DFK Fight Klub Raffle Application


DFK Fight Klub is an interactive turn-based game where players choose three heroes for battle. If you’ve enjoyed crafting the perfect team in Pokémon, constructing a MTG deck, or the feeling of staying one step ahead of your opponent in chess/poker then you’ll love Fight Klub! It’s designed with a competitive mindset and aims to let players use their heroes in creative ways, encouraging players to experiment with different hero combinations. Most importantly, the game is designed to reward skill and player choice. This game is currently in an alpha state and is fully playable in discord.

Fight Klub has had community support from podcasts already:
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DFK Fight Klub utilizes the hero NFTs. The hero’s stats, elements, main class, and subclass create a unique combination to generate in game attributes. A brief description in figure 1 and 2.

Figure 1: Fight Klub Attributes

Figure 2: Elemental Modifier

Heroes also use in games skills determined by their primary and secondary class. The primary class has access to both skills and the subclass has access to one of the skills. These skills are outlined in figure 3.

Figure 3: Class Skills

The user interface of the game is currently through discord. Players can enter their 0x wallet then deposit a small amount of gold to act as verification for a wallet. Once registered, players can select a team of 3 heroes from their wallet and battle.

DFK Fight Klub has several overarching objectives:

Provide a low barrier of entry. Fight Klub is played with DFK heroes. The Discord interface has many advantages such as no transaction fees. The game will always feature an available version of a zero stakes game that does not require tokens or ongoing transactions.

Reward players based on skill. While hero stats create a baseline of the team’s strength and weaknesses, Fight Klub is designed for player choice and is constructed so skill ultimately decides the outcome of the battle. This game has been developed to leverage player choice and maximize strategic gameplay decisions.

Leverage DFK Hero NFTs. Hero NFT’s are undoubtably the core of DFK. Having a functional strategic outlet for hero NFTs has provided an incredible level of satisfaction for our growing community. These heroes have become more than a financial investment. We want to compliment the current constructs of the game by providing a strategic outlet for existing heroes.

Encourage a different way to choose summoning partners. Currently, the most common way to summon is to try for advanced classes/traits, or to make “positive Expected Sales Value” summons (see DFK Solver), where players are summoning purely to flip for a profit. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, We believe that by providing an entirely new perspective on why a player would want to summon makes it so other characteristic distributions can be desirable.

Increase utility of DFK tokens by introducing different stakes. Part of what makes a game fun is when “stakes” are involved. One upcoming feature is “wagering”, where before the battle, both players will send some DFK Tokens (dfk gold, jewel, or crystal) to an escrow wallet or contract. Then, once a winner has been declared, the winnings are sent to the winning player.

Fee Structure and implementation

We currently do not have a fee structure in place and the game is free to play as long as a user has access to 3 heroes. In order for this game to become fully sustainable we plan to incorporate transaction fees. Without having an opportunity to discuss with the DFK team, we are proposing these transaction fees on top of the existing raffle ticket structure. Our desire would be for the ability to implement a raffle system proportional to what exists now. We believe in a low barrier to entry methodology and propose to implement a 4% fee to support the existing and ongoing development.

In addition to the raffle ticket system we plan to incorporate a future wager system that could be leveraged for ranked or tournament play.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain Smart Contracts

Fight Klub uses DFK heroes to determine what actions/options are available to a player but will not manipulate the NFT properties in any way, and will always be free to play! While players currently can battle each other with a wager (there is an escrow functionality in the discord bot), when the raffle ticket system is implemented, raffle tickets would be distributed among participating players.

Team Information

DFK Fight Klub was developed and built Joseph, aka TylusDurdenius. He is an automation engineer who quit his cushy job at Surveymonkey several years ago to pursue his own projects. Since then, his most successful project has been “Gloomshot”, which is a series of scripts handling video automation. There is a video interview where he talks about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPyAiKA_Aok

He is currently responsible for curating some of the top Magic: The Gathering streamers’ YouTube channels - aspiringspike, numotthenummy, yellowhat, anzidmtg - where he has help them transform their livestreams into digestible YouTube content. He entered the crypto space in 2016 and began in depth development since then.

Supporting Cast

Raph and 9Dorf from the ADFK team have been part time supporters of the project since their discovery. Their bios are as follows.

9dorf Bio: Software Engineer with 16 years of experience. Has a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Lives in the Midwest with a lovely wife and 3 energetic Gen1s. Hunts and does house projects in his spare time. 9dorf is the primary web developer for Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms and created the alert notification and matching systems from the ground up.

Raph Bio: Industrial Engineer and V.P. of Technical Services in Manufacturing with 15 years of data analytics and strategic development. Pretends to be a carpenter in his spare time and hasn’t been able to scuba dive since having kids. He has a passion for data visualization and volunteering in his free time. Raph loves house projects with his wife and their team of 4 Gen1s. Raph is the primary developer for data visualization in BI and produces the Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms podcast.


DFK Fight Klub currently has 150 members in its discord channel. We have featured and promoted multiple fightnights on the ADFK and BogSide Chats YouTube channels. We have logged 110 matches as of 7/8/2022.

Some reviews from players:


Fight klub is amazing, hope dfk can give it as much support as possible. In game menu integration would be great since it is the only real strategy game for dfk atm


Fight Klub provides the utility for hero NFTs that DFK enthusiasts have been craving.

Any support/integration the DFK team could provide would be amazing!


Fight Klub is super fun, actually giving some game strategy to the heroes. Where duels fail, dfk fight klub excels.


I’m fully in support of this game and being integrated with the native game and raffle system. Fight klub is extremely fun and requires strategy. The live tournament events that I’ve joined were a lot of fun and everyone is really engaged in player decisions and turn outcomes.


Quality mechanics designed to bring strategy to the forefront, and a very accessible and responsive dev team. Let’s push for a wide playerbase and see where the metagame goes.


Hello Fight Klub team.
Great application and description! I have you in the cue to get reviewed by the KBP committee. We are currently working on procedures for how to implement the raffle system. I look forward to talking with you soon.


Hey Sunbear! Was happy to see you try out Fight Klub today!

I took the liberty of compiling the entire battle you and Bolon played so you can relive the sweat!


That is awesome. Thanks!

Hello Fight Klub team,
I would like to set a meeting with you to discuss a few things, like what your plan is for the game once you implement fees and raffles. Will it stay on Discord, or be web based, have you considered building it on DFK chain? Please email me at sunbear@kingdomstudios.io with some times you can meet this week. I will also be able to update you on our progress in getting the raffle wholesaler up and running. We would also like to know if you are interested in being listed as a game in the Jester. Thanks!

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Thanks for moving forward SunBear! I’ve send you an email!

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