0xWowee - Artist Application

Application for submitting DFK related fan art, writing, music, videos, podcasts, etc.
The Artist (NPC) in the Castle will display your fan art along with a brief description and you or your team’s name.

Description about Submission

Yoski broskis!

The name’s 0xWowee and I’m finally submitting an official application! You might remember me from hit classic spreadsheet titles such as: “Wowee’s Super Speculation and Ratings Sheet”, “Wowee’s Crafting Comps”, or “Wowee’s Void Hunt: Mad Boar Preview Notes” just to name a few. The information inside has been deemed extremely valuable based on community feedback and has been provided at no charge and for the sake of free education to the lovely DFK player base. This also includes Livestreams on Twitch where I go in depth on mechanics and speculation of the future ecosystem of Defi Kingdoms. I then post these deep dives onto YouTube found under the same username along with any important combat updates or combat related media.

Your Information

The Wowee Team™ consists solely of its founding member, me. I’ve been an active part of the DFK community since December 2021. I have well over 70,000 hours of experience playing and testing video games with a majority of that in the competitive scene.

I am not currently, nor do I intend in the future to be in violation with terms of service for Defi Kingdoms, Kingdom Studios, or any other platform for which my brand presides. I believe my core values align with the core values of Defi Kingdoms and Kingdom Studios.

Format of Submission
My format submissions will take the form of Twitch streams and Youtube videos found at the same handle of /0xWowee and at times in the form of a spreadsheet.

Join me, Wowee, your resident combat expert and speculator, for the ultimate insights, tips, and strategies to conquer DFK’s dynamic ecosystem. Claim your place at the top of the leaderboards!

Link or Upload
(Wowee's Super Speculation & Ratings Sheet - Google Sheets)

*Participants highlighted through the Artist may be required to stake an amount of cJEWEL or sJEWEL while this agreement is in place. This staking demonstrates your commitment to the project.


The dude added DFK to Twitch but isn’t an artist yet? Please add. Probably knows more about DFK combat than the devs.


The information that Wowee provides the communty is invaluable. He is a gem within the DFKverse and a one man army who, ironically, is also a phenomenal strategist in the ways of hero structuring on the battlefield. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Wowee’s content and always eager to view whatever breakdowns he has in store for us. As a supporter of Wowee and an enthusiast of all things bullish within DFK, he has my personal interest to expand his knowledge within the realm of the kingdom.


I hearby cast 3 votes for wowee. Thanks for loving wowee like wowee loves you! Mythic Squad for Wowee 2023! :raised_hands::pray::purple_heart:

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