DFK Combat Build Proposal

DFK Combat will allow DeFi Kingdoms community members to craft combat strategies using different hero and team builds. The currently released version allows the use of the skill calculator for heroes, and to save and share hero builds. It will be possible in the future to create and share team builds, create guides, view analytics based on a selected hero/team build, etc.

Team Information
iknowkungfu - DeFi Kingdoms community member. I have 10+ years of experience in IT as a quality control engineer with knowledge of many programming languages (C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Python). Recently gained knowledge about WEB development to build the DFK Combat application.

Requests from DFK Team
It would be great if you can provide an API to get the latest information about all class codex abilities/skills and all their properties like ability name, range, mana cost, DoD, discipline, description, dependent ability (10+), combo ability, etc.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
The initial release and releases in the near future of the application will not require blockchain interaction.
I envision, in the future, users will be able to read the heroes and their stats from a specified wallet address and apply different builds to determine which is the most effective (with the help of the build analytics feature) for the strategy they have in mind.

Timeline with Milestones
I estimate about 6 months to complete all planned features for the DFK Combat application. Ready and tested features will be released when they are ready.
The most important milestone is to complete the DFK Combat planned features: hero build analytics, compose team of heroes, team build analytics, read blockchain data to get wallet address heroes, view analytics when applying a hero build to specific wallet hero, hero and team guides for PVP/PVE.
I love DFK and the DFK community. Number of users is an important milestone, because it means that community members like and use the DFK Combat app. I would consider reaching 500+ users a great success.

Long Term Plan
DFK Combat will be maintained and updated by iknowkungfu. The main goal is to automate the updates of the class abilities as soon as they are available. The long term vision is to make the DFK Combat application the go-to place for crafting and sharing combat strategies.

External Links
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An awesome proposal! Big plus 1 from me.

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