Jewelers Live! Artist Application

Application for submitting DFK related fan art, writing, music, videos, podcasts, etc.
The Artist (NPC) in the Castle will display your fan art along with a brief description and you or your team’s name.

Description about Submission
Jewelers Live & Jewelers Crypto Channel focuses on DefiKingdoms gameplay, development updates, and the community. Our current schedule is to livestream at least once per week for 30 minutes or more, typically slotted Saturday evenings at 9:30PM EST. We strive to release at least 2 recorded videos per week. We also have the occasional impromptu live streams throughout the week. Our focus is to show that gamers can enjoy Web3 and it is not exclusive to those who understand cryptocurrency, tokens, and the blockchain. We hope to model that over time any gamer can come to understand the basics and be valued in the community. We also have a Discord where people can get in touch with other DefiKingdoms fans and learn the basics or discuss new strategies. We plan to build the Guild & its benefits as more prominent features (PVP, PVE, Lands, etc.) of the game become available. We also hope to branch out to streaming on Twitch and X (formerly Twitter) and other media as we grow.

Your Information
Jewelers Live - The team consists of Mega and Daggs. We have both been playing DFK since ‘21 and are passionate about the future of DefiKingdoms & Defi overall. We are co-hosts of Jewelers Live and also the Guild Masters of The Jewelers Crypto Guild. We love to help new players and talk about Defi Kingdoms to everyone! Our backgrounds are predominantly in gaming and we are striving to learn the complexities of crypto currency and blockchain gaming.

Yes. We believe that DFK needs as much media exposure as possible. By live streaming across several media we fulfill this need. There are no violations of the terms of service as we do not require any information from our viewers.

Format of Submission
Format will be a YouTube Livestream

Welcome Jewelers, Welcome all! Join Mega and Daggs as we speculate recklessly about DefiKingdoms and all its splendors on the Jewelers Livestream where we explore the gameplay and mechanics of DFK.

Link or Upload
Jewelers LIVE! #006 - NEW #DFK Partnerships, Hodl or Liquidate? & MORE! | DefiKingdoms Podcast

*Participants highlighted through the Artist may be required to stake an amount of cJEWEL or sJEWEL while this agreement is in place. This staking demonstrates your commitment to the project.


The Jewelers Guild has been around DFK for quite some time. They’re one of the first original guilds to emerge and have been extremely supportive of DFK since the start of their community. I’m a fan of their work and would love to see more of what they have to offer DFK. You’ve got my vote.


Daggs and Mega have been around from the very start. They produce top quality content and have a unique and interesting approach to DFK.

The increased media exposure for DFK is a boon and a formal acknowledgement only increases that.

DFK should strongly consider this application and in my opinion, they should approve the request.


As longtime supporters and streamers in the DFK ecosystem, I believe the team should give the Jewelers strong consideration to their application as content creators. Their dedication and fresh perspective is needed and evident in their content. And they’ve been involved in collaborating with other YouTube streamers in the DFK space, bringing exposure to newer DFK content creators, such as TradeR00m & Affinity Light. Also, they are gamers at heart and DFK needs more exposure to that demographic and insight to that mindset. The Jewelers most definitely help with that. I think they belong in the Castle, in my humble opinion.


Thank you for your support Boomer!

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Much love Worm! Thank you!

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Thank you for considering our Artist Application! We have big plans for the future. As DefiKingdoms continues to grow, we will grow along side the Project!

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They make amazing youtube content and have great discord to lurk around in :ninja:

DFK should help out and add to the castle :angel:


LFG!! Love these guys!! Get them in the Castle!


Daggs and Mega to the round table with haste please.

In all seriousness, the return of Jewelers content was a boon to the entire community. One could argue that the content creators currently featured in in the castle already cover the topics that the Jewelers discuss, but that argument is specious at best. We should highlight all who dedicate significant time and energy to the improvement of this project, especially those who are willing to put their face behind the project. I love the insights that Daggs and Mega offer, and enjoy their gamer-focused approach to content creation.

Castle recognition for the Jewelers pod is the right move for DFK, and the right move for this community.

One potential argument against the Jewelers is that their interest in DFK has waned in the past, so it may wane again in the future. However, this argument lacks merit because the application to join the Castle shows true dedication and commitment which is reinforced by a staking requirement. Accordingly, castle recognition would reduce the risk of Jewelers falling off again because it would be a reminder of their commitment to this community. In short, lock them down ASAP by approving this application.

Signed, stycksintern

I dont know Mega as much as Ive gotten to know Daggs. He is a passionate guy who makes DFK content. I love their work and think they would be a great addition to the club🫡