DFKEarn.com Co-Marketing application


What we have created

  • FixedPriceMarket / AuctionMarket: OTC marketplace for low-liquidity DFK items (Egg, Eternal Story Page, etc). It has the trading volume of 714 eggs, 4,467 pages, 3,275 potions/crystals/stones, and 95,799 JEWELs.

  • WhaleWatch & Alert: monitor the wallets of $JEWEL $CRYSTAL whales

  • HeroBank: DFK hero asset management tool, allow guild members to aggregate DFK hero assets to form a guild asset pool, and allow guilds to compete with each other on the DFK Leaderboard. It has the support of 8000+ heroes, and 3 guilds (0xG, PDE, Alpha Gaming).

  • Hero Pricing: a tool to help DFK users get a better understanding of a Hero/Pet NFT’s value

Team Information
Our team is from a hedge fund, all 6 members are a CS background, and we have rich experience in web 2.0 and quantitative trading system development. We are long-term practitioners of blockchain gaming and have been in touch with EVM-based DApp development since 2020.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Several sub-products we have built around DFK are developed around 4 directions.

  • To help DFK users to better perceive market / price changes
  • To help DFK users to better participate in the DFK market
  • To help DFK users to manage assets more efficiently
  • To create new gameplay for DFK Guild

Every direction is beneficial to the DFK ecosystem. DFK is an absolute cutting-edge in blockchain games. We have been very active in investing development resources in the DFK field over the past year.

First of all, DFK’s ERC-20 AMM support is not enough to meet the exchange of low-liquidity game items. We hope to integrate it to give DFK users a better trading experience, including the bidding and auction of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 items.

Second, the gameplay of DFK Guild is completely undeveloped, according to the observation of DFKEarn.com, there are at least 10 active guilds in DFK, and their members include many DFK whales, we need to provide guild gameplay to enhance guild’s holding & buying willingness. DFKEarn has initiated two build proposals for Guild (Inventory system & Rental system): DFKEarn.com Build Proposal.

From the common good of the community, it is necessary for us to carry out effective cooperation and co-marketing with Kingdom Studios.

How and Where

  • External linked on DFK website
  • If available, integrate some of the contracts we have completed into the main interface of the game. Of course, this requires more business discussions and integration of development resources with Kingdom Studios.

Smart Contracts
All our contracts are open-sourced on Github: GitHub - dfk-earn/earn-contracts, and verified on Harmony Explorer. Our team maintains a high degree of design and protocol transparency at all times.

They have not been audited, we don’t have enough budget to audit due to the market’s decline.

Project links and uploads


Doing co-marketing DFK Earn will bring in many NEW investors and players to DFK.
I love that it is simple to use and everything is transparent. Since everything is priced in JEWEL, the DFK DEX also collects fees as more players convert their native tokens to JEWEL.


assuming that DFKearn never rugs, this is by far the best project i have the pleasure of interacting with. I would be devastated if DFKearn doesn’t get included in DFK chain. Something for the DFK team to consider, dfkearn users will value heroes more than standard DFK users due to the amplified APRs and quality of life. This would increase jewel demand and hero floor price i would assume. Hope this gets approved i love DFK earn

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any news from Devs @SunBear on implementation for co-marketing?

Representing Unity Guilds Stake in xEarn