Mythic Squad DFK Youtube Channel

Primary Focus:
We started the “Mythic Squad DFK” Youtube Channel in October 2022 and have a consistent weekly stream at 8:30pm PST. Like most DFK influencers we regularly host special guests and have a standing invite to dfk family members like Crypto Grady and others. We are known throughout the community for being masters at hero summoning and pet experts.

We are humbled for the opportunity to share our views with the best community in crypto and grateful for the love and trust we have received thus far. As DefiKingdom aficionados we strategically specultate and occasionally recklessly hypothesize what’s possible. Most importantly we have a good time doing it.

Our Discord channel is very active and steadily growing. We welcome all members of the community regardless of their team affiliation. We provide thoughtful opinions and offer a safe space for all to share recent DFK info, insights and triumphs. As FUD fighters that focus on the positive we defend the kingdom and consider ourselves to be the “good guys” of DFK.

We are bullish on the game, because we are bullish on the team. Having made the trip across the country to meet core members of Kingdom Studios and hear first hand how grand the vision was, our initial sentiments for the project only grew. We could feel how supportive they were of one another and that really shot our bullish rocket beyond the sky.

My Info:
I am “Starbuck”. How I became Starbuck is a story in and of itself. I am a Filipino American and I was raised by two first generation immigrants. My upbringing was difficult and I faced challenges that many could not imagine. My perspective on things are unique, because my experiences are unique. Luckily, I have learned to utilize my talents and work ethic to reach great heights professionally.

I have nearly 2 decades of experience in my industry. Previously, I was a marketing manager and currently I am the Strategy Manager for a Fortune 100 company. I oversee a nationwide salesforce of over 11,000+ amazing individuals. I specialize in affluent services and large scale project execution. I have been recognized as a leader in the industry and have won multiple top awards recognizing my efforts. My most recent undertaking is pioneering a VR experience for both employees and clients. I am excited to apply my skills to growing DefiKingdoms.

Personally, I am a husband to my smoking hot wife and a dad to my greatest blessing. I like hanging out with my life long two best friends that happen to be identical twins and DFK Studs :wink: My life was turned upside down last year when I took “2” DNA tests (Trust then verify) that resulted in me discovering that I had a different father and ethnicity than I had orginally perceived. With this discovery has come an entirely new family as well as both challenging and exciting changes; including what feels like a whole new life as a descendent of the original Starbucks. P.S. I don’t drink coffee.

Our core team consists of a diverse group of individuals with varying views and beliefs. We have multiple DefiKingdoms Discord “True Heroes” and each of the Mythic Squad teammates provide unique skills in their field of expertise.

Using the info that we learned early on from Mr.Zipper, we helped blaze the trail to acquire many in game “Firsts”. We put our lab coats on and summoned the first Elite class Transcendent trait hero as well as many other first top tier pets. Executing our strategies and breaking down the “why” has opened the eyes of many players who are excited for the future of the game. We have been told by multiple individuals that left the game that they came back specificially because of the content we deliver.

This was a recent stream from our trip to DCentralcon Miami. We closed with a community giveaway for 2 Legendary Emperor Penguins and a Mythic Hydra!

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These guys are amazing!! No brainer!!


The Mythic Squads are highly valued members of the Defi Kingdom community and their contributions are greatly appreciated!


100% AGREE! Love their Streams and Twitter posts! Thanks for introing me Grady! Great resource to the DFK community


These guys are a ball of energy, great addition to DFK