Project BLESS Revised Proposal

Official Grant Proposal for Project BLESS


The concept of this proposal is to add Action Based Combat in the form of Dungeon Instances for Player vs. Environment (PvE) content, intended to integrate directly onto the Defi Kingdoms platform. Utilizing isometric projection, the gameplay will have a bird-eye viewpoint similar to that of popular triple A action RPG games. This concept has the possibility to increase player influx into GameFi and DFK as an overall enhancement, and also will positively impact the following specific areas:

  • Interactive Gameplay (PvE)
  • Jewel Tokenomics
  • Item Utility
  • Item Value
  • Playerbase
  • “Eyes-On” Time
  • Hero Utility
  • Choice Variety

In addition to these positive impacts, we also aim to add functionalities and features to pre-existing systems, as well as add our own unique systems or ideas, kept in line with Kingdom Studios goals and vision for Defi Kingdoms. Some of these systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Solo & Party Dungeon Content
  • Loot Distribution System
  • Jewel Burn Mechanics
  • Dungeon Mapping & Tracking System
  • Monster and Boss Mechanics
  • Map Customization
  • Active Playstyle Combat
  • Dungeon Requirements/Limitations
  • Combat & Spell Animations
  • Hardcore Mode (Hero Burn Mechanics)
  • Custom Audio
  • Journal Progression
  • Monster Creation & Statistic Production
  • MobDex (Enemy Bestiary)
  • Increased Hero Functionality
  • Increased Item Functionality

The implementation of these additional features shall provide further depth for Defi Kingdom’s development phase in addition to providing the opportunity for an increased playerbase, an increase to the inflow of Jewel and improved tokenomics, an interactive gaming mechanic system designed with the intentions to draw active & new wallets alike further in, an opportunity for existing players to expand and immerse themselves in quality gameplay as well as the lore that can be found throughout Defi Kingdoms, and improved token utility among many other things.

The DFK community has the potential to broaden this concept. We strongly believe this new content can create an even greater thriving ecosystem. We see this as a feasible and effective addition to the gameplans that Kingdom Studios has in motion, and that it has the opportunity for future development and expansion.

Grant Amount & Rationale

We are proposing a total grant amount of 50K USD as our proposal relates to, benefits, and synergizes with Defi Kingdoms and the community’s values. We propose the amount to be paid out in scheduled amounts following the timeline of our intended deliverables. The amount acts as incentive to ensure creation of necessary assets, such as character models, dungeon maps, abilities, spells, and other such things. The grant will assist the development team by supplying means to continue focused content creation and integration.

Team Information

Bless (Project Design Manager)

15+ years Team Management, Active-Duty Army Veteran, IT College Education. 25+ years in the Gaming Industry, Artist, Digital Design, Unique infrastructure design, Management and Facilitation of over $1,000,000 of Hard Assets without loss. Responsible for a community of over 100,000 personnel without incident.

Apex (Assistant Project Manager)

5+ years in Supervisory Positions, Financial and developing Financial Literacy, proficient problem solver and logistics personnel. 15+ years in Gaming Industry and Financial Markets and Industry.

Jin the Mage (Art & Animation Team Lead)

15+ years in Art & Animation, Advanced Diploma in Animation and Digital Production, Creation Software Proficiency, BA (Hons) in Educational Studies and Digital Technology

Altman (Pixel Artist)

20+ years in Art and Design Field, Asperite proficiency, Talented Pixel Artistry

Didierkl (Software Engineer)

20+ years as a Software Engineer, Bilingual

Sulcrit (Audio Production Tech)

20+ years as a Musician and Artist, 15+ years as a Musical Instructor and Digital Composer

Master of Coin (Marketing Advisor)

BSEE/MSEE Electrical Engineering, 12+ years of experience as a Scientist specializing in data analytics, marketing and sales, business operations and electromagnetic effects.

Requests from DFK Team

We request continuous communications and on-going consultations with the Kingdom Studios Team to determine:

  • Vision for gameplay and the community.
  • Experience Gain while using Hero NFTS in Dungeon
  • No Stamina Requirements in Dungeons
  • Multiplayer Dungeons
  • Discussions with Tokenomics Team
  • Request for image assets and art platform specifics to increase project efficiency
  • Request about tools and languages for integration onto DFK Platform.

In general, we also are requesting interactions with and assistance from the team to seamlessly integrate this project onto the DFK Platform.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

We propose to interact with DFK through utilizing Hero NFTs as characters to play through Action RPG style instanced dungeons, receiving both fungible and unique non-fungible item rewards, and experience, with the possibilities to have token burn mechanics (Hardcore mode with Hero Burn), in-game enhancements and functionalities.



  • Conceptual Art [In Progress]
  • Asset Art & Animation
    • Monster & Boss Assets [In Progress]
    • Hero Assets [In Progress]
    • Items & Equipment Assets [In Progress]
    • Ability, Spell, & Skill Icons [In Progress]
    • Monster & Boss Animations [In Progress]
    • Hero Animations
    • Item & Equipment Animations
    • Ability, Spell, & Skill Animations
  • Isometric Maps [In Progress]
  • Graphical User Interface [In Progress]


  • Visual & Audio Integration
  • HTML Integration & HTML Canvas Build
  • Solidity Integration (Blockchain Integration)
  • MobDex
  • Journal Progression Tracker


  • Action Sounds
    • Monster & Boss Sound Effects
    • Hero Sound Effects
    • Items & Equipment Sound Effects
    • Ability, Spell, & Skill Sound Effects
  • Environment Sounds
    • Ambience
    • Background Music

Payment Schedule

Estimated Timeframe for Project Completion: 12 weeks

  • Payment 1 - Monster, Boss & Map Concepts
  • Payment 2 - Item, Equipment, Abilities/Skills/Spells Concepts
  • Payment 3 - Action & Environmental Audio Concepts
  • Payment 4 - Isometric Map & Graphical User Interface Concepts
  • Payment 5 - Monster & Boss Assets
  • Payment 6 - Item & Equipment Assets, Ability/Skill/Spell Completion
  • Payment 7 - Action & Environmental Audio Completion
  • Payment 8 - Isometric Map & G.U.I. Completion
  • Payment 9 - Alpha Testing
  • Payment 10 - Completed Dungeon Map & Audio/Visual Integration
  • Payment 11 - Backend Completed, Audit Performed
  • Payment 12 - Product Delivery (One Instanced PvE Dungeon)

Timeline with Milestones

Estimated Timeframe for Project Completion: 12 weeks

  • Milestone 1 - Continuous Coordination & Communication with Defi Kingdoms Team
  • Milestone 2 - Completion of Visual Concepts
  • Milestone 3 - Completion of Audio Concepts
  • Milestone 4 - Completion of Software Integration
  • Milestone 5 - Alpha Testing & Product Delivery

Goals and Measures for Success

  • Increased User Base by an idealized 20%
  • Increase Ecosystem Value by an idealized 25%

Long Term Plan

We aim to continue working in the future on adding more dungeons with a variety of monsters and features whilst continuing to work alongside the Kingdom Studios Team to bring their vision to life. Alongside this, some additional features and enhancements we have in mind have been listed below in no specific priority:

  • Continuation of Mobdex
  • Additional Dungeon map to Level Cap
  • Further Implementation of Jewel Burning mechanics
  • DFK item implementation
  • NFT Hero Burning Mechanics
  • Item Burning Mechanics
  • Item Crafting and Resource Crafting
  • Skill Tree Development
  • Additional NFT Hero Passive abilities and active abilities
  • Multi level dungeons
  • Items Unique to Dungeons
  • Looting Mechanism
  • Additional Hero Animations for abilities
  • Additional Monster Animations for abilities
  • Traps, Gauntlets etc.
  • Dungeon Economy and Market Discussion
  • Fee Implementations and Discussions
  • PVE Campaign Discussions
  • Open World PvE / Wilderness Area
  • Wildlife Taming / Pets Continued
  • Additional Loot Mechanics
  • Fish Farms / Fertilizer (fish/plant burn) (New)
  • Raids Content / Guild Content
  • Weekly and Monthly Global Raids One Boss everyone is attacking for rewards
  • Resource Discussions and expansion
  • Additional Skill Crafting
  • Endless Dungeons
  • Tower of Ascensions
  • Additional Monster and Boss mechanics/Abilities
  • Guild Events
  • Additional Combat and Magic audio
  • Additional Combat and magic Animations
  • Additional Monster analysis and Statistics
  • Loot distribution/items/equipment Implementations
  • Continued Map Customizations and enhancements
  • Weather Modifications
  • Dungeon Requirements/Restrictions improvements
  • Quest Journal/Progress improvements

External Links
Link to Initial Proposal: Bless Project - DFK - #22 by Bless

File Uploads
These are some early mockups, concept art and animations of this Player vs Environment (PVE) Content.
For ease of viewing you can also see the below images on this Imgur





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Great concept art, seems like it has a lot of potential!

It does seem though that a lot of the intended aspects of gameplay would directly conflict with the token balancing efforts of the DFK main game. For instance, ‘hero burning’, ‘unique loot’, ‘item crafting’, ‘token burning’, etc. DFK has its own micro economy and I worry that there’s potentially too much overlap between what you’re trying to achieve, and what DFK team are already in the process of achieving.

How does your team propose that these aspects of your proposal could avoid affecting the tokenomics of DFK?

And how does this proposal differ from the PVE elements of DFK that are already being worked on?

As this proposal is designed to sit within DFK itself as an internal product, what steps are being taken to ensure the art styles and audio elements are in keeping with the game as it exists at the moment?


Hey Stronghold! Great points.

The point of token balancing is intended to be addressed by consistent communication and consultations with the Kingdom Studios team, as we want to work within their environment and build this gameplay as an in-game enhancement. We don’t want to step on any toes. The things we’ve proposed are simply our ideas for how it could function, but acceptance of such ideas are entirely up to the Kingdom Studios team, and if any are accepted, the tokenomics would ultimately be decided by them as well.

As for how much it may differ from PvE the team might be working on already; we’re not sure! There is next to no information out there on what PvE might look like for DFK, but given it’s current landscape and the types of combat released, we did not foresee something similar to gameplay like Diablo 2 or Path of Exile being their choice of style, especially considering Hubert’s references to the Gambit system in FF12. Based on art teasers they have released, we could assume they don’t plan to release an isometric action RPG PvE, or maybe not any time soon if they did have any plans for that.

Finally, to ensure the visual style and audio elements are kept in line with the game’s style choices, we’re establishing design standards to match their output as best we can. If the team has any guidelines they wish to provide we are more than willing to adjust. Again, we aim to work with the team to make sure things fit their vision. Although, I’m not sure they have a clear vision for what their own art style should even be right now, considering half the game looks like the castle, and now we have the new Marketplace. Even the Kingdom Studios team itself has been quoted to not be super concerned about lining up styles right at this moment in time, but I understand and appreciate your point here and I am very focused on design posterity as our art lead.

In all cases, as we reiterate on a few times in the proposal, our intended goal here is to work alongside the team to help bring their vision to life, so if our ideas don’t fit that, we will work with what they are willing to provide in form of assets and adjust our own work with whatever they are willing to give guidance on.


Great answers, thanks Jin. Good luck to you and the rest of the team :slight_smile:


Yo, this is legit fire!


Thanks Ixa, we are looking forward to an official community vote.

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I’ve been following this project since it was merely a concept of the mind. Seeing the visuals, understanding the dynamics to the mechanics at hand, and knowing there is a well thought out process with utility goals, tokenomics, and a heightened understanding to expand the playability for DFK can land this proposal to be a highly desired aspect the community has been seeking.

I do hope the team is willingly prepared to work with you guys on this proposal! I’ll be looking forward to future updates.


It says in the proposal you’re making the game in browser with a HTML canvas but not which, if any. It’s important to find something everyone can collaborate in.

  • “Experience gain while using hero NFTS in dungeon”
  • “No Stamina Requirements in Dungeons”

These don’t go together. It has Been thoroughly discussed in amas and in other proposals. Frisky has been clear in that there will be no xp gained without using stamina.

your goals are essentially for different people each week. Your game designers and programmer has no goal for 3 out of the 5 proposed milestones, why?

Your first milestone is lacking, the grant proposal hinges on communication with the DFK team but it’s not something you’ve made.

Are you sure that a solidity integrated live action game with as many features as you proposed is possible in 12 weeks? I think you’re waaaay in over your heads and would like to see focus on safely integrating picking heroes for dungeons and representing the differences in a good way. It would be nice if having a high intelligence caster would be impactful for combat for example.

What will abilities be based on in the game if there are any? Skill genes or just class? Maybe elements or combinations of elements/class.

Something to add rewards could be integrating with the DFK duels raffles to reward tickets to the fastest finished dungeon time/times each hour/day/week.

Otherwise a good proposal. I hope the team you’ve found will rise to the occasion. Excited to see what comes out of this.


Thanks for the feedback it is much appreciated to see the community give their thoughts and concerns as to benefit the project and overall community.

Firstly I would like to say a lot of what can be created on the existing platform as an in-game enhancement will depend on what comes from our cooperation and coordination with Kingdom Studios. The Html Canvas collaborating for example.

We hope to discuss several of the items you listed with kingdom studios like the stamina usage and experience gain in dungeons.

We have pushed for community transparency from Kingdom Studios on what can and can not be done regarding in-game enhancements.

Part of this grant requests collaboration due to the unknowns of future usage of the nft assets and resources.

We want to build on the platform to increase utility and hope to discuss this with the Tokenomics team and frisky in more detail.

The Milestones listed have been continuously worked on since the beginning of the introduction of this proposal and we plan to work on all Milestones as a team simultaneously to continue positive and efficient workflow to meet all timelines.

As for solidity integration we are proposing a system that will work seamlessly to overcome any obstacles for this dungeon content.

The abilities for the hero nfts are somewhat unknown so we are creating a platform based off new abilities through the use of monsters. The Nft hero information can be provided by Kingdom Studios in the early stages of this proposal if they wish to release that information.

However, if that is the case we will continue forward with mock models and abilities to demonstrate a feasible working product to build on the existing platform.

The dungeon concepts will hopefully implement several rewards including Leaderboard clear times.

Hopefully I answered all your questions, concerns and feedback to your satisfaction.

Please feel free to elaborate and discuss this proposal further here.



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I welcome a Diablo style gameplay as part of the DFK world (the original Diablo was one of my favorite games of all-time. I know I’m dating myself admitting that, but it was an awesome game, even though I was mediocre, at best, player). While the gambit style will be for the main storyline, adding different styles of gameplay in the ecosystem is what I believe Kingdom Studios wants the community to build. Stealing from what Mark from Digi Profits said on one of his streams, Kingdom Studios wants DFK to be the Roblox of crypto. This falls right in line with that IMO. What would be helpful to all future developers would be a guideline of what tokenomics and game stat usage is allowed across the board. If all developers know that for instance they cannot grant XP, but their able to use HP & MP and give gold and basic level items plus items that are only allowed in the “side quests” but not in the main game, that would be extremely helpful. Probably leaning more towards very necessary. And the rules and restrictions would be the same across your game and any other game that wants to interact with the heroes. Then, when all third party developers and the DFK community know the rules & restrictions, everyone can move forward to make this platform the best in crypto. Or, at least, that’s what I hope and believe is the potential for DFK, Kingdom Studios and the community.

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Using stamina in the dungeon and using it as a cost for entry are different however this will be one of the topics discussed moving forward with Kingdom Studios cooperation ideally.



I’m really loving how these various pieces of equipment are turning out! Do keep up the great work!

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One for you Sir!

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Haha! Nice! That’s incredible how you took a simple suggestion of a battle-worn weathered shield, rolled with the idea, and made something incredible. Well done my friend.

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By far this is my absolute favorite piece of equipment to date. I’m deeply thrilled you made something this incredible from my suggestion.

Keep up the amazing work!

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Any community member is free to DM me on Discord for a custom made item!


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