DFK Arena Master Raffle Application

DFK Arena will allow Defi Kingdoms Hero owners to utilize their Heroes for PvP activities. The initial release will feature a 1 versus 1 game. Users will be able to create and join duels with their Heroes. The duels will cost, for each side, a flat entry fee in JEWEL (0.1 JEWEL per hero level) as well as a stake amount in gold. The winning Hero will receive 95.1% of the gold staked.

DFK Arena is looking to integrate the raffle system into its duel experience.

Team Information

  • Richart Alpert - CEO 10 Years of experience in Crypto. MBA, MSF
  • John Locke - Community Manager, DeFi and NFT aficionado. B.Sc.
  • Dogen - Community Manager, NFT Connoisseur, Translation (Japanese, German). B.Sc.
  • Dharma Initiative Design Studio - Animation and design firm with a team of 8
  • The Others Blockchain Development Firm - blockchain development firm with 10 full-time solidity engineers and full stack engineers

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

The initial release of the platform will feature one game type: the 1 vs 1. All interactions will be performed in smart contracts in the Harmony Blockchain. DFK Arena is non-custodial, meaning DFK Arena will never have the ability to take custody or control user’s funds or Hero NFTs. Users will deposit JEWEL and gold into an escrow smart contract. To create or join a duel a user must select one of their Heroes to use that has full MP. Users will not be able to see which Hero they will be battling against. Users will be able to filter duels by gold staked (3 different gold tiers) and level ranges (1-4, 5-9, 10-14, etc.). Users can only create or join one duel at a time. There will be three tiers of gold quantity available to be staked: around $10, $100 and $1000 worth of gold. The JEWEL entry fee will be 0.1 JEWEL per hero level. Once the user joins a duel, a pop-up will alert the creator of the duel that a challenger has accepted their duel. The creator of the duel has to click accept or decline challenge before a time-out counter expires. If the creator of the duel declines or lets the timer expire, the users will be refunded their gold staked but the creator will lose the JEWEL used as the entry fee as a penalty.

Once inside the duel, battle animations particular to each class and generativity designed and coded to match each Hero’s visual traits will be displayed. There will be damage inflicted by each Hero until the first Hero to reach 0 hp ends the duel. A random number will be drawn for each hit. The random number will cycle through all the stats and pick one to use. The chosen stat will be compared against both Heroes. Whichever Hero has the highest stat, inflicts the stat level in damage to the other Hero. This process repeats itself until the first Hero reaches 0 HP. There will then be a result page indicating the winner and his winnings.

The smart contracts will not be open source (similar to DFK smart contracts) to prevent people from copying the code and replicating the platform. The DFK team will have access to the code to inspect and also audit it with smart contract auditing firms.

Smart Contracts
DFK Arena runs on smart contracts and is non-custodian. We are open to an audit if it can be financed by the DFK Team. We will gladly show the source code to the DFK Team.

Fee Structure and implementation
We currently charge a 5% fee on the gold bet and 0.01J per hero level. We will send part of the 0.01J to the raffle system to be able to give players raffle tickets per duels played.

10,000 Duels already played on beta. Over 1000 signed up users.