Community Feedback @ Kingdom Studios

None of these are my personal statements but gathered from the community.

Day 0 - 5/27/22


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I agree with a lot of the feedback made in here. Seems like this was only collected in 1 day and there’s a lot to digest. A more structured feedback loops needs to be implemented in addition to the AMAs. Perhaps it is this site but there absolutely needs to be team engagement. This aspect is lacking. I’m sure the team reads this but there needs to be response and engagement.

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That’s a really good recap of what community members are saying and with specific examples. Perhaps you could organize it into a format where overlapping suggestions can be shown as a higher priority or percentage so the team can’t really ignore the biggest impact changes the community wants

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I will try to gather more community feedback and post it here. Unfortunately the mods don’t like me linking the build website “in excess” so I will just continue to gather community feedback and post it here until told otherwise.


There is certainty a spectrum of responses here. Some requiring more serious attention than others. I know there are thousands of investors in the project with varying opinions. I know we have people within DFK who are already tasked with being community laisons; however, it seems like we would benefit from having a community relations person. I guarantee someone could make it their full time job to speak and address some of these community concerns. There is no simple solution but often times people just want to know that they are being heard. Maybe there is a community relations panel. It seems that part of the concern is that there are venues that exist for feedback but people feel like their thoughts get dumped into a void. There is a difference between being listened to and being heard.

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I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Someone from the community department could benefit from having a transparent forum where feedback can be heard. The community giving feedback as well as the community receiving responses from the DFK Team on a forum platform would be an great opportunity for the DFK ecosystem to grow in a more meaningful way.

Sooooo, what happened on this?

They are moving to extend the team/community transparency on the build site, waiting to see if this feedback can be used in the future hopefully.

I do not believe this post is related to the build-site or the Grants program, is it?

Community feedback on the most relative thread
-could be on

one of these also I suppose

Ideally this Discourse Forum will expand into a community forum

Amen to that. But I haven’t heard or seen anything relevant.

hopefully this forum will evolve soon

some more threads would be helpful for community interaction with some mods over here

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