Cheaper Cross Chain Bridge + Liquidity Revenue Share

So, I have personally used both Harmony Bridge and Umbria network’s bridge and I found that Umbria’s bridge was cheaper and faster. Right now they have widgets that we can implement and as I was speaking directly to the co-founder, he seem keen to work out a customized bridge widget for us DKF fam.

Here’s what he sent me to share with everyone:

Umbria’s bridge is MUCH faster and MUCH cheaper than native bridges - by a factor of 10. So, when a project adds Umbria to their ecosystem, their users get a lowered barrier to entry into the project and everyone wins - the project also earns money (explainer below).

They want to reach projects who do not know about Umbria to adopt Umbria bridge as the superior bridging solution, then they can help DFK on board way more users and lower the barrier to entry for their project. They also want to offer DFK a referral scheme where they can earn 0.1% OF ALL VOLUME THAT GOES THROUGH THE BRIDGE FROM THEIR COMMUNITY, which means more self-sustaining revenue for the entire DFK ecosystem, major win for everyone.

That’s huge, and we probably cannot get anything like that anywhere else for now. For the DFK platform, that could be a massive added income stream.

So basically there are four advantages to integrating Umbria

  • DFK community can bridge much more cheaply and hence the barrier to entry is lower
  • DFK community can bridge much more quickly so it’s a much friendlier user experience
  • DFK platform can earn a significant amount of revenue by integrating the bridge (0.1% of all volume) and work their way into a more self-sustaining project.
  • Umbria will also offer free marketing for the project and human support for all users of the bridge if they need any assistance.

Basic level of partnership:

A basic litmus test we can do is to create a web page on our main website with this IFrame inside:

and then link to it in their top navbar - yep that's literally it.

We should also take advantage of the 0.1% referrer fee, by asking them for a referral link and the co-founders will manually make them one.

After that DFK will be earning money every time a community member uses their bridge widget that goes back to the ecosystem!

External Links
Discord: DeFi Umbria
Twitter: @NetworkUmbria

If further customization is required, we can also allocate a small token fund for additional customization to fit our DFK theme!

I have also invited one of the co-founder to join the DFK discord server and he loves the vibes! It’s looking like a win-win to me.

What are your thoughts?


This is a superb idea! Win-win!

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Umbria bridge is the only way to bridge. Faster and cheaper.

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Dev Oskii here, co-founder of Umbria network. If anyone has any questions about our bridge or referral program let me know. TL;DR if you integrate our bridge, your users will have a much cheaper and faster experience onboarding - and DFK will gain an entirely new revenue stream

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Their website talks a lot about “10x better on price” but I don’t see an actual pricing model.

$4 - $9 Average Cost

This is incredibly vague. t could be based on some fixed fee or a high % margin with small transaction sizes.

@256Bit: do you know?

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Found it in their bridging tool… looks like fees are ~0.5%, for example $5 on 1000 USDC + gas fees.

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Hey man, just saw this! Apparently they have a proprietary mechanism in place that allows them to offer those prices itself. I’ve been using it for close to half a year now and there seem to be no issues so far :face_with_monocle:

I think the discord invitation expired, here’s an updated permanent invite link for anyone interested: DeFi Umbria

A quick look at their current cross-chain bridge widget (Umbria)

If we work with @Dev_Oskii on this, we can even customise this to fit right into DFK’s theme and provide additional services plus that additional stream of revenue that will contribute to the ecosystem’s self-sustaining capabilities!

Feels like a natural progressive addition at this point lol :face_with_monocle: