[ADFK] Youtube Channel

Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms is submitting their formal application to have their YouTube channel listed in the artist. We have been podcasting about DefiKingdoms for over a year now! We hope to provide timely information and discussion on gate data, combat theory crafting, and overall game strategy.

Team Bio
9dorf Bio: Software Engineer with 16 years of experience. Has a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Lives in the Midwest with a lovely wife and 3 energetic Gen1s. Hunts and does house projects in his spare time. 9dorf is the primary web developer for Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms and created the alert notification and matching systems from the ground up.

Raph Bio: Industrial Engineer with 15 years of data analytics and strategic development. Pretends to be a carpenter in his spare time and hasn’t been able to scuba dive since having kids. He has a passion for data visualization and volunteering in his free time. Raph loves house projects with his wife and their team of 4 Gen1s. Raph is the primary developer for data visualization in BI and produces the Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms podcast

We believe in the democratization of data and information. Whether its the guild, the podcast, the website, or our collaboration with fight klub, we are focused on adventuring in DeFi Kingdoms.

Video Submission
EPS 70: Strategy Check in. EPS 70: Strategy check in - YouTube
This podcast is a great representation of our discussions and focus.

Support links.
ADFK Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEgskSVgL7WBV_cmV-kBt9g
ADFK Website: https://www.adfk.app/
ADFK Discord: Adventures in DeFiKingdoms

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