Adventures In DeFi Kingdoms: Combat and Pets

Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms Grant Application


Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms is a website, a podcast, and a discord sub-community focused on the analysis and strategy of all things DeFi Kingdoms. We focus on delivering value to our users through data democratization, time savings, and engagement.

Data Democratization

On-chain data is not easily accessible by all players. Our goal is to remove this barrier via our website apps to help balance players’ understanding of the game. Equal access to game data regardless of technical skill is one of our highest priorities.

Time Savings

We are also striving to create paid services that create value by helping users save time. An example service is our Hero Matching app. Players can very quickly match heroes based on selected criteria to find the optimal summoning partner. It is 100% possible to perform this task manually (with access to all on-chain data), but it can be incredibly time consuming. Our goal is to give some of this time back to our users by automating this analysis.


We endeavor to expand the width and the depth of the DeFi Kingdoms community with free resources like the podcast and discord channel. We want current users to be able to immerse themselves deeply into gameplay and strategy while at the same time also provide useful information to new players. We have loved creating a sub-community with our podcast and discord channel to discuss the game. The highest compliment we have received was a message from a discord team member. Upon joining our discord, he stated, “I feel like I’ve found the deepest level of DFK nerd”!

Grant Requests

We have three requests in this application. First, we are asking to collaborate directly with the DeFi Kingdoms development team while new features are being built. This information will allow us to work in parallel and provide a more seamless release of supporting tools that complement the game itself. Second, we are asking for a formal process where 3rd party resources, such as Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms, can be made available to the broader community by Kingdom Studios itself. We believe that this request will be accomplished through the Kingdom Building Program and its application and advertisement processes. Lastly, we are requesting financial support for our previous work as well as our future developments.


As part of this grant application, we are submitting four individual milestones for consideration:

Historical Accomplishments Milestones $2,000

We are requesting $2,000 as compensation for website hosting costs and to offset some of the engineering development time required to-date. Here is a list of historical milestones we’d like to showcase:

Podcast Pilot – Dec 7, 2021

Website Launch with Hero Data App – Dec 2021

Tavern Alert App Launch – January 2022

Discord Channel Launch – Feb 11, 2021

Hero Matching App Launch – Feb 2022

Combat Corner App Launch – Feb 2022

Discord Messaging for Alerts – March 2022

30th Podcast Episode – May 11, 2022

Market Data App Launch – May 2022

300 Subscribers – May 2022

Market Data Alerts Launch - $2,000

We are requesting $2,000 to support development of a new feature that will leverage our existing Tavern Alerts app for Serendale heroes by opening the capabilities to set price alerts for other in-game tokens such as runes and enhancement crystals. We also plan to upgrade our current hero alerts to be compatible with Crystalvale listings at the Tavern on DFK Chain. This feature can go live within 30 days of funding.

Enhanced Hero Data App - $2,000

We are requesting $2,000 to support enhancing what is currently offered in our Hero Data app so that ALL on-chain hero information is visible. This will also include a new app for Pets so that all pet data is available to the community. This feature can go live within 30 days of funding.

Combat Corner Analytics for Duels - $4,000

We are requesting $4,000 to augment our Combat Corner app to provide analytics of DFK Duels. This feature will distill on-chain data for historical duels down to a meaningful dataset that our users can call upon to make more informed decisions and increase odds for success.

Attachment 1 has an envision example of how this could look. This feature can go live within 60 days of funding and the release of DFK Duels.

We are trying to choose entry level dollar values that have a low impact to the total funds available for projects and are hoping that this creates space for other projects to be funded as well. We plan to continue to submit new proposal for new discrete features in the future. Since we are starting out by asking for low dollar amounts, if our financial asks are significantly under the market rate of funding, we would like for the opportunity for a market correction in the future.

Future Milestones

Our THESIS is that when this information is available it creates opportunities for strategy and counter strategy. When the player base is aware of the current state of the game a healthy metagame development can grow. We plan to create a complex but easy to use system that will attract a player base that isn’t mutually exclusive with the primarily tech-savvy investor base that the game has now. We believe that tier lists and statistical data about the game create the healthy backbone of any meta. The game and the community will benefit greatly by having supporting resources that are ready to deploy in parallel with deployment of future DeFi Kingdoms’ combat and PvP initiatives. In future grant requests, we plan to ask for additional support so we can develop analytics that coincide with these initiatives.

Team Information

We are a couple of average dudes with above average work ethic. We are happy to dox through the grant proposal process with the Defi Kingdoms team.

9dorf Bio: Software Engineer with 16 years of experience. Has a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Lives in the Midwest with a lovely wife and 3 energetic Gen1s. Hunts and does house projects in his spare time. 9dorf is the primary web developer for Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms and created the alert notification and matching systems from the ground up.

Raph Bio: Industrial Engineer and V.P. of Technical Services in Manufacturing with 15 years of data analytics and strategic development. Pretends to be a carpenter in his spare time and hasn’t been able to scuba dive since having kids. He has a passion for data visualization and volunteering in his free time. Raph loves house projects with his wife and their team of 4 Gen1s. Raph is the primary developer for data visualization in BI and produces the Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms podcast.

Long Term Plan

We plan to ask for continued development support, the ability to advertise our services to the DeFi Kingdoms community and for future grant proposals.

External Links
Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms content: Website. Podcast. YouTube. Discord.


ADFK is largely considered one the most valuable tool with regards to making summoning decisions in DFK. I think it would be extremely helpful for DFK players to have a tool like this to help provide a deeper understanding of combat and pets. Ultimately, this will lead to ‘stickier’ players (people who will stay around for the long term).


Looking forward to reviewing this proposal and getting feedback from the DFK core team. Give us a week or so to complete the review process. Please schedule a consultation with us if you’d like to visit before we do a review so we can meet the team.


As one of the many requestors to be able to see all of my heroes’ information in one app/location, this is priceless. So if DFK, decides that certain features, whether stats, cosmetics, pets, etc., I can know if I have it, how to try to summon/create it and/or what heroes/pets qualify. With all the data on the blockchain, those of us not tech savvy, like myself, rely on the genius of the community to create such an application. And I think ADFK can be that app. I use it quite a lot already and I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. And the team is quite receptive to adding requested features from the community (cosmetics was my request, so I am biased) and I don’t plan on stopping asking for new stuff because the game is ever evolving. I think there’s a need for an app to inform the user what their chances are to get an orange bat winged paladin with an elite active skill and purple ram horns. Raph & 9dorf do a great job helping us out and creating great YouTube content. The least DFK and the community can do is support their project and help expand the features of their program.

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Hey Piano Man. We met with Sun Bear on 5/18 to get the lay of the land and sort out a few grant questions. Always happy to meet and discuss this more. I’ll send you an email with some times.

@SunBear and I are in Austin at the DCentral and Consensus conference. So we are a little unsure of our schedule. I’ll respond back on the email when we get some available time to meet briefly. Thanks

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Hey SirWorm. This feature is for you!

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This is great and I think knowing a hero’s visuals will further enhance the user’s connections with their heroes. We could now experiment with visual mutations and summon heroes in our likeness or what each individual’s imagination comes up with. Add the ability to search the hero population, a list of all the different visuals with their level (I.e., basic, elite, advanced and transcendent) and summoning percentages and this can be the “go-to” app for everyone! Great job!

Hey Pianoman. Happy to meet digitally when you get back and get your schedules reset.

Hey guys. Just checking in to see if I can receive and update on this?