KBP Update June 16, 2022

Hello Kingdom Builders. Here are some updates for this week.

  1. The first version of the developer site is now live. Check it out. DFK Developer Docs - DFK Developers
  2. We are working on new updates to the building program that will include processes for several things such as: being listed by DFK as a project or service connected to the game, listed as a project using DFK assets, approval process for proposals not requesting funding, and how projects/services can apply to utilize DFK raffles. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback in these areas. We are taking these suggestions into account and working on these updates.
  3. Please be patient as PianoMan and I get caught up on project ratings and consultations. We are still playing catchup from having worked at DCentral and Concensus last week, in addition to needing to shift much of our focus this week to helping the team work on the pitch decks for Kingdom Studios. Our goal is to have all current proposals rated and contacted for followup by the end of next week. Thank you for understanding during this challenging time.
  4. Given the current status of the market, I know several of you have requested an update on overall grant funding. I want you to know that this is one of our top priorities. Now that Kingdom Studios is fully established we are able to work with our partners on securing the funding and establishing our budget. I will keep you updated as more information is available. I want to assure you that building no matter what market we are in is one of our priorities.