Proposal to build on top of DFK Chain – Omnichain Solution Merkly

Merkly is a multifunctional Omnichain protocol, designed to simplify bridging via LayerZero’s groundbreaking tech. We also offer additional Quality of Life / Omnichain solutions such as “Gas Refueling”, allowing users to get gas on over 25 chains while completely avoiding centralized exchanges.

Our current product suite consists of:

  • Minting and bridging our ONFT to over 25 chains
  • Minting and bridging $MERK test tokens (v1 iteration has no value, real token will follow)
  • Gas Refueling to all LayerZero-integrated chains
  • Bridging of Maverick’s $MAV token ($60M TVL)

We will continuously expand our services. An upcoming addition in our pipeline:
Converting entire NFT collections into ONFTs. This makes it possible to bridge them seamlessly across various chains (similar service to Omnisea and Omni X).
Use case: Not pricing out users from having to engage with Ethereum Mainnet fees. Moreover, we can also provide the interface for it. Users will be able to easily bridge the projects NFT on a pre-defined domain.

How will this partnership benefit DFK?
We’ve seen exponential growth on our platform – individuals are essentially minting and bridging ONFTs almost every single minute. We’re close to 1M transactions since inception (<2 months). Exact numbers are hard to gauge, given that we use over 25 networks at once. This is currently mainly driven by ‘airdrop mania’, as our platform utilizes not only utilizes LayerZero while bridging, but also allows to mint and bridge NFTs to/from zkSync.

We’ve observed that users especially enjoy interacting with as many different chains as possible (due to it being a potential LayerZero airdrop criterion), hence a DFK integration would fit in perfectly.

If approved, Merkly would build on top of DFK Chain, enabling minting and bridging of ONFTs to/from DFK Chain via LayerZero. This integration would not only boost the transaction count on DFK chain, but also significantly contribute to burning $JEWEL, thereby increasing its scarcity.

This partnership is a win-win situation in our book.*

Team Information
Fran - Founder and Developer
3 years experience in web3 development. Created the entire website and all contracts. Works at exceptional pace; we usually have features implemented before any competitors and even before LayerZero tweets about them.

CC2 - Advisor
Responsible for Business Development (I’m writing this post right now), marketing and advising the project on which features should be implemented, what campaigns should be run etc.

DFK enthusiast too. Still holds and embarks with all their heroes on quests (Lvl 14 right now).
On-chain aficionado: Using various chains to conduct DeFi activities on a daily basis.

Garnered over 31.7K followers with great engagement on most posts.

Gda - Graphics Designer
Not directly affiliated with Merkly, but is CC2s intern. Therefore creates all the title images for Merkly/CC2s posts, as well as marketing material and meme pictures. All the images you see on these profiles are highly likely created by Gda.

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Requests from DFK Team
We’d only need our Merkly Deployer Address [0xd56d253d6ad8c2164eb35b2d7d8b951fe8380027] to be whitelisted, so we can deploy smart contracts on DFK chain. Anything else (marketing, driving traffic etc) will be done entirely on our end. A partnership announcement by DFK would be nice, but is not needed by any means.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Our product won’t directly interact with the DFK Game, but will give it indirect exposure, given that people will be curious what else there’s to discover on the chain. Furthermore, CC2 will create a detailed thread highlighting all possible interactions on DFK chain that use LayerZero’s tech. DFK will be the spotlight of it, considering item bridging (DFKSTMNPTN, DFKTEARS, DFKGOLD etc) indeed utilizes LayerZero. Increased traffic will lead to more $JEWEL being burned.

Timeline with Milestones
*We move very fast and are pioneers at implementing new LayerZero chains/features into our product suite. The second we get whitelisted, it won’t take longer than a few days for us to integrate DFK chain, make ONFTs mintable/bridgeable, and tweet about it.

Other milestones:

  • ONFT bridging from multiple EVM chains to Aptos => ETA 1 Week
  • LayerZero Contract Sheets (check what L0 contracts you haven’t interacted with) => ETA 2 Weeks
  • Official token launch that comes with various use-cases => ETA 4 weeks
  • NFT to ONFT converter and interface for external projects => technically ready in a few days, but low priority for now

Long Term Plan
The project is less than two months old and has seen significant traction. Even long after LayerZero & zkSync airdropped, we’ll continue to reiterate and ship new features (details yet to be determined). If permitted, DFK Chain will stay integrated on our dApp and we’ll find new incentives that’ll drive usage (and thereby keep the $JEWEL burn engine spinning)

External Links
Official Twitter: (Only allowed to post 2 links)
CC2s Twitter:

No whitepaper as of now, but releasing one in the future.