Fight Klub Co-Marketing Application

DFK Fight Klub Comarketing Application

Smart Contracts
Does your product or project use smart contracts? If so, have they been audited? We occasionally require audits be performed to ensure the safety of our community and their assets.
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Description and Benefits

In addition to our Raffle Application, we are also submitting for comarketing.
To review our full submission, check it out here. Raffle Application

DFK Fight Klub is an interactive turn-based game where players choose three heroes for battle. If you’ve enjoyed crafting the perfect team in Pokémon, constructing a MTG deck, or the feeling of staying one step ahead of your opponent in chess/poker then you’ll love Fight Klub! It’s designed with a competitive mindset and aims to let players use their heroes in creative ways, encouraging players to experiment with different hero combinations. Most importantly, the game is designed to reward skill and player choice. This game is currently in an alpha state and is fully playable in discord.

DFK Fight Klub utilizes the hero NFTs. The hero’s stats, elements, main class, and subclass create a unique combination to generate in game attributes. A brief description in figure 1 and 2.

DFK Fight Klub has several overarching objectives:
Provide a low barrier of entry. Fight Klub is played with DFK heroes. The Discord interface has many advantages such as no transaction fees. The game will always feature an available version of a zero stakes game that does not require tokens or ongoing transactions.
Reward players based on skill. While hero stats create a baseline of the team’s strength and weaknesses, Fight Klub is designed for player choice and is constructed so skill ultimately decides the outcome of the battle. This game has been developed to leverage player choice and maximize strategic gameplay decisions.
Leverage DFK Hero NFTs. Hero NFT’s are undoubtably the core of DFK. Having a functional strategic outlet for hero NFTs has provided an incredible level of satisfaction for our growing community. These heroes have become more than a financial investment. We want to compliment the current constructs of the game by providing a strategic outlet for existing heroes.
Encourage a different way to choose summoning partners. Currently, the most common way to summon is to try for advanced classes/traits, or to make “positive Expected Sales Value” summons (see DFK Solver), where players are summoning purely to flip for a profit. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, We believe that by providing an entirely new perspective on why a player would want to summon makes it so other characteristic distributions can be desirable.

Team Information

DFK Fight Klub was developed and built by Joseph, aka TylusDurdenius. He is an automation engineer who quit his cushy job at Surveymonkey several years ago to pursue his own projects. Since then, his most successful project has been “Gloomshot”, which is a series of scripts handling video automation. There is a video interview where he talks about it here:

He is currently responsible for curating some of the top Magic: The Gathering streamers’ YouTube channels - aspiringspike, numotthenummy, yellowhat, anzidmtg - where he has help them transform their livestreams into digestible YouTube content. He entered the crypto space in 2016 and began in depth development since then.

Supporting Cast

Raph and 9Dorf from the ADFK team have been part time supporters of the project since their discovery. Their bios are as follows.

9dorf Bio: Software Engineer with 16 years of experience. Has a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Lives in the Midwest with a lovely wife and 3 energetic Gen1s. Hunts and does house projects in his spare time. 9dorf is the primary web developer for Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms and created the alert notification and matching systems from the ground up.

Raph Bio: Industrial Engineer with 15 years of data analytics and strategic development experience. Pretends to be a carpenter in his spare time and hasn’t been able to scuba dive since having kids. He has a passion for data visualization and volunteering in his free time. Raph loves house projects with his wife and their team of 4 Gen1s. Raph is the primary developer for data visualization in BI and produces the Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms podcast.

Connection to the blockchain

We are very excited about the opportunity to build on the blockchain. In addition to free gameplay we are also planning to implement a wager system. We would love for this system to leverage the DFK raffle tickets. Smart Contract integration will allow us to perform the jewel and raffle ticket transactions directly on the chain. We believe the raffle ticket system would be great way to engage with our user base and to offer a strategic form of combat that is currently not available.
We do plan to keep the combat off chain to allow high frequency choice actions to drive game base outcomes.


We believe strongly in the metaverse vision that Fox and the Kingdom Studio team have presented in AMAs. We believe that alternative combat outlets create a great way for people to have fun utilizing their NFTs. Once wagering is implemented, we are also helping the economic ecosystem by participating in the raffle ticket system.

How and Where

We would prefer for our game to be listed at the jester. Our stretch goal is that we would like to be an interactive element on the map that takes you to our game in a hyperlink. We would also love to have our information featured in the DefiKingdoms webpage that will list links to 3rd party applications.
#Smart Contracts
We do not currently utilize any smart contracts but hope to do so soon with the help of the Kingdom Studios team when integrating raffle ticket transactions. We have some experience building smart contracts that have worked with the ecosystem to date but would be very excited to receive some support in this domain. We are very open to transparency for our game mechanics and smart contracts.

So sorry Fight Klub team,
The template that came up for you when posting was an outdated one. Would you mind updating your post with this one that will provide us the applicable information we need to process your application? Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

Application Template for Co-marketing Requests

Provide a clear and detailed description of what you have created and how it benefits and relates to the DFK project, the blockchains, and the community.

Team Information
List and describe your team. Include roles, experience, and expertise related to the project.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
How does your product interact with the DFK game, its NFTs, its tokens, and the blockchain?

When co-marketing, it is important for us to ensure that your product aligns with the vision and values of DFK and Kingdom Studios, and doesn’t conflict with our terms of service and asset usage guidelines. Do you believe your product synergizes with DFK and Kingdom Studios? If not, please explain the potential concerns either party could have.

How and Where
Describe how you would like co-marketing to occur (e.g. linked on our website, linked in game on the navigation bar, listed in game with the Jester which is reserved for games)?

Smart Contracts
Does your product or project use smart contracts? If so, have they been audited? We occasionally require audits be performed to ensure the safety of our community and their assets.

Project links and uploads

SunBear. Thanks for the note. please see our revised application above. Thank you very much for the call. We are very excited for the opportunity to partner with the Kingdom Studios team! #bullish

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