Introduce a Stablecoin for transaction fees

As coins related to projects grow, I have a concern of an inherent limiting factor to participation and adoption. Transaction fees (in USD price) can grow to very high levels as the base coin grows in dollar valuation. ETH is one example. With ETH trading at roughly $3,000, the Gas fees for the NFT launch of Bored Ape Yacht Club land reached up to $4,830. These costs were paid out even if the transaction failed. With AVAX trading close to $100, transaction fees approached $3 per transaction for all projects utilizing AVAX as a transaction fee.

This concerns me as DFK expands to different blockchains. What are the gameplay implications when fees in Sarendale are less than $0.02 and transaction fees in Crystalvale are closer to $0.20? Would a unifying transaction coin hold transaction costs relatively equivalent across all chains?

My suggestion would be to incorporate or build a stablecoin to use as the transaction currency for all realms. Maybe a “Kingdom Coin”? I am not very educated in tokenomics or stablecoins, but I can do basic math and see the price is different between different coins/realms.

Love the project, love the team, love the community. Bullish!


It looks like Jewel has since become that Kingdom Coin.