DFKAnalytics - Co-Marketing Application

DFKAnalytics is a website I launched back in February after buying the domain for DFKAnalytics.com. The reason I started creating it in the first place was that I wanted an easier way to connect to the API and get to the heroes I wanted to view. Another huge point is getting a better overview of what heroes are available in the Tavern.

After a few months of developing DFKA and a hugely positive response from the community I wanted to make it even better. The first iteration was made with .NET and pure HTML/JS and is still available today here. I started working on a new revision of the site with more enhanced features, interactions and ease of use with next.js.

In more recent months I’ve maintained my V2 site for CV and plan to keep going for Klaytn and any future expansions expanding as I go. I have thought about maybe launching a premium service with NFTs for more easy interactions for specific things like summoning and having more stats ready in front of you as one example. There’s so much you can do with the data, the awesome public facing API Pinecone and everyone on the DFK have created I just want to be a part of it and grow DFKAnalytics along with the game.

Hopefully DFKAnalytics becomes the place to go to get an overview of all the data in DFK. It can be very overwhelming and tables are your friend.

Team Information
I do everything. Studied games programming in school, currently working fulltime as a fullstack webdev making an inhouse app in C# .NET to handle a ton of data at a company of 30ish employees. Recent days learned next.js, react and solidity for further developing and enhancing DFKAnalytics.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Currently interacting with the public API to show most of the information it provides. In the future possibly evolving on the concept and launching my own contracts to have more advanced interactions. I’m not there yet though.

I believe my product strongly synergizes with DFKs goals and vision. I do no marketing and put the consumer first. I use my site a ton myself so I try to make my own experience with it good and hope that other people will enjoy that too.

How and Where
I would like to be listed wherever possible and where it makes sense. The Archive would be a great start but there’s also more possibility of synergizing with the Tavern and other parts of the game.

Smart Contracts
As of today DFKAnalytics uses no smart contracts. I have a feature to connect with your wallet but that’s only to provide your 0x address when using the “Wallet” portion of the site. I simply paste the 0x address and send it to the DFK api.

Project links and uploads

DFKanalytics V1



LOVE this project!
Use them all the time for personal wallet heroes and to find new ones!

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If it’s good enough to be featured by the Eggspert, it’s good enough for DFK! Haha.

Great project and a most useful tool. Good luck with your application weghuz <3

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Thanks Doso, really appreciate the support!

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Appreciate you Eggspert. Bomb to be featured on DFKA too I’ve heard. :tada:

Hello Weghuz,
Thank you so much for your application. We will be processing it in the next couple weeks, since we will be in Singapore this coming week for Token 2049. Sounds like the community really appreciates the work you are doing.

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Impressive work, would love to see this as one of the primary official sites within DFK.
personally use DFKA a lot, thanks @weghuz

Well Done.

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Hi there SunBear!
Thanks for getting back to me about the timeline. Hope Token 2049 goes well. Looking forward to talking to you guys more. I got the impression it’s really appreciated too, that’s a big reason I’ve kept going for so long.

Appreciate the support Bless! :raised_hands:

I can tell you that I have spoken to weghuz in several DMs about their website and features.
I can confidently say they are very friendly and quick to make upgrades based on requests. When you look at their site and see “summon time” that is something they added in 15 minutes because I was working on a spreadsheet to check summon statistics. I GREATLY appreciate their work and hope they can be seriously considered for this application. It is a site that has made my life MUCH easier for exporting blockchain data, but also has cost me a LOT of money buying heroes lol

When I first started back in April 2022, this site was the first DFK resource site I came about and it saved me from making not-so-profitable NFT investments, been a fan since version 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello team. We are working on processing this application today. Thank you for be patient. Just curious, have you considered creating a sales history data section? Will talk soon.

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Yeah absolutely, I have a short one for sold heroes on the current wallet but it’s just to show hero data not auction data and also not queryable. Would like to extend auctions if possible for both pets and heroes. Thanks for considering my application. :raised_hands:

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Hello DFKAnalytics!
Please provide KYC and information for the in-game NPCs. Here are the instructions that have been added the START HERE thread:

Contact Information

When collaborating with us we require your identity information for KYC/AML and accounting purposes. Please click here for instructions on how to privately share you and your team’s information with us. You are required to provide KYC information to engage in this program.

Co-marketing materials guidelines for Jester and Archivist

Once approved for co-marketing you can use this guide to provide the materials needed for getting listed in game under the Jester for games, and Archivist for other tools and partners.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I will get on that asap! :partying_face: