DFK Foundry, website to research DFK over-time metrics

DFK Foundry is a collection of automated daily reports presenting blockchain data as easily consumable graphs.

DeFi Kingdoms has found various ways to gamify blockchain interactions: DEX, staking and NFTs. These interactions have created a wealth of blockchain data that can be analyzed for a variety of reasons: item supply, ecosystem monitoring or demographics. A typical user probably doesn’t have the time or knowledge to dig into this data.

Curious how many raffle tickets are being stockpiled during the latest Duels season? How much has the leveling event influence the burn of Shvas Runes? How are the Hero and Pet demographics changing over time? Will introducing the Void Hunt cause Moksha Rune supply to start inflating? How are the Quest Fund wallets changing over time?

DFK Foundy has reports to answer all of these questions with simple “over-time” collection of blockchain data.

Team Information
I (Hashcode) am the sole software engineer working on the website code, the support infrastructure and maintenance of the virtual server. I try and use best practices for software development via Github private repositories, database storage/indexing, Linux firewall + NGINX proxy setup and Bootstrap 5 CSS styling.
I’ve been developing software professionally for 25 years with some roles including: technical website development, database design and network architect.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
DFK Foundry runs automated background processes many times a day to collect data from RPC nodes, ReST APIs and GraphQL endpoints.

Currently most reports show 90 days worth of data and are updated near UTC via time-based lookups that are translated to blocks on the chain. So RPC-based reports can run any time and back-fill data as needed. For GraphQL (instantaneous data), the data is collected and stored every day at nearly the same time but cannot be retroactively queried.

How does your product interact with the DFK game, its NFTs, its tokens, and the blockchain?
There is no direct interaction with the DFK game as the reports are based on read-only data from past blockchain transactions.

DFK Foundry seems to be well-aligned with DFK and Kingdom Studios to fill several gaps:

  • Enable the community to self-serve answer questions they might have about various aspects of the game and it’s economy.
  • Provide a level of transparency between the DFK team and the rest of the community.
  • Eventually enable fun representations of in-game events like leader-boards for the Leveling event with an option for the user to check their own wallet total. (these would need to be audited by a DFK Team member before public release)

How and Where
This proposal is asking that DFK Foundry be added to the Jester.
Logo: added in reply below
Title: DFK Foundry
DFK Foundry is a collection of reports which represent DeFi Kingdoms-related blockchain data as “over-time” graphs for token supply, demographics and wallet tracking.
Developer: Hashcode
Supported Chains: DFKChain, Klaytn and Harmony
View Now: https://dfkfoundry.com/

Smart Contracts
No smart contracts are required.

Project links and uploads

Token Supply for Jewel page

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Logo image: 388x218
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Added a new Event Tracking system implemented for the 2nd-BDay leveling event:

Users can view the top 25 wallets for the event or search for a wallet of their choice.

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This data and website is amazing to have at hand and all in one place, especially good when aping mats (and getting reked)

Looks really cool :slight_smile: