DFKArena.com Grant Proposal


DFK Arena will allow Defi Kingdoms Hero owners to utilize their Heroes for PvP activities. The initial release will feature a 1 versus 1 game. Users will be able to create and join duels with their Heroes. The duels will cost, for each side, a flat entry fee in JEWEL (0.1 JEWEL per hero level) as well as a stake amount in gold. The winning Hero will receive 95.1% of the gold staked.

Currently, DFK Arena is set to launch as an independent game that will not modify core DFK Contracts. We are applying for the grant to be able to integrate with DFK Core contracts and be able to grant XP as well as modify HP and MP. We would like the winning Hero to lose all its MP and the losing Hero to lose all its HP. To create or join a new duel the Heroes must have full MP but not necessarily full HP (although starting with less HP is a disadvantage).

Grant Rationale

The grant will allow DFK Arena to be more integrated to the core DFK Game. This creates a new utility for gold as people will need to acquire gold to create or join duels. This also creates more utility for health and mana potions since people will want to have their Heroes at full HP and MP to create or join duels. Additional utility for gold is created since gold needs to be acquired in order to spend on Mana or Health potions to increase HP and MP.

Grant Amount

We are applying for the $50,000 grant. This grant will allow our smart contract engineers to integrate with the core DFK contracts.

Team Information

  • Richart Alpert - CEO 10 Years of experience in Crypto. MBA, MSF
  • John Locke - Community Manager, DeFi and NFT aficionado. B.Sc.
  • Dogen - Community Manager, NFT Connoisseur, Translation (Japanese, German). B.Sc.
  • Dharma Initiative Design Studio - Animation and design firm with a team of 8
  • The Others Blockchain Development Firm - blockchain development firm with 10 full-time solidity engineers and full stack engineers

Requests from DFK Team

  • We would need a middleware created to be able to interact with the XP, MP and HP mechanics.
    • At the end of the duel, the hero loses all HP.
    • At the end of the duel, the winning hero loses all MP.
    • At the end of the duel, expend some stamina to provide some XP.
  • Whitelist on DFK Chain to deploy on DFK Chain.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

The initial release of the platform will feature one game type: the 1 vs 1. All interactions will be performed in smart contracts in the Harmony Blockchain. DFK Arena is non-custodial, meaning DFK Arena will never have the ability to take custody or control user’s funds or Hero NFTs. Users will deposit JEWEL and gold into an escrow smart contract. To create or join a duel a user must select one of their Heroes to use that has full MP. Users will not be able to see which Hero they will be battling against. Users will be able to filter duels by gold staked (3 different gold tiers) and level ranges (1-4, 5-9, 10-14, etc.). Users can only create or join one duel at a time. There will be three tiers of gold quantity available to be staked: around $10, $100 and $1000 worth of gold. The JEWEL entry fee will be 0.1 JEWEL per hero level. Once the user joins a duel, a pop-up will alert the creator of the duel that a challenger has accepted their duel. The creator of the duel has to click accept or decline challenge before a time-out counter expires. If the creator of the duel declines or lets the timer expire, the users will be refunded their gold staked but the creator will lose the JEWEL used as the entry fee as a penalty.

Once inside the duel, battle animations particular to each class and generativity designed and coded to match each Hero’s visual traits will be displayed. There will be damage inflicted by each Hero until the first Hero to reach 0 hp ends the duel. A random number will be drawn for each hit. The random number will cycle through all the stats and pick one to use. The chosen stat will be compared against both Heroes. Whichever Hero has the highest stat, inflicts the stat level in damage to the other Hero. This process repeats itself until the first Hero reaches 0 HP. There will then be a result page indicating the winner and his winnings.

The smart contracts will not be open source (similar to DFK smart contracts) to prevent people from copying the code and replicating the platform. The DFK team will have access to the code to inspect and also audit it with smart contract auditing firms.


  • Integration Smart Contracts
  • Integration Smart Contract Unit Tests

Payment Schedule

  • $25,000 on grant approval
  • $25,000 on delivery of integration

Timeline with Milestones

Integration with DFK Core Contracts would be finished within 1 month of DFK Core team finishing the middleware required to interact with the HP/MP/XP Mechanics. Only one milestone on delivery of integration.

Long Term Plan

DFK Arena will be maintained and updated by the DFK Arena team. We will have an active community around it which will include the efforts of two community managers. DFK Arena will continue to iteratively release more game types. Each game type will be more sophisticated than the previous one. The long term vision is to release a MOBA browser based client that will utilize DFK Heroes.The platform fees will allow the team’s resources to expand and invest in more game types.

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I think we all want PvP, but I think it might be difficult to get a grant for something which will directly compete with what DFK wants to impliment natively.

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Can you specify what happens with the total gold input? I.e., what happens with the remaining 4.9% of staked gold?

Furthermore, could you add a gold burning mechanism to introduce a deflationary component to gold?

Lastly, what is the reasoning for placing this on the Harmony chain? Have you considered the DFK chain? Why was that rejected?
I personally would be more interested in seeing this appear on the DFK chain to help further create a Jewel-based economy sink (burning, adding to treasury).

I am the only one that thinks the fee is insane @ 0.1 per level ?
So if i wanted to duel with a lvl 10 hero i will have to pay 1 Juul ? per duel ?
Thats a hit for smaller wallets


At 0.1J/lvl, you’ll need on average about 100 gold/lvl (based on historical exchange rates) staked per player for the winner to break even on the duel. Meanwhile, the loser loses essentially about 0.2J worth of value in total. So you’d need to have higher gold amounts staked per lvl to start making this pay off for the winner.

Let’s use 500g per lvl just as an example and assume the exchange rate is 1000g=1J
Each player is risking 0.6J/lvl at that point, with the winner potentially getting 950g (or 0.95J) as a reward. The loser is out everything, I assume (unless s/he gets the remaining 5.1% of gold).


  • Input: 0.6J in value
  • Output: 0.95J in value
  • Approx 58% gain (r/r)


  • Input: 0.6J in value
  • Output: 0J (perhaps 0.05J) in value.

And that’s per level.

At this point, this becomes a whale’s game. I can’t imagine risking that much just for the chance of making 58% gain. You’d need a 2:1 win/loss ratio to keep your head above water unless we start talking about even greater gold wagers.


From my understanding, DFK PvP will be substantially different to what our platform will offer.


The platform will launch already next week. Currently 4.9% of the gold will be profit for our platform in addition to the flat jewel fee. This grant is only to consider integrating with DFK core contracts or not. We will launch our beta next week regardless of this grant passing or not. If this grant passes we will offer a revenue share to DFK where after $100,000 a month the revenue will be 50/50. The revenue given to DFK can be used for whatever the community desires, including a gold burning mechanism. We do want to launch on DFK Chain but the process is a specific process where we need to be whitelisted. From what I understand, that process is separate from the grant process. The platform is already built for harmony and ready for a beta next week.


Couple thoughts:

The use of DFKGOLD and JEWEL separately will make it hard to manage expected value of entry and results due to price fluctuations. I would propose either one OR the other is used with the option going to the player initiating.

The use of an RNG to pick which stat is compared would overwhelmingly favor Monks as they have the most balanced stats. In the example of a Warrior with high STR, END and VIT against a Monk with relatively even but unimpressive stats the Warrior would have 3/8 chance of selecting a winning stat, and the Monk would have 5/8 chance. I don’t have a solution here, but it’s worth considering.

Also the odds of winning would likely vastly favor the highest level and rarity in any particular level range meaning someone with a Level 9 Mythic Monk or advanced class would likely never lose. If the combat is this unbalanced there’s no incentive for the vast majority of players to participate.

To solve this, I would think tighter level ranges, and/or possibly brackets based on total stat points (add up STR, DEX, AGI, INT, WIS, and LCK). In this scenario you would have relatively equal heroes competing. Second, adding a random draw to each attack beyond the direct comparison of the selected combat stat.

For example STR is picked for a Knight (22) vs. Pirate (15). A roll is done to determine the random aspect of this encounter. An example formula might be

  1. 22 Player1STR + 15 Plater2STR = 37 TotalSTR
  2. Player1STR (22) / TotalSTR (37) = Player1STRRate (.59) 59% of total strength
  3. Player2STR (15) / TotalSTR (37) = Player2STRRate (.41) 41% of total strength
  4. Player1STRRate (.59) - Player2STRRate (.41) = Player1advantage .19 19% Advantage of Plater 1 if positive or Player 2 if negative
  5. Player1advantage + .50 = Player1WinRoll = .69 In a roll of 1-100, if 1-69 is rolled then Player 1 wins

In the above scenario Player 1’s Knight has a 19% advantage in their strength comparison (22 vs 15). If you wanted to get deeper in the weeds you could add multipliers for combinations of stats such as below with the primary stat first and supporting stat second. Maybe either have the secondary stat add to the total OR have it have a chance to add 25-50%% damage to the attack (crit)

STR + DEX (attack power + crit)

At the end of the day you want to have fights that people genuinely feel like they can win and create a place for unique builds like a crazy spec Warrior Ninja who can have a chance at most basic attacks, but when they crit they KO the enemy, or a pure mage who if they match anything but a pure warrior, they last long enough to roll WIS or INT and that roll is a KO.


It will be fun to make a tournament like March Madness with sponsor and bigger prize!!


I really love this idea and it’s exciting seeing a third party utilize DFK assets. My two cents would be to add Arena points to the system. Arena points or DFKGold or a mixture of both could be used to buy Arena gear that can be “equipped” to heroes to help them win matches.

The winner would get 10pts and loser 5 pts. The points are exchanged for gear that can be equipped to a DFK hero before a battle. Maybe, this gear is a one time use or has durability. This adds some utility to DFK Arena and gold it will also add some level of strategy and planning to the Arena.

a rating system of some kind that cant be fixed for stronger people with lots of wins to drop there ratings for easy victorys

The fee structure needs work. I gave the game a try. I deposited 5k gold first. Won my first match for 3500 gold. I lost my second match for 3500 gold. I did not have enough gold left for a 3rd match, when I epected to be close to my 5k buy in. Also tried a match with a Level 7, and the .7J fee was way too much. It would be a loss even if I won the match at the 3500 gold level, which means I would have to bet the 35k gold If using a level 5 or higher, which puts the risk too high for me to continue to play.
I understand the need to recoup capital invested in the game, the game is fun, but please adjust fee structure or i imagine most small wallets will not play once they see the expected losses.


We definitely want to implement something like this down the road.

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Agree, think the fees are too high for the majority of players to play. Perhaps more tournament style where the winnings could be bunched together and much less of a fee per play so higher ROI and brackets could be watched etc

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Hey Guys, John here from the DFKA team! Super excited to get this grant going and offer the very first PVP module to DFK users.

If you are interested in learning more, trying some duels or just want to hang out, make sure to visit us over on our Discord: DFK Arena Discord

Agreed, needs some adjustments to fees. I would also add some more animation for the asking price of grant. Love the Idea at first glance.

Hi everyone, we have reduced the fees from 0.1 J per hero level to 0.01 per hero level. We have also implemented a cooldown only for the winning hero of 2 hours.


Greetings… I’ve attached our Grant Review. Please reach out with questions and to discuss next steps: Grant Review

Hi, I sent an email.

I just wanted to take a second to show my support for this project. They have been extremely receptive to community feedback. Quickly taking that feedback and implementing it into patches. To me this project is a slam-dunk for grant approval and I hope to see more developers come to the DFK ecosystem with such a fantastic project right out of the gate!

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