$BLO Token (DFK Community Coin)

$BLO Community Coin - proposed initially December 2023… Burn in-game Bloaters for $BLO, and take advantage of the Meme Coin Rush.

Team Information
3 Devs / Deigners working on the project, set for TGE 6/5

Requests from DFK Team
Allow team members and advisor George Tung (CryptosRUS) to collaborate regarding benefit to players

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
On DFK Chain / Klaytn / Metis and every LayerZero Blockchain. Will burn the DFKBloater and FrostBloater supply in-game.

Timeline with Milestones
Launching 6/5. Would like to be included in the Castle and proposed by Frisky Fox.

Long Term Plan
Bring enormous recognition to DFK.

External Links
BloaterCoin.com - $BLO Community Coin Launch - Google Docs

File Uploads
See white paper.


:100::100::100: Needs to be in the Castle!


Bloaters everywhere support this proposal


I’m all in for this! There’s so much potential for DFK with the $BLO Token!


This looks like fun!


There is a tremendous opportunity to get more eyes on DFK. A great read from Vitalik himself:

… The answer for (iii) is simple: don’t just make a (meme) coin, make a game. But make an actually meaningful and fun game . Don’t think Candy Crush on the blockchain; think World of Warcraft on the blockchain… I value people’s desire to have fun, and I would rather the crypto space somehow swim with this current rather than against it. And so I want to see higher quality fun projects that contribute positively to the ecosystem and the world around them (and not just by “bringing in users”) get more mindshare. At the least, more good memecoins than bad ones, ideally those that support public goods instead of just enriching insiders and creators. But also ideally, making games rather than coins, and making projects that people enjoy participating in.

This may be the worlds first (if not one of the first) gamified meme tokens. Talk about innovation. Lets swim with the current and make a good meme coin together. Having it featured on the castle would go a tremendous way at validating the project.

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This coin has already had a positive impact on the community and the ecosystem. I support it being added to the castle.

The $BLO token is great for DFK and its ecosystem. Creating additional demand for a gold mat is a genius idea for a memecoin. Plus KP is using his awesome dev talents, took a risk by leaving the team and put his reputation on the line. This is an incredible amount of sacrifice and should be commended and applauded. One great way to recognize this is putting it in the castle!