About the Application for the Artist category

Application for submitting DFK related fan art, writing, music, videos, podcasts, etc.

The Artist (NPC) in the Castle will display your fan art along with a brief description and you or your team’s name.

Description about Submission

Provide a clear and detailed description of what you have created and how it benefits or relates to the DFK game, the blockchains, and the community. This description is for the DFK team to review your submission.

Your Information

Tell us who you are and anything you would like to share about you and your team.


When displaying your medium in the DFK game it is important for us to ensure that your submission aligns with the vision and values of DFK and Kingdom Studios, and doesn’t conflict with our terms of use and guidelines. Do you believe your product synergizes with DFK and Kingdom Studios? If not, please explain any potential concerns either party could encounter.

Format of Submission

What format will your submission be in? All submissions will be embedded in the DFK game.

  • Images: jpg, png, or svg images will be accepted. we suggest 1 to 3 images (more than one image will scroll)
  • Videos or podcasts: one video or podcast no longer than one hour. This can be an introduction to you and/or your video or podcast series, or it can be a favorite that you would like highlighted. We will review your featured video or podcast to ensure that it is appropriate to be displayed in the DFK game. We will need an embed link to your hosted video or podcast. YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, will work or others for podcasts may also work.
  • Music: wav or mp3 formats will work. We will need a link to where you have it hosted.
  • Written submissions: a link to the piece from any self-hosted website. There is currently no word limit.


A description of your submission that you would like displayed below the embedded piece (200 character limit).

Link or Upload

This is the link that will be listed under the description. Even though all submitted pieces will be embedded, we want people to have a link that will take them directly to the submitted piece on your native site (please make sure it is a link to the submitted piece and not your general site).

*Participants highlighted through the Artist may be required to stake an amount of cJEWEL or sJEWEL while this agreement is in place. This staking demonstrates your commitment to the project.