Dfkearn build p2pswap on DFKChain

P2PSwap is already launched on Harmony: DFKEarn
It allows users to swap batch of items, it supports erc20/721/1155 tokens.

We suggest a 50:50 revenue sharing with DFK team, and would like to get a link/entrypoint on DFK website.

We previously created another proposal. To speed up the process, we decide to create a separate proposal for P2PSwap since it’s relatively simple.

Team Information
We’ve been building tools for DFK community since day 1, including WhaleWatch, HeroPricing, HeroBank, etc.

Requests from DFK Team
Get whitelisted to deploy contracts on DFKChain.
Provide a link/entrypoint on DFK website for this product.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Allow users to swap their NFTs and items with each other.

Timeline with Milestones
Estimated 1 week work to deploy the contract and UI.

Long Term Plan
We are developing many more tools, such as Lending, Hero Pricing, etc. Will discuss with the team and bring more values to DFKChain.

File Uploads

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