DFK Alerts 🚨 - Application


*DFK Alerts is a chromium-based add on which allows DFK players to get real time notifications about their heros having full stamina bars. Furthermore, we also provide floor prices of heros & pets + prices of all in-game items including Jewel, Crystal and Gold. The Add-on allows you to turn notifications on and off, show jewel price in the badge or not.

Our add on only requires permission to send notifications (nothing else!), no wallet/metamask synchronisation (You just paste your wallet address on a textbox ) and we do not use any 3rd party Javascript libraries or frameworks for enhanced security which is one of our top priorities. *

Team Information
*We (Matt & Francisco) are 2 experienced full stack developers & marketeers with +10 years of experience having created and scaled various applications, websites and web services.

Our recent blockchain projects include:

  • Lo-fi Clouds Radio (built on Audius API ($Audio), +100k downloads in +/-1 year without ads) - Android, iOS and Web versions created using Flutter.
  • Eyesome remix competition for which we received a grant from Audius with the purpose of pushing musicians to the platform, collaborate with others and have fun. (Audius).
  • Muti DAO (on $Near protocol) collaboration for whom we created an auto generated pixel art video with CanvasJS to go along with a bass music EP minimix from our label Eyesome. 3 NFT’s were minted from the video and are available via mintbase.io
  • Second Muti DAO collaboration with our other record label ‘Lo-fi Clouds’. We are working together over the span of 6 months organizing 4 beatmaker competitions with samples provided by our mastering engineer Lohan LG and custom design for each competition by a professional designer. The winning tracks will be minted to NFT’s alongside the artwork (looped MP4’s) and made available via mintbase as well.*

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
*Everything we provide to our users comes from the DFK API, the in-game item prices we get via dexscreener. Our extension is free to use because for us it’s important that every single player, no matter his financial situation can use this tool. *

*Our decentralized approach (free for all & open to any suggestions/ideas from the community) certainly go hand in hand with DFK’s approach. Our tool serves as a solution for the botters. Furthermore, we are also interested to collaborate in the future with other builders. *

How and Where
*Ideally we are listed on discord and the website as an official partner. Currently people have doubts about the extension’s security which we totally understand. Through this official link, the threshold for new users would substantially decrease to test out the extension. In game mention via Jester would be great too though we understand that this tool is not a game or anything of that sort so probably not so suitable for Jester atm. *

Smart Contracts
We do not interact in any way with the smart contracts.

Project links and uploads


You are correct in that you wouldn’t be suitable for the Jester but you are perfect for the Archivist. Thanks for applying. We will be processing your application this week. Great to see you post again!

Oh, seems like we overread the Archivist function in the rush of getting this application up hehe, thanks for pointing it out. Let me know if anything is missing here and we will append. Have a good start of the week!


If you would like to get a jump on things while the committee is processing your application feel free to provide KYC and information for the in-game NPCs. Here are the instructions that have been added the START HERE thread:

Contact Information

When collaborating with us we require your identity information for KYC/AML and accounting purposes. Please click here for instructions on how to privately share you and your team’s information with us. You are required to provide KYC information to engage in this program.

Co-marketing materials guidelines for Jester and Archivist

Once approved for co-marketing you can use this guide to provide the materials needed for getting listed in game under the Jester for games, and Archivist for other tools and partners.