Interaction from the team

Many of us have been waiting for quite some time to have this relaunched and finally have some projects built on top of what the existing dfk team is building.

Some of the ideas I am seeing are great imo and would make immediate impacts to the game however I am not seeing any interaction on the forums from the team on any of these project ideas. I understand there are conversations being had behind closed doors but isn’t the purpose of this forum to be able to flesh out these ideas and have more interaction?

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I share your enthusiasm about Defi Kingdoms and want nothing more than to help build upon this project with Kingdom Studios.

I have had a few meetings with Developers about projects and have received a lot of feedback and insight thru external means.

However, the feedback from Kingdom Studios may be limited here.
It may because this is a newer platform launched May 5th.

I do agree I would love to see more Developer or Forum Administration on Discourse though if that is possible.

I would love to see this new platform spread out on Discord more or have a designated channel in Discord. Maybe even more PR on other media platforms to promote this building platform.

So far from what I have seen Sunbear and Pianoman are on point!

Improve: Add Discord Channel for Building Platform
Improve: Admin and Dev Feedback and interaction on and within forums as time permits.
Improve: Spread this information to the community in a way that it will be more recognized

ie; Link added to about to


Making things more accessible and having people not search for information to promote things would be a helpful Idea in my opinion.

Thank you all for your time and consideration.



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No feedback from above 12days, see post below…

I believe the community needs more transparency from the team overall. I have had hours of discussion in direct messages about communities questions and concerns. I have an idea and plan to resolve these issues but it needs to be adapted promptly to insure the well being of the community and platform thrive.


I want to see DFK and Kingdom Studios Succeed as a community.
I don’t want to see mistakes, but they do happen and when they do we take it not just as Kingdom Studios the Team but DFK the community and work towards increasing product efficiency.

The community outreach is doing well in some aspects.
In other aspects such as reaching community consensus about
content or feedback is slipping through the cracks that can be correctly very easily.

Build Website and Moderation adapting a Forum platform
-The Build website needs to be made more public and transparent.
-It needs improved moderation by Developers with the knowledge to make executive decisions to streamline content creation and improved revenue and project growth.

The build website could desperately use a Kingdom Studios Hierarchy. The same information duplicated makes it easily accessible.

Leadership Structure, Builders, Devs, Artists etc. Game Names (Job title) For example

This gives some information but doesn’t seem accurate or accessible enough to some community members

Some Community Questions;
-Who are Discord Administrators?
-Are the Discord moderators part of the Team or just part time hires?
-How do the Biz Dev’s Handle operations within Kingdom studios, what are their limitations if any?
-Can we find a step by step guide to address or improve content creation and community understanding?
-If not, can we make one?
-The suggestions channel on the discord is there a place where they can be reviewed? Can the build website replace this?
-Is it possible to show the community more than just a roadmap and show what Kingdom Studios Prioritizes to facilitate collaboration?
-What is the take and position of DFK on Tokenomics?
-Are giving the NFTS real utility a short or long term goal?
-Can we limit the amount of transactions between actual game content?
-What are your thoughts on in-game rewards and the potential for change?
-Was a new project manager hired? Who was it, how will they help?
-How can the community help?

Using a HTML Domain with a Forum platform to help/improve;
-the DFK community flourish.
-render organization and structure
-break down barriers and misunderstandings
-foundational organization
-the rating forms being used to address the proposals needs a huge upgrade to give more clarification on grants.
-increase moderation and an order of operations

This isn’t something that needs to happen today. It needs to happen yesterday, this is my insight as a community member and developer.
Not because I demand it but because this steadfast group of community members desire more insight
This is the next step after doxing. Showing the Studios Structure and Leadership/Organization in black and white.
Right now it is lacking in direction and project management.
Which may be due to a lack of personnel.

-Dfk has tons of information scattered across the internet.
Why not use the build website to add more information in a forum platform; ie compile the docs/white papers team information, sugesstions etc?
Make an official DFK Forum formatted website with tabs to
Example. HOME BUILD LEARN UPCOMING ABOUT, back-links to (most people come here and click play)

Final Quick thoughts:
This can include the build website, the forums for building… a public forum… about the team information… an actual hierarchy that is visible and transparent.
Who are the leaders, which sections do they lead, who are the devs, what do they do? Who are the mods etc. Just game names and short descriptions
Bringing this information and clarity to the community thru a forum platform is more efficient than discord. This community is strong and continues to back DFK after what seemed like endless fud and an over 90% market corrections. The Lp’s allowed people to pump and dump.

Lets work together and come to consensus on this project as community members, mods and dev’s.

This needs to be a top down… bottom up effort…

Have you Seen this Hierarchy before?
  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, not sure why team wouldn’t reply here at all. There’s a bit of a disconnect it seems with members on this forum and the team, other than the ones who have spoken to them privately about their grants

Wishing it was an actual DFK full fledged forum. The discord doesn’t work for that in my opinion.

I wonder if part of the solution is to walk the community through what these conversations look like. The fear Ive heard from conversations Ive had with DFK community members is that a lot of time and effort is being put into an idea without knowing where they stand. Again, it could be that only a few people feel disenfranchised but it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil a bunch. I know there are many moving parts and I would hate to loss traction with the community over untrue perceptions. I dont have an easy solution other than it would help if people were acknowledged in the process. I suppose what I hear is that people dont like that conversations are being had behind closed doors. Part of the confusion is that people are unsure if decision is really up to the community or not.

The AMA is a great step towards community involvement but sometimes I believe from my point of view that suggestions or questions may fall on deaf ears or get lost in the grand scheme of the projects complexities without that being the actual intention. Each of the AMA’s are typed up by Samichpunch on Medium. Perhaps his articles could be placed here and have a Q/A with a Community Developer here for responses with feedback from the team?

I feel this will give Kingdom Studios an opportunity to address and elaborate on a lot of questions, comments and concerns from the community.

I want you to know that there is a lot happening to support your efforts as builders. I apologize for not having seen this thread and responding until now. I truly have been focused on consulting with as many people as we can and working to get the resources and policies in place to move forward in a thoughtful and intentional way.

What we are working on:
-I am personally committed to spending more time in these forums. I am also encouraging the team to as well. This site is focused on building within the grant program and other discussions we will divert to Discord.
-We are building a community dev resource page that will launch soon. We have been gathering feedback about what it needs to include. Mr. Faun has taken lead on this and Mr. Zipper has also been supporting it. It will house resources and updates for all community devs. It will also house policies and guidelines to help guide the process.
-We are currently in a process of determining the guidelines and policies of how third parties can build on and with the game. These are extremely important decisions because of the balances the game and user need. Please know that we are taking this very seriously and prioritizing it as one of our main building objectives.
-Feedback to proposals. Piano and I are working at capacity to provide feedback and rating to each submission, and then offering to meet with everyone for that feedback. We are dedicated to giving this process the time and effort it deserves so that the community has a clear idea of what they are voting for and how the money will be used. Some of the consults and submissions take a little longer since we are consulting with specific departments in the DFK team to get the information that is needed. Other are proposing ideas that we don’t have the policy or guidelines for so we are working hard to get that hammered out.
-Now that Kingdom Studios is formed we are building our website so you will see more about our structure as a company and how we function.

Thank you to everyone for engaging in this process as we learn how to build together in a way that really has never been done. The bear market will not stop us. I hope some of these updates answer some of the questions here. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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Sunbear and Pianoman are working diligently to move this project along piece by piece as quickly and efficiently as they can. I support their efforts and will continue to do so because they have given the community an open ear.

I feel they are more than capable and willing to continue to providing nothing but the best in my honest opinion.

This is still a new platform and needs time to grow. However, after having a few meetings with them both I feel confident about this platform being transformed into a well oiled machine.

Looking forward to future talks and discussions with the Kingdom Studios Team as they progress this project.

I will continue to provide feedback from the community and try to reach consensus and transparency to foster lasting relationships and project growth.

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Hi Sunbear,

Much of the community is just looking for more communication from the team so your post definitely helps. What I am noticing is a lot of the communication between the team and community is very fragmented. If DFK prides itself on being a community focused project, I think more improvements in this regard are necessary.

For example this latest issue with the raffle system in duels created quite a controversy within the community. It doesn’t seem like there is a proper place to voice these concerns and it is either fragmented in general chat or some people sending dm’s or emails to the team. Perhaps this is something the team can focus on to connect with the community.

Even before duels, it seemed to be festering - Discord

Dreamer suggested usevoice here but things are so fragmented between this forum/discord/emails/dm’s which creates confusion and lacks clarity imo

This Forum being built out and having it as a primary place for all things feedback related would be a huge success.

It just needs Community Devs, Frisky and the other Devs to point towards it as the main source of information exchange.

Thank you for your feedback. I will take this to the team to discuss the best ways to get feedback from the community to the team. I don’t think it is here since this site is meant for building coordination and the grant process. I know Faun and Fox have some idea about how to do this. I will add this to our agenda of things we need to figure out right now.

we did get 2 dev discord channels, hope to see more soon