"What The DFK "- Artist application

Application for Submitting DFK Related Fan Art, Writing, Music, Videos, Podcasts, etc.

Description about Submission:
We have created a YouTube channel called "What The DFK " dedicated to delivering news, playing games, and discussing everything related to DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) and associated crypto projects. Our content includes live streams, discussions, and community engagement activities, such as giveaways, aimed at fostering a positive and fun environment for DFK enthusiasts. This benefits the DFK game and community by providing valuable information, entertainment, and strengthening community bonds.

Your Information:
We are Sirworm, Emerson, and Frosty, passionate members of the DFK community. Our team brings together a wealth of knowledge and a shared love for the game and its ecosystem. We aim to create engaging content that both informs and entertains our audience.

We believe our content perfectly synergizes with the vision and values of DFK and Kingdom Studios. Our focus on positivity, community engagement, and informative discussions aligns with DFK’s goals of building a strong and vibrant community. There are no potential conflicts with the terms of use and guidelines as our content is designed to be inclusive, respectful, and beneficial to all players.

Format of Submission:

Videos or Podcasts: We will provide one video introduction to our channel and our series. Our videos are typically hosted on YouTube and are under one hour in length.
Embed Link: [Link to our featured YouTube video]
Your go-to channel for DFK news, games, and discussions! Join us for fun, prizes, and all things DeFi Kingdoms.

Link or Upload:


Love these guys!! What a team! :tada::tada::tada:


This show has been a labor of love for Emerson & myself. We love DFK and want to show others how much fun it is to play and interact with the community. We may be a small little show but we’ve massive devotion to DFK and huge amount of respect for the devs.


Thanks for the kind words Zelys

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SirWorm is a classic community fixture and the castle should reflect his status.

Emerson is a new young gun up ‘n comer. I hope he learns the error of his ways with Frosty (OG bloaters rule!) but I think he should be in the castle anyway

If What The DFK doesn’t get in them I’m out of the castle👀 They are one of my top 69 youtubers. Very entertaining show🍻