ALP - About life podcast - Shane's DFK Journey


I am To_Honest a content creator, artist, army veteran & father who created ALP. Which is a youtube channel built to express my teams interests. Those interests are DFK and all forms of tech. My team consists of myself, Skiller55, B- Ezee & the entire Mythic Squad.

ALP (About Life Podcast) is a fun informative Podcast with so much incredible content. Once you visit the channel you will find things like DFK, crypto, tech, NFT’s, and of course other games being played as well. So enjoy and explore.

The video below is of Skiller55 and myself making / discussing elite abilities, feel free to explore the entire playlist titled Shane’s DFK Journey. Which if watched from beginning to present shows the growth of myself To_Honest dfk journey. It has been a wonderful journey thus far and will continue to grow with the Kingdom.

making elites

As ALP grows so has its community, we are glad to be here, and plan to stay so get used to seeing us and please feel free to come and say hi. We love all of you and are looking forward to meeting more of you in the amazing DFK future.


What a guy! - To_Honest (About life Podcast) comes into the DFK community out of seeminlgy nowhere, he’s streaming daily, doing giveaway’s, helping newcomers, participating in pretty much everything! My bro goes from noob to absolute degen creating insane PVP monsters in just a couple of months, know’s most of the community, has knowldge of all the in’s and out’s of the game and just overall a really smart guy! He’s an excellent speaker, entertainer, content creator and just alot of fun to be around. When he’s in the room, (or server) you know he’s there because of his energy, great attitude and optimism!