Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms Co-marketing Application

Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms Co-marketing Application


Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms is a website, a podcast, and a discord sub-community focused on the analysis and strategy of all things DeFi Kingdoms. We focus on delivering value to our users through data democratization, time savings, and engagement. We are modifying our grant application to become a co-marketing application during this period of time where grant funds are on hold.


Our primary goal is Data Democratization. On-chain data is not easily accessible by all players. Our goal is to remove this barrier via our website apps to help balance players’ understanding of the game. Equal access to game data regardless of technical skill is one of our highest priorities. We are also striving to create paid services that create value by helping users save time. An example service is our Hero Matching app. Players can very quickly match heroes based on selected criteria to find the optimal summoning partner. It is 100% possible to perform this task manually (with access to all on-chain data), but it can be incredibly time consuming. Our goal is to give some of this time back to our users by automating this analysis. We will continue to build a tool that compliments playing the game side of DeFi Kingdoms.


We endeavor to expand the width and the depth of the DeFi Kingdoms community with free resources like the podcast and discord channel. We want current users to be able to immerse themselves deeply into gameplay and strategy while at the same time also providing useful information to new players. We have loved creating a sub-community with our podcast and discord channel to discuss the game. The highest compliment we have received was a message from a discord team member. Upon joining our discord, he stated, “I feel like I’ve found the deepest level of DFK nerd”!

Smart Contracts
Our web application does not currently feature any smart contracts. Our paid services are currently being managed by the web application watching for on chain payments. We hope to more seamlessly integrate the payment system with metamask transactions in the future.

We are modifying our grant requests as the program has shifted. We would like for our application to be available as an in game link to our website’s main page, We would prefer for this link to be located in the menu close to where the documents links are now. We are open to input from the team. We would like to continue a request from the original proposal as well. If possible, we are asking to collaborate directly with the DeFi Kingdoms development team while new features are being built. This information will allow us to work in parallel and provide a more seamless release of supporting tools that complement the game itself.

** Our Milestones**

Podcast Pilot – Dec 7, 2021

Website Launch with Hero Data App – Dec 2021

Tavern Alert App Launch – January 2022

Discord Channel Launch – Feb 11, 2021

Hero Matching App Launch – Feb 2022

Combat Corner App Launch – Feb 2022

Discord Messaging for Alerts – March 2022

30th Podcast Episode – May 11, 2022

Market Data App Launch – May 2022

300 Subscribers – May 2022

Hero Genetic Data - May 2022

Pet Data - June 2022

Fight Klub Team Builder - June 2022

Advanced Alerts - Expected August 2022

Fight Klub Analytics - Expected August 2022

In game combat analytics - Expected within 30 days of the launch of combat

Team Information

We are a couple of average dudes with above average work ethic. We are happy to dox through the grant proposal process with the Defi Kingdoms team.

9dorf Bio: Software Engineer with 16 years of experience. Has a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Lives in the Midwest with a lovely wife and 3 energetic Gen1s. Hunts and does house projects in his spare time. 9dorf is the primary web developer for Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms and created the alert notification and matching systems from the ground up.

Raph Bio: Industrial Engineer and V.P. of Technical Services in Manufacturing with 15 years of data analytics and strategic development. Pretends to be a carpenter in his spare time and hasn’t been able to scuba dive since having kids. He has a passion for data visualization and volunteering in his free time. Raph loves house projects with his wife and their team of 4 Gen1s. Raph is the primary developer for data visualization in BI and produces the Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms podcast.

Long Term Plan

We plan to development game support an a podcast as long as the game continues to grow, develop, and focus on the community. We look forward to the opportunity to co-market our services to the DeFi Kingdoms community and for future grant proposals.

External Links
Adventures in DeFi Kingdoms content: Website . Podcast. YouTube. Discord.


I use the ADFK app daily as a great resource for every aspect of the game. From the hero data for my summons to the buy vs craft tables for stones, ADFK saves a ton of time.

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This is the most useful app in DFK. The guys keep building and are great at collecting user feedback to make changes and plan future content. Rumor has it that they’re handsome too.

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I’ve used other apps, which are nice in their own respect, however, the other apps do not pull all the needed data, so I was constantly flipping between one and another. ADFK does a great job compiling all the data for a one stop quality experience, which saves me time.

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Love this app! ADFK is building tools that allow easy access to information so players can develop in depth strategies across different facets of the game. Keep building!

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Thank you for your application. I have reviewed it and will take it to the Kingdom Building Committee for a response. I will reach out to you if we have any further questions.

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One of the most useful dapps out there for DFK. I’ve been using it daily for deep analysis on hero statistic, genes mutation, and market/craft data. Overall, very friendly user experience. Thank you!

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Best tool out there for summoning and sorting through tavern listings.

I wouldn’t summon or shop half as much as I do now if I didn’t have access to this website!

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Thank you for sending this to the committee for a review. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have and are open to suggestions. I’m also happy to help you set up an account free of cost during the evaluation.

Actually, Bolon and I played it today. It was down to the wire but he beat me with 10 hp to spare. Super fun!

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Hey @SunBear. I hope you don’t mind me checking in on a regular basis to see how things are coming along. Take care.

Hello raph,
This looks great. Let’s set a meeting to discuss specifics. Please email me at with some times that would work for you this week.

I’m free tonight and most of the day tomorrow (outside of 1-2pm CST). I’m also free between 11 and 2pm Wednesday. After hearing today’s ama, I hope to be available as possible to be a part of the initial launch of comarketing.
Thanks and can’t wait to talk again,

Hello Raph,
Let’s do 11:30 on Wednesday. Could you email me directly so I have an email to send the google invite to?