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DFKTavern - Kingdom Building Program Grant Submission


DFKTavern (https://twitter.com/DFKTavern) is one of the first few tools in the DFK community, which has been serving the community as a source of all kinds of information since Nov 3rd, 2021. It is built for enabling players to assess heroes in a data-driven manner and assisting players to decide on purchasing, hiring, and summoning heroes. We aim to build an intuitive app that provides a seamless way for users to navigate and research the DKF-verse.

With more and more players joining DFK and more features being released, we aspire to apply this grant program to upgrade DFKTavern to a whole new level. DFKTavern V2 will cover more analytics of DFK, empower community developers, add utility to DFK assets, and bring gamify to users.

(1st version of new DFKTavern map)

Grant Amount


Grant Rationale

The grant will help DFKTavern in the following ways:

  1. Cover server, database, third-party services (message queue, email, domain, etc), and future upgrade cost (NOTE: the server will not only be used by DFKTavern but also the applications that are powered by DFKTavern API)
  2. Scale DFKTavern API/CDN to more availability zones. The intent is to have a seamless experience wherever users access the app from around the globe.
  3. Incentivize the team on their effort before launching membership and gamify online
  4. Bring professional design to DFKTavern UI
  5. Onboard talented engineers, and content creators to help us build DFKTavern and serve the DFK community
  6. Provide initial prize of DFKTavern lottery pool

Team Information


Senior Backend Engineer, 5+yr exp, building infrastructure for Paas and data analytic platform. Master in information security. Mainly use Java, and NodeJs at work and some ReactJs. Started his crypto journey from college by doing an outsource job and earned 1 BTC. Worked on varies crypto related project before in Etherum and EOS network. Also worked in a team that built a crypto trading terminal for a trading firm startup.


Senior Fullstack Engineer, 5+yr experience, working in a startup building SASS and mobile application using React, Spring boot, and AWS. Started crypto journey in 2017, mostly trading and researching blockchain projects. In 2020, started contributing to a crypto project which aims to be the domain-specific language (similar to Solidity) for Cosmwasm.

Requests from DFK Team

  1. Early API access for upgrading so that user has smooth user experience
  2. Audit of contracts

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

Currently DFKTavern use the following ways to retrieve data of DFK

  1. DFK Graphql API
  2. DFK Restful API
  3. Harmony network API

These 3 ways will still be the main source of data, and with more chain that DFK expand to, we will integrate with API from the new chain.


  1. UI

DFK’s design system is exceptional and we want to make sure our UI is up to that standard. We will have designers construct a map of an unidentified town located in Defikingdom (refer to the screenshot of the first version). It consists of three main parts for now. Similar to DFK, the map is expandable as we add more and more features. First, the major part is the “Tavern”, which provides hero-related features. Second, the building on the top right is the “Library”, which provides analytics, content, and knowledge-based articles. Last but not least, the building on the bottom right is the “black market”, which provides escrow service. Each building will have its internal design. The “menu” page in the existing DFKTavern will be converted into different components (NPC or item) in the interior for a user to interact with.

  1. Features (only new features)

  2. Tavern

1. Hero Price Estimation
2. Hero Recommendation

  1. Based on different purposes: summoning, pvp roles(e.g. tank, dps and support), profession quest, quick flip

3. Hero Summoning Recommendation

  1. Based on gene, summon cost, mutation probability to find the best candidate for summoning hero with certain class/profession/statboost/highest stat
  2. Best pair on market

4. Real-time hire market monitor
5. Hire transaction history
6. Hero Leveling Recommendation

  1. Based on different purposes: profession, pvp roles, certain stats growth

7. Hero Level Up Simulator

  1. Player can simulate level up for certain amount of times and see how the hero stats grow based on different stat he choose to level up and successful rate
  1. Library
1. Analytics

  1. NFT

    1. Heroes (population, by categories, avg stats, top professions, market activity trend)
    2. Items (total number and trends, total holders, price)

  2. Players

    1. Check heroes info of a player’s wallet
    2. Track/Monitor certain wallet’s actions

2. Content list (source: youtube, medium, discord, twitter)

  1. Display list of latest video and articles from DFK content creators
  2. Display list of cheatsheet created by community
  1. Blackmarket
1. Escrow service (partner with https://tradescrow.one/)

  1. A place you can trade any DFK item with another player through smart contract
  1. Future buildings
1. As we partner with more and more services and applications, we will add more buildings to the map
  1. API

All the DFKTavern features are powered by the API and data pipeline that we developed. Not only serving our application, but we also provide the API to community applications such as DFKHeroes (mobile app) and DFK Enhancer (chrome plugin). A few individuals in the community also leverage our APIs to develop their applications locally. We are very delighted to partner with talented engineers in the community, and we believe in their creativity to develop tools that will foster the popularity of DFK. Consequently, we intend to enrich our APIs and open source to the community developers by following the example the DFK team has done to the community. We believe it will bring us more and more suitable applications and overall benefit the entire DFK ecosystem.

  1. Gamify

We have brainstorm a few ideas to increase utility of DFKGold, as well as JEWEL. Both tokens will be used on our platform. “DFKTavern Lottery Tickets” will be our foremost gamified attempt. It will be sold inside the Tavern, players can purchase with DFKGold or JEWEL to obtain tickets and earn a chance to win 95% from the DFKGold or Jewel pool (will introduce more pools after the first release, e.g. in the Lesser Crystal pool you pay one crystal for a ticket and can win all the crystals in the pool). The entire lottery game is processed through smart contract deployed on Harmony. The prize pool will be multisig by multiple members to ensure the safety.

  1. Membership

We intend to build all milestones listed in this application, which will be a valuable source for the DFK community. The addon will power players’ gameplay and community developer experience. Membership will be introduced, which will be an NFT subscription as service. DFKTavern NFT is tradable with JEWEL token. JEWEL will be used for operating DFKTavern, incentivizing contributors, and holding community events, and a small percentage of NFT royalties from secondary sale will be burned.

Payment Schedule and Timeline with Milestones

  1. Milestone 1 - 10% ($2500) - June, 2022

  2. Finish the UI design for all the new features (in tavern, library)

  3. Finish POC of lottery game

  4. Milestone 2 - 10% ($2500) - July, 2022

  5. Implement library interior UI

  6. Implement all the library features

  7. Milestone 3 - 15% ($3750) - Sep 2022

  8. Publish API service

  9. Milestone 4 - 35% ($8750) - Oct, 2022

  10. Migrate existing tavern features

  11. Implement tavern UI

  12. Implemet all the tavern new features

  13. Milestone 5 - 20% ($5000) - Nov, 2022

  14. Deploy lottery game contract

  15. Integrate with DFKTavern UI

  16. Milestone 6 - 10% ($2500) - Dec, 2022

  17. Issuance of DFKTavern membership

Long Term Plan

DFKTavern will keep involving with new features that release in DFK, and new chain that DFK expand to. The roadmap will keep updating to sync with new release in DFK.

External Links

Current version:


Check our v2 landing page: https://v2.dfktavern.com/


Nice artwork, y’all.

Also, thanks for dfktavern V1 - I learned an awful lot from using this version of your website.

Our Grant review is posted below. Please read and we can schedule a meeting to discuss next steps.
Grant Review

If you would like to discuss the feedback, you can email us at build@kingdomstudios.io or you can request a consultation on the start here page. Thanks!