Gamified Integration of real world business

Hey guys, I’m Thong (Thong#1933 in discord) and would like to propose some ideas for the team which I think would really benefit the DFK ecosystem greatly. The proposed idea is based on my theory that most gamefi’s don’t really work out well because people play in order to cash out and take profits (like most cryptos) and thus excessive sell pressure. All players convert crypto —> fiat and the only way to sustain price drop in token value is create real world utility with the tokens (basically the token could be used to gain real world services etc.) initially via integrating with online service products (, agoda, amazon, etc.). If utility is provided outside game but can be purchased ingame via the gamified system of dfk (NPCs off-ramp), there will be more reason to hold JEWEL. When purchasing these services within DFK, team can incentivize people by providing ingame benefits + the services people purchase.

A good example would be the team could join up or cooperate with Priceline (Agoda, - legally through Kingdom Studios etc.) to provide an NPC in the tavern where people can book rooms using JEWEL through the game. The team then puts in a 3% comission cut (exact value can be determined later) towards the transaction done to book the room (if room price is 10J, team could collect 10.3J and thus earn/retain 0.3J before using the 10J to book the room for the customer by converting to USD via an automated system developed by the team or something - room prices will also flunctuate based on current J price). People might inquire then why must they book the rooms using the ingame system if they could just sell the JEWELS and convert to USD to book the rooms themselves, which team can incentivize people to use these services by providing in-game items/benefits (stamina regeneration for some heroes, etc.), and it is also a type of service where the general player will not have to go through all the process of cashing out to USD to pay for the services themselves. This business model can be utilized throughout the gamified ecosystem, for example another NPC could be added in the marketplace for people to go shopping on (User interface should be a mix of DFK linked up with amazon interface). Buy something on amazon, and receieve a health potion ingame etc. !!

I do understand that speculation for future game developments can create buy pressure (and if the game is fun, even more buy pressure), but my idea is to provide game players with real world services through implementations with existing real world service providers. Team can thus earn JEWEL through these transactions, and help retain JEWEL selloff because people can have more reasons to hold JEWEL.

I’m personally not asking for a grant, but do want to help the ecosystem grow. I feel that to sustain token value there must be a link/utility between the real world and crypto world, and DFK has all that is necessary to create that link in a gamified way which is easy for the mass majority of people to link up with. Play DFK and earn rewards with real world utility.

Thankyou for reading the proposal, and It would be nice if the team could implement it in anyway they see fit that can provide the best benefit for the game <3

Thong#1933 discord


Interesting Idea, real world use for Jewel outside of the game and Dex. This has potential.
Nice write up!

If they steered now and started developing a solution like that would take a long time. Taking resources from the current visions comes at a great cost. I think DFK needs to focus on their core when there’s so much pressure in the market as there is right now. I like the idea as a grander long time goal but it’s not a fix for financial issues with the market being in decline.

It’s also entirely different from what they’re developing right now, integrating with more crypto companies like they have been doing with Benqi, Ramp, Dopex and others that in turn can make such collaborations a possibility. Maybe there’s a payment provider that already does this that DFK can collaborate with? There are easier ways than building it all yourself from scratch.