KBP Program Update July 5, 2022

Builders of the Kingdom,

It has been a very difficult couple of months for all of us. When we learned that we would no longer be receiving funds from the Harmony grant, we were disappointed, but chose to move forward with our own budget including charity efforts, builders program management, and site development and setup costs. However, when the Harmony bridge hack took place, the treasury funds budgeted for this work were lost. Our funds and revenue currently are dedicated to our primary DFK objectives of Crystalvale parity, Kingdom Studios funding, and exploring location options for Serendale. Unfortunately this means that for the time being we will not be able to support grant proposals with funding.

However, as you know we keep building no matter what the market or the world is doing. Moving forward we will use the Kingdom Building Program to coordinate proposals and requests not related to funding. This includes proposals for how to build on the DFK game, how to build on the DFK blockchain, and how to use DFK NFTs and tokens outside of the DFK game. Proposal submissions related to funding will be paused until funding becomes available. Proposals recommending changes to the DFK game, its tokenomics, or to anything related to Kingdom Studios will be referred to the DFK Rapidr feedback site: https://dfk.rapidr.io/.

The KB program will also facilitate applications for comarketing. This includes listing a service, a game, or organization dedicated to supporting DFK, the DFK community, or that uses DFK assets. Requests can be made to be listed in the DFK game and/or on the DFK website. In some cases a smart contract audit may be required to help minimize risk for the DFK community. Our hope is that this effort will increase the success of all services and games connected to DFK.

Additionally, the KB program will process applications for third parties to use the Master Raffle system in their game. This will allow raffle tickets to be purchased at a discount, awarded to players in their game, and redeemed in DFK, benefiting both parties.

All proposals and applications will be submitted on the KBP site and viewable by the public. As funding is no longer part of the process, most proposals and applications will be processed and approved by the Kingdom Building Committee and not require a community vote. The committee members are SunBear, Frisky Fox, Dreamer of Dreams, Beetle Dude and Magnus Ironroot. This new process allows us to expedite responses and approvals. All feedback and approvals will be posted on the KBP site for the public to see.

The new proposal and application templates are now available on the Start Here forum or on the DFK website. If you currently have a proposal posted and you are interested in any of our current proposal or application options, we invite you to resubmit your requests using the new simplified criteria. All previous proposals will be archived but still accessible for the community to reference.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who has done so much work on amazing proposals. We wish the circumstances were different and we are dedicated to reinstating funding for this program as soon as we are able. Our hope is that these shifts can help you, the DFK community builders, feel more support and coordination from us.

If you have any questions about these changes you can email me at sunbear@kingdomstudios.io or you can request a virtual consultation here.