Bless Project - DFK

Kingdom Building Program Grant Proposal
Official Grant Proposal for Project Bless DFK


This proposal is designed to integrate directly onto the DFK platform. The concept of this proposal is to add Action Based Combat in the form of Dungeon Instances for Player vs. Environment (PvE) content directly to Defi Kingdoms.

This concept has the possibility to increase blockchain and GameFi feasibility to the game as an overall enhancement to the following areas: Revenue / Jewel Burn Mechanics / PvE / Dungeon Features + Functions / Tower of Ascension / Monster and Boss Mechanics / Active Combat / Combat and Magic Animations / Combat and Magic Audio / Monster Statistics and Analyses / Loot Distribution / Equipable Items and Gear / Map Customization / Weather Modifications / Dungeon Restrictions - Requirements / Journal for Progress Progression / MobDex(Bestiary) / Skill Tree / Combat Hero Functions / Sockets / Gems - Jewelcrafting, Jewel Fragments.

The implementation of these features shall provide further depth for DFK’s development phase in addition to provide the opportunity for an increased revenue, an interactive gaming mechanic system designed with the intentions to draw in new wallets and/or players into the DFK universe, an opportunity for existing players to expand and immerse themselves in quality gameplay as well as the lore that can be found throughout the DFK universe, Token Utility, and lastly an overall increase to the general gaming aspect for DFK. The DFK community has the potential to broaden from this concept. We strongly believe this new content can create an even greater thriving ecosystem. This is a feasible and presentable solution to all things DFK that has expandable opportunities for the future development of Defi Kingdoms.

Grant Rationale:

This grant will accelerate the completion of this proposal, increase the quality of game content, and assist Kingdoms Studios by producing more premium content within a fraction of the current digital calendar. This grant will be used to support the team working on the product, ensure efficiency, and provide quality as we work side by side with Kingdom Studios to implement this new design.

Grant Amount: Open

*45K USD on Proposal Acceptance based on increments described in
Payment Schedule Bi-Weekly

This project will benefit and synergize with DFK and the DFK community.
This is also intended as a DFK partnerships to increase value and innovation to the DeFi, P2E, NFTs and improving the overall gaming experience. Hiring to increase top quality project acceleration.

*45K USD on Proposal Integration and Completion.

Team Information & Project Team:

Bless (Project Design Manager)
15+ Years Team Management, Active-Duty Army Veteran, IT College Education. 25+ Years in Gaming Industry, Artist, Digital Design, Unique infrastructure design, Management and Facilitation of over $1,000,000 of Hard Assets without loss. Responsible for a community of over 100,000 personnel without incident.

Apex (Assistant Project Manager)
5+ Year in Supervisory Positions, Financial and developing Financial Literacy, proficient problem solver and logistics personnel. 15+ Years in Gaming Industry and Financial Markets and Industry.

Didierkl (Software Engineer)
20+ Years as a Software Engineer, Bilingual.

Unmarkedfaith (Software Engineer)
20+ Years as a Software Engineer, Computer Science BD, Full-stack Dev.

Altman (Pixel Artist & Animator)
20+ Years in Art and Design Field, Asperite proficiency, Talented Pixel Artistry.

Jin The Mage (Pixel Artist & Animator)
15+ Years in Art and Animation, Advanced Diploma in Animation and Digital Production, Proficient in multiple design suites, BA in Digital Technology.

Sulcrit (Audio Production Tech)
20+ Years as a Musician and Artist, 15+ Years as a Musical Instructor and Digital Composer.

Requests from DFK Team:

  • Consultations with developers
  • Request about tools and languages for integration onto DFK Platform.
  • Request for Images and Art to increase project efficiency.
  • Interactions and assistance with and from DFK team members to seamlessly add this project onto the DFK Platform.
  • Any API that would help relating to the project.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain:

Product interaction with NFTs and Blockchain to on-board new game mechanics and increase power token value. Jewel Burn Mechanics, New In-Game Enhancement and Functionalities including, but not limited to, those preciously mentioned in the Description. Bolstering the economy by adding one-of-a-kind ideas and functionality to the DFK community.


Product concepts, value discussions about NFTs, Tokenomics within the DFK spectrum. Use cases and project management. PvE Dungeon Content, Multi Sig Dungeon Crawling. Overall game depth and functionality adaptations.


Pending Proposal Acceptance; Concept Art, NFT; Hero and Monster Models, Maps, Skill Trees, MobDex, Journal Progression Tracker, Jewel Burn Mechanics, Transaction Concepts, Discussions on Dungeon Implementation, Statistics, and New Resource Mechanics etc.

In Process:

Two Fully Completed Dungeons on DFK platform with additional to UI usage etc. Additional Hero and Monster Models. Additional Dungeon Content, Audio and Visual Structuring and Rendering. Awaiting Consultation from DFK tool/language to on-board and integrate.

Anticipated Start: May 27th 2022

Anticipated Completion Date: August 19th 2022

Payment Schedule: Bi-Weekly Payments of $7500 USD Estimated 12 Week Timeline.

Timeline with Milestones:

JUNE 10th Polished MobDex, Skill Tree, Journal Progression Tracker, Maps and Dungeon Renders
JULY 1st Completed NFT and Boss/Monster Models
JULY 15th Alpha Video Dungeon Walkthrough Tutorials
JULY 27th Alpha Dungeon Testing
AUG 15th Backend completed, UI completed, audit performed
AUG 19th Product Delivered for Final Integration

Goals & Measures for Success:

Increase user base by 40%
Increase revenue by 45%

Long Term Plan:

Additional Enhancements:
New Building: Armory
Weapon NFTS
Dungeons to Level Cap

Request for On-board integration into DFK Development Team After Project Completion
For each qualified Team Member Requesting Dev Status.

These are some of the early mock-up works, concept arts and animations of this Player vs Environment (PVE) Content


Additional Content Pending Completion:
Cinematic Trailer, Jewel Burn Mechanics, Hero and Monster Models, Map and Dungeon Renders.

Player UI
Skill Tree
Character Effects
Combat Skill Audio Effects and Animations
Bestiary (MobDex)

Jewel Burn Mechanics:

Burn 1 Jewel to Create x amount of Jewel Fragments based on Jewel-Crafting Proficiency
Jewel-Crafting is used to create precious gems to socket player weapons and gear

NFT Burn
Hell mode Dungeon Mechanics
NFT Sacrifice System = Rewards based on Rarity and Lvl

Please DM me with Questions, Comments or Concerns!

Thank You,

Bless Project Team


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  • Yes, We need This ASAP!
  • No, Hard Pass, I like Training Quests
  • Kirby Feet and Yes
  • Goose and Yes

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Looking for qualified community members to assist with project development. Listing a few positions to accelerate timeline for best ROI for DFK

-Frontend Software Engineer

-Pixel Artists with Animation Experience.

-Digital Architecture or Architectural Design Experience

-Photoshop experts or enthusiasts

We welcome all ideas and concepts for community discussion

We are the community, aspiring to build the game we want to see.
Let every voice be heard!

DM me on Discord





A very well put-together proposal.

Sorry it’s taken a while to get round to signing up to this site and offering support - I’ve been dealing with a very limited amount of time lately and most of my efforts have been on my own project.

Good to see such a comprehensive plan in place and I like that you’ve got a team together for this. I wish you the best of luck in completing this endeavour!


P.s. an option on your vote for “Yes AND I like the Training Quests” would be great!

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Welp, I did try lol.



I like the concepts I am seeing here. The Jewel-Crafting is a nice touch - brings me back to days playing Diablo II and Torchlight.

Tears as an entry fee is also an interesting idea. I wonder if higher level dungeons might have other forms of “tribute” needed to enter?


We have several different thoughts on entry fee’s for dungeons to help the DFK economy and tokenomics.

Some will require more gameplay and effort to achieve.

“you need a key here”
“secret entrances”
“hidden doorways”

don’t want to spoil to much ;D

It is gonna be a lot of fun!
The “little guys” sweating hours into gameplay will be able to get that ROI from playing the game if they can overcome the obstacles in this PVE Dungeon content. :slight_smile:

and of course killing monsters with the Hero of your choice.

Everything you want in an RPG and more!
Spread the word… DFK Dungeon content is coming!


We are ready to sign NDA’s :wink: and have a Kingdom Studios Rep or Group of Developers help oversee the Project to completion.


Hey there. We are working internally still on the proposal review. Need some input from our developers and leadership. Then we will request your KYC info and move to next steps. We will schedule a call as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Very exciting proposal, great team, fully support! Lots of excellent ideas in here.

How bout trophies like monster heads, etc.? These could offer value as achievements with possible utility added to dfk main later for crafting or whatnot. or they could serve as deco when buildings become a thing maybe they could be displayed in player homes or guild halls, or failing that just a public-facing “inventory”.

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I like it! I will add it to the list muahah! :purple_heart:

Much Thanks for the feedback community FAM, keep it coming!



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Thanks for the reply good sir, we aren’t going any where! Our appreciation for the update.



Looking for more Talented Community Members:

-Proficiency in Unity or similar software for Dungeon Rendering in 2d with 3d perspective knowledge, experience.

-Pixel Art and Animation experience

-Java and/or Solidity Software Engineering

DM on Discord


Stacking up on Community Ideas, Concepts and Feedback.

Thank you all very much for your help and assistance with this community based Project! :love_letter:

Jewel Burn Mechanics are looking fire! :fire: Rissen would be proud

Please Continue to DM me

Bless#9326 on Discord

We welcome all community thoughts!

Favorite concept I’ve read. Would be a huge boon for the game.

Any chance on cooperative party/guild modes at some point with shared loot?

Anything is possible with God, this community and kingdom studios is capable of great things!



Going to be working on Multi Sig for Dungeon Partys. Will post here with more details soon.

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Grant Review Post Attached. We look forward to visiting more with you to help fine tune the proposal. You will see our responses and scores vary a little. Our (pianoman and sunbear) gaming and system backgrounds are a little different. Thanks
Grant Review

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I emailed you about meeting for a consultation.

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