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DappGate - Merging with LayerZero for an Interconnected Future

In the intricate web of decentralized systems, interoperability stands as a cornerstone for growth and seamless user experiences. Addressing this crucial need is DappGate, designed not only as a bridge solution but also as a testament to the evolving digital landscape.

Integrated with the LayerZero technology, DappGate amplifies its ability to ensure fluid transitions of assets and functionalities across different blockchain networks. This integration lays the groundwork for strengthened cross-chain interactions, bringing unmatched scalability and security to the forefront.

And as we embrace the future, DappGate is evolving to incorporate CrossChain’dex capabilities. we genuinely believe this transformation will offer a broader platform, making cross-chain transactions straightforward and enhancing the depth of blockchain interactions.

Our ethos is rooted in progressive development and user-centric improvements. With LayerZero’s robust foundation, and as we move towards the CrossChain’dex phase, we remain committed to community feedback, transparency, and unifying the scattered terrains of decentralized platforms.

Team Information

Deniz - Founder
Deniz, founder of DappLabs, has worked on numerous blockchain projects over five years. His journey from participation to founding DappLabs shows his deep belief in the potential of the technology of LayerZero.

Emre - Head of Dev
Emre, as DappLabs’ Head of Development, oversees a team of developers and manages all development tasks. With his extensive experience, he underpins all development operations and guides the team towards excellence.

Basar - BD
Basar, working as Head of BD, has an experience over 3 years in the blockchain industry. With extensive experience in building partnerships and promoting growth in the dApps industry.

Requests from DFK Team

We’d like to deploy 2 contracts on your network. Both of them use LayerZero’s infrastracture. One of them is a ONFT721 contract, which is an ERC721 standart that supports multiple chains so you can send your NFTs from one chain to another. The other one is OFT contract, which is an ERC20 standart that supports multiple chains as well.

We are requesting our deployer address to be whitelisted to allow deployment and maintenance of the onft and oft contracts.

Our deployer address : 0x804bF80acad1e5289903E204c86D0e219bED4d3D

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

While our solution doesn’t directly link with the DFK Game, it’s designed to subtly highlight it as users navigate the DFK blockchain. This can attract users’ attention and interest, leading them to explore the DFK Game further. By collaborating with us, you stand to enhance user engagement and boost the visibility of the game."

Timeline with Milestones
At DappGate, we pride ourselves on being agile and at the forefront of integrating new LayerZero chains and features. Our adaptability and technical prowess enable us to swiftly implement changes, ensuring our community and partners are always ahead of the curve. Here’s our projected timeline once we receive the green light:

DFK Chain Integration: The moment we’re whitelisted, we’ll swiftly integrate the DFK chain, enable ONFT minting/bridging, and make an official announcement.
Other notable milestones:

Multi-EVM ONFT Bridging: We’re set to introduce ONFT bridging capabilities to more chains. We’ve already integrated more than 30+ chains.

NFT to ONFT Conversion Tool: An intuitive interface allowing external projects to convert NFTs to ONFTs. Although the tech is almost ready, we’re strategically prioritizing other vital features. ETA: To be determined based on priority.

Long Term Plan
According to the needs of the market, our focus will shift towards elevating our services and unveiling advanced features and developments to our platform. We seek your permission to keep the DFK Chain as an integral component of our dApp. Concurrently, our efforts will be channeled towards identifying and implementing unique strategies that amplify user engagement.

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