Lets Build, Lets Grow, Lets Cooperate

Looking for People with:

Computer Science Knowledge
Communication Skills

Let no Voice go Unheard!

What do you want to see in DFK?
What are your Ideas?
What can you bring to the table?

Short summary:

My discord name: MiG
Job: Engineer in Petrochemical Environment
Degree: Industrial Engineer - Chemical/Petrochemical
Skills: Executing Feasibility/Concept studies in Industrial Environment, no experience in Computer Science, Written professional reports in English and in Dutch, risk studies.

What do you want to see in DFK?
I am really excited about the future PvE/PvP aspect of DFK and would love to help in some kind of way in developing this aspect of the game.
What can you bring to the table?
With my professional background in managing industrial projects, I could potentially function as a Project Manager (scheduling, time management, risk management) but due to the lack of Computer Science experience, I think that would be very tricky.
Preferably I see myself as a test-user who can give positive criticism in a well mannered and structural way due to my background of writing professional reports.
Also got experience in bug hunting during multiple launches of dAPPS on the ADA network, which could help during the early testing phases of the future new dAPPS.

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It will be nice to have a community to connect investors and developers to join force to develop additional apps and tools to make DFK assets more valuable.

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Love the Feed back everyone! Please Keep adding and don’t hold back! Lets gather all our resources as a community and help Defi Kingdoms grow and hit the next Level!

Tell your neighbors, tell you wife (unless they don’t know about your investments).
Lets be honest they will find out tell them anyway.

Share this website, lets see how far this driven passion filled community overflowing with talent can do with Defi Kingdoms!

Looking for more Team Members:

LF Digital Animation Designer

Current Team:

  • Project Design Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • 2D/3D Modeling Artist
  • Pixel Artist
  • Audio Production Tech

Lets Build, Lets Grow, Lets Cooperate…

What we need from our team members:

Team Information

“List and describe the team you have assembled. Include roles, experience, and expertise related to the project. The more you are willing to share about your team, their abilities, and their past work, the more trust the community will likely have in your project”

Please share your experience and what you can bring to this project.

DM me anytime


Concept Art for Dungeon Entry

Dungeon Concept: RPG Tactical Hack n Slash

“you approach the dungeon entrance”
-Guardian “Halt you may not pass a permit is required”

-Venture to the castle to purchase a Dungeon Contract for 500g from Guard Orvin.

This contract is per NFT and is reusable
-Return with Contract to Enter Dungeon

Entry fee of Gaia’s Tear as shown in images above

1 Hour Dungeon Timer
-Used for Speed Clears and Leaderboards

1-3 Hero may enter at a time.
Join with friends or venture alone!
1 Hero per Wallet for each entry.

Higher the Difficulty better the rewards!

You may enter with other NFTS that you own but not with the same Hero for 24hrs.

You may Re-Enter upon death but will have to pay reentry fee each time.
The timer does not stop.

On death Normal and Hard mode you will revive at a Gaia Statue, Make sure your equipment isn’t broken!

Boss mechanics
Dungeon Layout
Minions and side Bosses will be described in future posts.

Stayed Tuned

As Always

DM me on Discord


So the entry would be in tears and doesn’t require any stamina right? I think that would be great because then people would do this while stamina recharging after questing.

Also like the perma death mode to burn heros. More hero burn ideas are needed to combat hero inflation imo

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We will try to come up with some more burn mechanics. Thank you for the feedback, feel free to join the discord or DM me anytime!

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New Proposal

Hello Guys.

Just wondering if any of you guys know, where the link for info about the API calls for DFK and Harmony that we can use

I know Kingdom Studios is still working on the API.
However if you are looking for images you can find them by pressing f12 or right clicking DFK screen and inspecting.

Which interface are you hoping to get more information about?

When you say API do you mean RPC?

Let me know and I will try to assist the best I can.


Hey @everyone ,

Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing some refactoring of the API structure. The refactoring is now finished, and we’re ready to proceed with the pay-out of the pending Leaderboard rewards!

Here’s the list of all the winners so far and the corresponding JEWEL reward: Leaderboard Winners - Google Sheets

The JEWEL rewards will be sent out in the next 24 hours and can then be claimed via the “Claim Airdrops” interface.

The daily Leaderboard for the 2nd May is missing and will be sent out at the next possible opportunity to not cause any further delays.


Going forward, we will move to a weekly pay-out schedule. This means, that all rewards from the Sunday to Saturday week will be paid out on the following Tuesday bearing no unforeseen circumstances.

JEWEL Happy Questing! JEWEL

From Sashei via discord announcements

Hello Bless

Thank you for your kind response. Sorry i wasn’t abel to reply earlier. I just got back to this forum.

Im talking about the Application Interface calls I can use so that I can get data from the game. As for RPC, what do you mean by those? All I know about RPCs is it stands for remote procedure calls, but how do we use them to interact/get data from DFK?

This is still under discussion umongst the dfk team as far as I am aware. I am pretty sure they will be making a community development site soon and vetting individuals wishing to work together with Kingdom Studios.

As far as the existing Application Program interface goes I would use the in-game Source folder.

Hello Bless,

What do you mean in-game source folder? Also how then do people who want to get data from the game do it? How do they interact with DFK’s graphQL interface?

Thank you for your reply as always

If you are using windows right click anywhere in-game and select inspect or use f12.