Action RPG in DFK Project 4.2.0

Hey everyone, Retired Army Veteran and True Hero in the DFK Discord. I also went to College for Information Technology. I believe I have lots of skills and resources to bring to the table if an opportunity presents itself. Here to help promote and build the DFK platform in any aspect that becomes available.

There is an open source code that I spoke to a few Mods and Dev’s about trying to get this on the big screen with several modifications to fit the DFK platform, I was directed here and hope to get some more information on the coding priority. I understand it can be difficult to do more active combat on a chain but I wanted to help find a solution to that problem.

The Source code is from a 1998 game called Gauntlet Legends. I played this game as a kid and fell in love. I’ve also considered other pixelated games like Celeste, Noita etc (I believe someone proficient in Photoshop could down grade the existing 8 bit style or re-render in another way if it pushes the chains functionality.

I’m hoping to adapt the existing code onto DFK and create a unique action ARPG on top of the DFK chain. “add to and take away from the source code”
If multiple subnets or more validators are needed to accommodate this project. I have interested investors and people willing to do server administration.

The problem with tx and tps can possibly be fixed by using a tx fee to enter the dungeon via the DFK chain or another network and then transport you to a different subnet that collects the input from the the network. Seamless in-game “teleportation” between chains with User Notification If metamask allows for this execution. perhaps similar to Dock> Travel to Crystalvale

Having users hosting/operating Nodes is another possibility and/or designated Servers as mentioned above.

Charging a jewel or Burn fee to enter the dungeon would increase value to DFK assets and also promote a unique opportunity for players to see action rpg on chain.
The Dungeon or Zone runs can be applied to leaderboards, Completing the (Dungeon) at different difficulties or Speed clears for example.

I understand that coding and bug testing takes time to facilitate especially within the blockchain spectrum.
The DFK Team and Community has my utmost respect.
I have other burn mechanics and additional information on these thoughts and ideas.

I’m not asking for a grant or any compensation. I just want to genuinely help make Defi Kingdoms The one who truly does “take over” the crypto space.

That is the pitch, it is a fastball right down the center. Hope to discuss this further.

Thank You


Contact me Here or
Bless#9326 Discord
or My YT Channel Bless DFKatMIDNIGHT - YouTube

Ps: @SunBear Please contact via Discord or Email, tried to reach out yesterday for our Appointment.


I would absolutely help in anyway to see this kind of thing created in DFK!

Dungeon diving to get resources, gold, equipment (when it comes out), and maybe even a rare pet or two thrown in every once in a while.

There could be so many different ways to create burn opportunities with entrance fees. I could also see a way to create a contract that would work similarly to a multi-sig where another or two other people could join in with you as well. Maybe do something where 3 times a week there’s a raid where you fight a boss together for higher rolls at specific loot?

I see limitless potential to this idea!

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Forgot to mention that a graphics style similar to Octopath Traveller would work very well with an isometric viewpoint style game.


Its a good idea. I apologize in that I am not proficient in coding and as such cannot give comments as to the feasibility of your idea. However, I looked up Gauntlet Legends, and from what I can see, it looks like an interesting game, and it would certainly elevate DFK quite a bit in my opinion! I would say go for it. If you can find anyone who codes that would make your case much stronger. I’d also say you should elaborate on your vision since this would be a huge undertaking, and needs more than just conceptual ideas.

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Thanks for the feedback.
I would like to discuss this further with the DFK Staff and hear their stance on this proposal.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to tag me or post in this forum I will answer everything to the best of my ability.


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What a great idea and with the sugestion of Octopath traveler I would also add that a mix of style would really be a great plus. Final Fantasy tactics style for some quest with active game play should be less repetitive. I use FFT because I’m and old school D&D DM and Player and remember when we play on a map, Heroquest maybe a good example too. I don’t know how the mechanic may work with a turn base but like when you play chess on your phone and you cast your move and the opponent have x time to interact… Just some ideas! LFG!


Sounds like a great idea and looks amazing. I would love to see this.

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If Kingdom Studios moves towards the less repetitive current game play style like you mentioned @masternet. I believe we will see a huge increase in community growth. Keep it Old School, Keep it Fun and Exciting!

Love it!


Agree on the hosting nodes for gameplay, thank you for sharing @Bless and I hope this project will grab attention!

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If we don’t push the envelope someone else will. Get all the ducks in a row and hit me up for the investment round.


Its a race for the WIN for sure. Will this get the job done and make DFK Soar?
All feedback is appreciated.

Thanks Everyone!

that sounds like a cool idea, what’s needed for it on a resource level?

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Depends on how fast you want it done, its already written in Python, so guess it depends on DFK what they want to do with it honestly.

depends on if they use it on chain or not… might need off chain servers / nodes and validators

dfk validators implementation, more people on the project the better hope to get feedback from Kingdom Studios. <3

Concept sounds great, I am unfortunately not the person to provide constructive criticism as I am not keen on coding. My one thought in addition to the jewel burn mechanism would be a burn mechanism for gold. Another gold utility.

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Thanks Sgt, There is so much room for new design here.

Burn mechanics Primary Jewel as entry or Gold, or maybe various items that need to be collected.

The Dungeon depending on difficulty can drop Gear, Pets, Eggs, Profession Items

A Hardcore Difficulty could be established also, If the dungeons per say are made randomized with different monsters and bosses, unique abilities, there would be High Risk for Death (Burn) but also High reward.

Lots to review here. Would love to get with some of the Kingdom Studio Content Creators and brainstorm on the right approach for DFK.

Possible Example idea (I would love to see the unique DFK NFTS being able to solo or even group with friends and enter a dungeon server map and then use Validators to access and distribute loot between players)

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I do really like this idea, the only things that would need to be considered with something like this is a way to if not completely eliminate botting at least discourage it so that it’s less efficient and very RNG based. Really the biggest issue I see with any crypto game is bot exploiting games with automation, it took the gaming industry a very long time before something as competent as Battle-eye came out and I don’t think within DeFi anyone wants a program that invasive on their crypto hardware. I love ARPG’s though and would absolutely love something like this, or even something similar to pokemon/zelda/final fantasy with a top-down/tile based game movement but with dungeons as you said.

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I love that idea so guild may enter a Dungeon and per their progress may unlock different zone or region and those ounce unlock other player will have access to. Like a passive RAID or even 2 or more Guild may fight for the control of certain territory…

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Love it, sounds likes a lot of fun would be very excited to see this project delivered with Kingdom Studios!

It sounds really interesting. Would love to see something like this to enhance the gameplay. Seems fun. Not a developer so I don’t know the challenges to this and how difficult it will be to maintain the integrity of the DFK game with this, but if those issues can be addressed, why not do this?

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This sounds like an awesome idea, it basically would be what the current game ‘crypto raiders’ is like. Anyone not familiar with that I suggest go checking it out to see what kind of ideas can possibly be implemented into this type of dungeon project

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