DFKEarn.com Build Proposal

There has been much valuable discussion in our last grant proposal: DFKEarn.com Grant Proposal (Guild Rental System & Hero Pricing Tool)

Project 1: Guild Inventory System


A system allows guilds to use smart contracts to manage their DFK assets

  • Allow guild members to aggregate DFK assets to form a guild asset pool
  • Provide batch functions to complete some on-chain repetitive operations. Including level-up, summons with fewer mouse clicks, and enhance guild management efficiency for DFK assets.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

For DFK, the gameplay of guild is completely undeveloped, but according to the observation of DFKEarn.com, there are at least 10 active guilds in DFK, and their members include many DFK whales, we need to provide guilds with an efficient asset management tool to enhance guild’s holding & buying willingness.

Project 2: Guild Rental System


Build a system to help guild lend their NFTs (Hero, Pet) to retail users:

  • Borrower has to put up collateral and select the desired item/amount/timeframe

  • A rental fee is charged from borrower once borrower receives the items

  • Lender could withdraw the collateral if borrowed NFTs are not returned before the expiration time

  • Borrower could get back the collateral after returning borrowed NFTs

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

An efficient rental system will vastly improve the willingness of Guild to buy more DFK assets, it also lowers the entry barrier for retail users to enter the game. In general, it’s a very important component of the game ecosystem.

Project 3: Hero Pricing Tool

The tool is implemented by us on Harmony chain: DFKEarn, we’d like to provide the same tool on DFKChain.


Build a tool to help users get a better understanding of a Hero/Pet NFT’s value.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

We’ve noticed that the difficulty of pricing will affect the liquidity. A lot of users are not trading their assets, simply because it’s very hard for them to price their assets. This tool will greatly boost the liquidity of Hero/Pet NFTs. Also, this tool is useful for arbitrageurs to find undervalued assets.

Team Information
Our team is from a hedge fund, all 6 members are a CS background, and we have rich experience in web 2.0 and quantitative trading system development. We are long-term practitioners of blockchain gaming and have been in touch with EVM-based DApp development since 2020.

We’ve developed dfkearn.com on the Harmony chain. It’s a collection of DApps serving DFK users.

  • HeroBank: DFK hero asset management tool, allow guild members to aggregate DFK hero assets to form a guild asset pool, and allow guilds to compete with each other on the DFK Leaderboard. It has the support of 8000+ heroes, and 3 guilds (0xG, PDE, Alpha Gaming).

  • FixedPriceMarket / AuctionMarket: OTC marketplace for low-liquidity DFK items (Egg, Eternal Story Page, etc). It has the trading volume of 714 eggs, 4,467 pages, 3,275 potions/crystals/stones, and 95,799 JEWELs.

  • WhaleWatch & Alert: monitor the wallets of $JEWEL $CRYSTAL whales

Requests from DFK Team

  • Give us the approval to develop on DFKChain
  • The guide to the development process on DFKChain
  • Create a Leaderboard for DFK guild
  • Consider a standard DFK guild scheme

Timeline with Milestones
We believe that several of our build proposals are developed on the basis of existing products, and since we already have a certain user base, we can guarantee a high degree of completion, so we do not expect to list too many milestones, rather, we want to deploy our work at the pace of our team’s development.

Long Term Plan
The projects will be maintained and updated by our team and members. We have an active group around it. We are eager to have business cooperation with DFK team and welcome any negotiation.

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The whole point of the Building Program should be to make more services on DFK Chain. That being said, the DFK team could also use some help to ease the workload on them and that is what the Building Program should be for. Let people not just add to DFK, but BUILD it up to where it should be.

DFK Earn is already used by many accounts/wallets and lots of those have many heroes in them. Guilds are meant to have an abundance of everything and DFK Earn can provide their services to help manage this without having the DFK team worry about it.

This NEEDS to be passed.


I think there is a lot of value in allowing DFKEarn to take at least some of these QOL items off of the core DFK team’s plate. Let the core DFK team focus and prioritize on gameplay mechanics and let these other established teams, like DFKEarn, shoulder some of the other burdens that the community would like to see.


Totally agree and excited by each initiative. The Unity Guild has a multi Sig and Minted our token and have created a gaming tournament system for rewards. These rewards can be traded for our token. this is the vote for initiatives. we have 462 members with a strong core group with a combined hero count of over 2k. We are stuck moving forward due to a lack of tools and and scheme to follow. We have created a mentor and mentee sign up system that has been very successful onboarding new players and matching them with seasoned DFK mentor wallets for training. This is the function of our Guild but the same group of mentors would like to move forward with pooling our assets for Land, Combat and to fund the new players with a start in the game when completing the learning curriculum. These tools are the piece we are missing.


I am glad to see that the community has made such efforts in guild asset management. I am interested in your “mentor and mentee sign up system” and have joined the Unity Guild group to learn about the model you built.

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Thank you. The Roles and Sign up were relaunched to day.
Let UntityGuild know how we can support any community initiative that adds value and growth for players and members. - It would be great if we had a way to funnel brand new to crypto and gaming players to Unity or like minded Guild for player Onboarding. The curriculum advances to use and understanding of analytic toots created by the DFK Community builders.- Launching: Not all players need to be given assets to invest. but those that go through the entire 4 sections of the learning model would receive their first hero and small stipend in currency to begin. The leveling program within the class structure provides hands on learning with questing , summoning and analysis review with live labs. there are rewards and incentives available that are geared to assist in creating LPs and first hand teaching of the investment structure. We have a Navel college professor and a core of former corporate trainers willing to provide guidance, structure and process. to include myself. I am a Director of HR and Global payroll with 14 direct reports , responsible for 25M in current projects globally. We hope we can join in the initiatives and add to the collaboration. A company or project is only as good as its Human Capital. In this environment, creating long term investors as learned gamers provides stability for the foundational core growth .


DFK earn has plugged all the features that make life in the DFK system so brutal. Don’t over complicate it. Just let them build and you’ll see the numbers you want out of the game


Hello, I wanted to voice my support for dfkearn. As a busy dad, I truly, truly, truly appreciate that this service exists to help me play my heroes. It encourages me to invest more time and energy into DFK. Allowing DFKEarn to build on DFK Chain would bring hundreds and maybe thousands of new users and transactions to the chain and several hundreds more heroes per user.

From a guild management perspective, Price Discussion Extreme (PDE) Guild is already organizing guild wars and summoning incentives. We don’t even mind if we are excluded from leaderboards as the service is that great!

Let’s work together with DFK Earn to build awesome guild tools so that DFK team can focus on the core game mechanics. This is a win win.


I feel like this is a no brainer. In the long run guild wars are going to be a huge part of what attracts and retains gamers in the space. With a full time job and 3 kids DFK Earn has allowed me to keep playing and investing into the DFK ecosystem.

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Agreed, this is the way to scale the game. The target age market of dfk does not have time to be questing non stop and losing competitive edge to those who are botting and playing cat and mouse games if dfk decides to frown on botting. Make it open and level the playingfield for all

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Recent Progress Update

We have met with DFK team, and we gave positive feedback to each other. At present, the Solidity Manager of DFK team has reviewed our P2P Swap code, which will be the first smart contract by Earn Team to be launched on DFK Chain.

We will co-market our CV products on a profit-sharing basis.

For CV’s HeroBank and Auto Questing

About the requirements, we received a large number of product release requests from guilds. If necessary, we will create a new build request to DFK team for HeroBank and Auto Questing.

Also, if DFK team intends to build a built-in AQ function, we are also very happy to provide technical resources to produce another profit-sharing solution.

Please vote here for this stuff and make your voice heard to support community building.