About Bots and Sniping Bots

What is DFK Stance about bots ?

By the nature of the blockchain and immutabilityof the contracts botting and automation will always happen.

but when it comes to DEFI Games like DFK it can cause some disadvantage to the users that really want to play game.

For example

Why i should play the game instead of automating it with a script ?
What is the point on looking at the tavern for an insane offer if it will be sniped by a bot ?

I really enjoy the game and it is now part of my daily activities i have been manually questing my heroes and i really enjoy looking at the loot.

But what do i gain by not using a bot ?

Thank you guys !
Im not a native english speaker i tried my best to follow the grammar and punctuation

Hi, Akuma. For me, and those using DFKH, we learned the game the normal way, using the UI. When we started having more heroes than the UI was intended to handle, we started using DFKH to reduce routine actions / repetitiveness, so that we could focus our time on the DFK activities that we each enjoy the most. Now, let’s not confuse automation with sniping: DFKH doesn’t do sniping, and everything happens at human speed. That’s a purposeful, ethical direction. Regarding your sniping question: yes, there are folks out there that get a joy out of making and using sniping tools, but that happens even on eBay. Regarding why would anyone look through the tavern, it’s not so much for finding a crazy deal, but rather a good deal that the bots aren’t smart enough to pick up on. I see many such opportunities every day.