A Candor Gander co-Marketing Application

I run a DFK Variety show on YouTube dedicated to interviewing people in the community.

Team Information
SgtFilthyMcNasty has been a part of the DFK community since about January of 2022. He is one of the original Team Goose members and is entrenched in various DFK channels on discord. He has an ear on the community and will invite said community to come chat and discuss pertinent DFK topics. He claims no expertise and rather than giving advice on what to do invites guest to discuss what they are working on and/or currently doing with the game.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
It is almost an exclusive channel dedicated to getting to know the DFK community. The channel builds on what we all deem one of the most unique aspects of the project. The DFK community.

yes, the channel is infotaiment in nature. We never claim to provide financial advice. Consider it a watering hole for the DFK community.

How and Where
A simple link on the website would be much appreciated

Smart Contracts
no smart contracts involved

Project links and uploads


Hello SGT,
Great to see you applying. We will review this application on Monday. Is the website you would like linked your YouTube channel or something else?

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It would just be just the YouTube channel link. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

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If you would like to get a jump on things while the committee is processing your application feel free to provide KYC and information for the in-game NPCs. Here are the instructions that have been added the START HERE thread:

Contact Information

When collaborating with us we require your identity information for KYC/AML and accounting purposes. Please click here for instructions on how to privately share you and your team’s information with us. You are required to provide KYC information to engage in this program.

Co-marketing materials guidelines for Jester and Archivist

Once approved for co-marketing you can use this guide to provide the materials needed for getting listed in game under the Jester for games, and Archivist for other tools and partners.

@SgtFilthyMcNasty 's Youtube channel is a bountiful source of information that sponsers the great people and faces behind the DeFi Kingdoms project in addition to the active community members of the discord and beyond who offer up their time to promote DeFi Kingdoms and all its grandeur. I, personally, have been a fan and supporter of @SgtFilthyMcNasty 's work for quite some time and relish the valuable support he delivers to help promote DFK and draw in new members for the project.

Candor Gandor is great, even non-geese like me love it!