Mythic Squad | Youtube!

We are the Mythic Squad- Lead by Starbuck, Mosh and many others. The Mythic Squad has a weekly Youtube stream every Thursday at 8:30pm PST discussing current events and activities in DefiKingdoms. We stream outside of those hours as well, but that is the consistent stream that the community can depend on. We approach the game in a fantasy football mindset, talking about our planned summons and the strategy behind them as well as a heavy focus on pets and lore. We currently have a mythic mini-series on the pet lore that we are having translated to Korean to promote DFK Globally. We have a resident artist Calymonkey that makes amazing art that we showcase on our MythicSquadDFK Instagram account which currently has over 174,000 followers. We also have regular giveaways where we give away top tier pets and heroes to the community! Lastly, we are identifying partners interested in creating an AR/VR experience to view heroes, pets and map as if they are right in the space with you!

We are proactively planning on streaming PVP matches with the intent of highlighting our opponents, but welcome others to stream big name matches through the Mythic Squad as well. We partner with many other Youtubers like Crypto Grady, Rock808 and more in the community. We welcome guests regularly on the stream to discuss their strategies and to promote DefiKingdoms. A big focus of th the Mythic Squad is mutating genes. An example of this can be found on our most recent stream where Mosh was able to summon a hero and mutate a Transcendent Passive gene.

Thursday are for Transcendents! Summoning PVP monsters with the Mythic Squad! (4 minute video)