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As avid DFK players, we realize that managing multiple heroes and staying up to date with the stamina/idle/hp/mana situation of every hero can be a tedious job to manage properly. We also like to have real time access to floor prices of heroes without accessing the game and prices of Jewel / Crystal / DFK Gold without checking exchanges.
We’d like to bring this idea to a broader audience of players as we seek to help players achieve maximum ROI and comfort of managing their hero stables. We think it’s a shame to have heroes idling for hours because life is busy happening around us. Furthermore, we want to provide a tool which can be used and built upon by other projects from the DFK community.

Why Chrome Add-on

*In fact, we didn’t start off with the idea for DFK Alerts as a chrome addon. The first working prototype was a telegram bot that would give out the stamina alerts to every user that wanted to register their wallet address with it. This idea/prototype went pretty smoothly but it wasn’t scalable at all. Every request to the DFK Api would be done by our server, so we would quickly be spamming it and possibly even breaking the fair usage policy. With that in mind, we focused on passing the responsibility of pinging dfk api on the client side, which left us with less possibilities on how to implement this idea. After a bit of brainstorming, we decided a chrome addon would be the perfect start off, since most users of dfk already have experience with Metamask, and it would work also with Brave browser, a common “crypto” browser. *

Grant Rationale

The grant amount we are asking for this proposal is 10k USD.
This amount is the best fit because this proposal doesn’t involve any direct interaction with blockchain and its uses though we still believe it’s working towards innovation and serving the community of players.
This grant is needed for us to justify the amount of hours that we spend working on the extension rather than working in the fiat mines. It’s easier to motivate the team if there is a reward and if needed/required for tackling certain hurdles, we can bring in more dev support from our circle of acquaintances. The funds will be used to pay/motivate the team for past and future development, purchase necessary equipment (smart devices / arduino), get a few more heroes to complete the foraging, fishing and mining squads + give back some of the grant to the community in the form of giveaways on public release days to generate buzz.

Duvel Dev Team Info

*We’re 2 experienced full stack developers & marketeers with +10 years of experience having built and scaled various applications, websites and web services.
Our recent blockchain projects include:

  • Lo-fi Clouds Radio (built on Audius API ($Audio), +50k downloads in <1 year without ads) - Android, iOS and Web versions created using Flutter.
  • Muti DAO (on $Near protocol) collaboration for whom we created an auto generated pixel art video with CanvasJS to go along with a bass music EP minimix from our label Eyesome Records. 3 NFT’s were minted from the video and are available via mintbase.io
  • Second Muti DAO collaboration with our other record label ‘Lo-fi Clouds’. We will be working together over the span of the next 6 months organizing 4 beatmaker competitions with samples provided by our mastering engineer Lohan LG and custom design for each competition by a professional designer. The winning tracks will be minted to NFT’s alongside the artwork (looped MP4’s) and made available via mintbase.io

Requests from DFK Team

*As the duvel dev team has quite some experience with building front- and backend tools alongside interacting with API’s, we believe that the help needed to complete our milestones is rather minimal.
Support will be mostly needed with helping us pull certain data from the API like for example hero avatars which so far hasn’t been successful (atleast at the time of writing this proposal). Furthermore, it would be interesting for us to have a brainstorm with somebody from the team to understand what other data could potentially be derived from the API which we haven’t thought about yet and which could fuel other possible features of the app. We are always interested in feedback about frontend improvements and curious/eager to learn.
The second part with which we would like to get support is the overall communication towards the community about the extension, just like in the past the DFK tracker was mentioned in official documents and other, we imagine similar support in order for the extension to gain maximum visibility and integration by the community. *

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

  • Heroes stamina notifications [done]
  • DFK Dex prices on CV and SD [done]
  • Floor prices for Heroes professions [done]
  • Partial stamina notification [on going]
  • Multi-wallet integration [on going]
  • 3rd party web service integration [on going]


* Create Telegram prototype which sends RT alerts when stamina is full or can be pinged manually
Wrap stamina notifications in a more user friendly front end view Chrome Extension Plugin
Integrate DEX info - Jewel/Crystal/Gold price
Quest information (Ongoing/Idle)
Public release on Chrome plugin store (12.03.2022)
Integrate tavern floor prices for each hero profession
Integrate DEX info - all DFK items in ‘wall street type of roller’
Ordering heroes by different attributes (stamina full, name, id)
[ ] Integrate heroes nfts
[ ] Partial stamina notifications
[ ] Pagination on heroes query (limited to 100 heroes)
[ ] Add support for multiple wallets
[ ] Manage notifications by hero
[ ] Ordering and filtering by heroes attributes (profession, level, …)
[ ] Build and test the 3rd party web service integration
[ ] Integrate Mana and HP
[ ] iOS and Android versions
[ ] Smartdevice integration

Payment Schedule

2.5k - Public Chrome release
2.5k - Full public Release (Chrome + Firefox)
5k - iOS + Android apps + smart devices

Timeline with Milestones

1 month: move from beta to public release on chrome - reach 1k extension users / 100 reviews
1 month: public release of extension (all browsers) reach 10k extension users / 1k reviews
2 months: development of the apps
1 month: beta release ios / android - 1k app users / 100 reviews
1 month: public release of apps + smartwatch device - 10k app users / 1k reviews

Long Term Plan

Team Duvel Dev consists of loyal, friendly and good-hearted DFK players, we plan to continue maintenance and updates also after the grant. We love the game, its community and want to contribute by delivering and supporting a tool which helps all players get the maximum out of their DFK investments, small or big. We are aware of possible API changes and are willing to continue dedicating time to this extension by adding new features based on feedback from the community and collaborating with other tools/initiatives developed by the community as the game evolves.

External Links

Chrome Extension (beta):
DFK Alerts - Chrome Web Store

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Well thought out and the smartphone app would be extremely useful imo


Thanks for your effort for the community. DFK go to moon.

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Grant Rating Form Attached
Rating Form
Also please send team information to kyc@kingdomstudios.io and schedule a call with us at build@kingdomstudios.io

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That looks really useful :eyes: maybe an official adaption recognised by DFK devs themselves is all you guys really need as of now.

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I’ve been a fan of DFK Alerts from the beginning. This is an extremely useful little tool that gives the necessary edge to handle heroes in wallets both large and small. I do hope to see DFK Alerts go long term. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

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