able to bring in an actual web developer to accomplish the technical aspirations of my site that I’m currently unable to do by myself.

NB. This would also give me access to a greater number of premium plugins that would further improve the user experience of the website.

  1. I aim to have a Discord/Telegram bot developed that directly interacts with, or references, the website. This would allow users on the Discord or in Telegram to easily access information on the website, both for personal use and to direct others. This would greatly facilitate accessibility to the content I’m creating and sharing and ensure people have access to quality information that’s consistently delivered.

  2. I need a discretionary marketing budget. This would allow for both community give-aways to increase the awareness of the website and achieve greater community buy-in to the project. It would also allow me to incentivise contributions to the website, by way of having third parties create bespoke guides or write articles in exchange for Jewel or other ingame assets. This would also cover artwork to improve the appearance of DFK Eggspert.

Game-related Deliverables

  1. DFK Duels - a complete breakdown of how to make the most out of the feature, including how results are calculated, what prizes are available and how to use those rewards most effectively. Coming soon.

  2. A complete breakdown of Heroes - including buying and selling guides, summoning guides, leveling guides etc.

  3. A complete breakdown of Crafting. The Alchemist and Stone Carver is already covered, but crafting is going to be a massive component when Goldsmith, Armorsmith, Tailor etc etc etc when they are released.

  4. A complete breakdown of Guilds. This would include a complete analysis of what guilds offer by way of ability, but also a library of known guilds, their recruitment procedure and relevant points of contact. New guilds would be able to add their details to this section by submitting a form to The Eggspert.

  5. Equipment. A full and detailed analysis of what equipment is available, how to obtain or craft this and how it is used within the game.

  6. PVE - everything. What PVE is, what you can do, what is required, what you get out of it. Full tutorials, walkthroughs and advice on how to get the most out of this feature.

  7. PVP - everything. What PVE is, what you can do, what is required, what you get out of it. Full tutorials, walkthroughs and advice on how to get the most out of this feature.

  8. Buildings - what buildings are available, what they do and who they will benefit and how.

  9. Land - how this can be used and explored both by land owners and everyone else.

  10. Championship programme - how users can get involved in DFK without having their own heroes. An explanation as to how to get involved and what incentives there would be for both new users and existing hero owners to participate.

  11. Other: updating existing elements of the website each time a new feature is released or artwork is updated. New “Infographics” that support each new feature/area of the website. New pages for every area of Serendale/Crystalvale/Future expansions with a breakdown of what can be achieved on each page.

Payment Schedule

An initial $15000 payment to be made available immediately to cover expenses spent, expenses projected and time spent on the project so far by all parties. This would cover “Deliverables” 1-4. I.e. the work and facilities already accomplished and acquired, as well as the expenses needed to cover future goals.

Each subsequent “Deliverable” (5-14) would then equate to future payments of $1200. Each of these require varying levels of work and coverage, but a flat fee for all of them will ensure each element is given equal attention and appropriate representation on the website.

Timeline with Milestones

It has been said that the intention of the DFK Team is to release updates every two weeks. It is my intention to cover new releases and have content made available within the interim two week period before the next new release is available. The Pets section of the website was created in five days of the feature’s launch. Were I to have advanced access to upcoming features, I could ensure supporting content is available immediately upon release.

The Discord/Telegram bot would take four weeks from the point of the initial grant award to be developed, as per informal quotes I’ve received.

The porting of the website to private hosting would take approximately two weeks from the point of the initial grant award.

The ‘Heroes’ section of the website would be a background process to current developments but would take no longer than four weeks from the point of the initial grant award. This is mentioned separately as the majority of information is currently already available, in various forms, from various sources and so I neither need to wait for this content to be released nor prioritize it as I would a new release that has no external support.

Long Term Plan

Beyond the scope of the grant, I intend to continue to produce content as and when ingame features are released. In order to provide continuation of services, I intend to add a tips section to the website so users can voluntarily contribute to the upkeep, hosting and content of the site. I do not intend to host adverts as I believe this detracts from the user experience.

As mentioned in Deliverable 4 - an initial marketing budget would help court content contributors. It is part of my long-term plan to allow for community submissions or additions to the website and setting an early precedent would encourage this long-term.

I would hope to speak to other content creators about collaborations between projects, featuring reviews of new tools that are developed, as they are developed, in exchange for links to DFK Eggspert within their app, tool or website. This would also include YouTube creators, who could link back to the website for reference, ensuring that DFK Eggspert remains a community focus for new and existing members.

Once the initial expenses of moving the website from Wordpress.com to private hosting are out of the way, maintenance of the website will both be cheaper and more easily accomplished. This ensures that the long term sustainability of the website is preserved beyond the scope of the grant awards.

External Links


File Uploads

None - everything I have so far has already been shared on the website above.

Project Infographic to follow.

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