Proposal to build on top of DFK Chain | OmniHub

OmniHub is a universal omnichain platform allowing users to interact with various networks via LayerZero. OmniHub users engage by minting ONFTs and OFTs on various networks and bridging them. Discover a whole new level of user-friendliness on OmniHub platform.

  • Minting and bridging our ONFT and NFT to over 30 chains

Requests from DFK Team
We’d only need our OmniHub Deployer Address [0xCaBf0b8CC4E81C505756E7e420B775A737478d74] to be whitelisted, so we can deploy smart contracts on DFK chain. Anything else (marketing, driving traffic etc) will be done entirely on our end. A partnership announcement by DFK would be nice, but is not needed by any means.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Our product won’t directly interact with the DFK Game, but will give it indirect exposure, given that people will be curious what else there’s to discover on the chain.

Timeline with Milestones
OmniHub get whitelisted, it won’t take longer than a few days for us to integrate DFK chain, make ONFTs mintable/bridgeable, and tweet about it.

Long Term Plan
The project is less than two months old and has seen significant traction. Even long after LayerZero & zkSync airdropped, we’ll continue to reiterate and ship new features (details yet to be determined).

External Links

No whitepaper as of now, but releasing one in the future.