Stycksintern Artist Application

stycksintern’s Application for Co-marketing Requests

Detailed Description

Hello everyone, and welcome to my co-marketing application for the DeFi Kingdoms (“DFK”) Castle. I am your applicant, stycksintern, and this is my application.

Today, I am requesting a co-marketing spot in the Castle. So the question naturally arises, “What does stycksintern bring to DFK’s round table that deserves co-marketing, if anything?”

The answer is two-fold: (1) a weekly podcast titled office hours, which focusing primarily on DFK community content and gameplay; and (2) the stycksintern meme account on X (formerly Twitter) focusing primarily on content for the DFK community with the purpose of generating humor and good spirits throughout the DFK community.

To review the remainder of my 19-page application, please use the following link:

Note, I do need to create the video that I want you to feature. That will be done by this Sunday, December 3, 2023. After I have prepared the video, I will update the highlighted text in the full-length application document to reflect the embed URL for the YouTube video I am making. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I was just so eager to get my application on file that I couldn’t wait until Sunday to post it.


This man is awesome, get him into the castle… keep up the great content!


I decree a +1 for the homie.


StycksIntern is more than just a pretty face… and attorney… and DJ. The dude makes quality YouTube and X content. He is a vital resource in communicating the strategies and mechanics of DFK. I feel like he already has a bigger following than many of the current artists and many of the current artists have already worked with him or had him as a guest on their own shows. He’s way better than that Luke Ethwalker guy and should be added to the list of artists.


Stycksintern has been an integral part of the DefiKingdoms community. He gives insightful feedback and provides valuable perspective in a thought-provoking and genuine way. Please consider him for the castle artists and Mythic Vibes!


We’ve all seen Stycksintern around X and the discord with his incredible anamorphic adaptations of the beloved DFK bloater, but he’s more than just a swell fella with a remarkable fishy face! Stycksintern makes time to provide the community content each week that explains the happenings within the kingdom and an effortless supporter for the DFKverse! I would personally love to see our promising intern be promoted to fulltime within the castle!


I support this request fully. My guy stycksintern is knowledgable, consistent, community-centered, and brings positive spirits to his content and to the DFK community at large. Lets encourage this behavior by giving this request a hard look and serious consideration. Mythic Vibes!

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