DFK Trader's Den Build Proposal


First of all a quick word on Defi Kingdoms, the blockchain game that has captured me from the start. Truly amazing how you all persevere and keep on rolling out awesome features. Thanks to the whole team for everything ! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hoping that we can help out and make a small contribution with this tool.

A few players, myself included, trade items, heroes, etc peer-to-peer when itโ€™s not possible to get what we want done via the trader, tavern or bazaar.

Things are set up via Discord and if you are lucky maybe you know someone to act as an escrow. Otherwise you are sending directly to wallets, and hoping for the best. You can make a mistake, the other person can make a mistake but it doesnโ€™t have to be messy like this.

Instead, we have created a simple site where you set up a trade with another player in a few clicks.

Meeting and trading with other players has been super fun, it definitely changed my duelling experience. We share info, trade to improve our duelling and of course post screenshots of ownage :smiley:

Weโ€™d like to keep the site simple + focused around those ideas but are always open to suggestions/feedback from the DFK Team and community.

Team Information

  • Guiom (CA) - Lead Programmer - Engineer, started with web2 fullstack, and now web3 apps, Solidity, sysadmin, Vue2/3js , Node, Express, Vite, Tailwind etc.
  • blaxswan (ID) - 10+ years of experience as a programmer across a variety of web technologies (Python, C#, JavaScript). Been gaming and trading cards since I was 5.

Requests from DFK Team

  • Please whitelist us to deploy and maintain our escrow contracts on the DFK chain.
  • Please have Master Archivist Rolando Gribbitz add our site to his catalogue.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

Our site will allow players to trade anything for anything easily and safely on the DFK chain.

Timeline with Milestones

  1. UI/UX creation = DONE
  2. Escrow smart contracts creating = DONE
  3. Local fork testing trades, marketplace = DONE
  4. Live network beta testing between players = 2-3 weeks
  5. Private launch to test with many users, collect feedback and clear out bugs: 2-3 weeks

Long Term Plan

  • Add and modify functionality based on requests from the community.
  • Integrate with Heroes Tavern once itโ€™s ready, would be great to have an on-chain user and guild chat feature.